Path of Devastation in Erding

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Von: Hans Moritz


This bench was beaten to pieces on the Sempt near Pretzen. © Bauhof Erding

A gang has been moving through the south of the city of Erding for days, causing increasing damage.

Erding – Mayor Max Gotz’s mood fluctuates between anger and astonishment: a gang has been moving through the south for days Erdings and inflicts more damage each time. Gotz speaks of unbridled vandalism. The public order office is investigating, soon the police could also be involved.

More and more damage to property in Erding – “It started shortly after the New Year”

“It started shortly after the New Year,” reports Gotz in an interview with our newspaper. Traffic signs are destroyed, especially at night. “Some of them are dug up together with the foundation,” reports Gotz. A broken traffic sign costs around a hundred euros. If the entire foundation has to be renewed, you can quickly reach a mid-three-digit amount. The building yard has already informed the mayor of 13 to 15 signs that now need to be repaired or replaced.

According to Gotz, it is striking “that the damage all occurred in the Altenerding area”. He suspects: “A gang is up to mischief here at night.” So far, no witnesses have come forward.

Benches, traffic signs, several thousand euros in damage

But vandalism doesn’t just affect traffic signs. Even benches are beaten short and small. A few days ago, Bauhof employees discovered a completely destroyed seat on the Sempt between Pretzen and Aufhausen. Next to the wayside cross, only the steel brackets are left. The wooden slats were torn out and scattered around the area.

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Gotz estimates the total damage at several thousand euros. “I really don’t understand how you can deal with public property like that.” The general public is harmed.

Gang devastates Altenerding: City Hall asks for help

The police haven’t turned Gotz on yet, “but our regulatory office is also out and about at night. It now has a special focus on Altenerding”. If there are further crimes, the city wants to file a complaint for property damage. Then the police would investigate. The town hall takes tips on the perpetrators on Tel. (0 81 22) 40 80.

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