Is the party over for Tesla? According to former # 1 Ford, Mark Fields, clues indicate that Fremont’s leadership in electric is beginning to falter.

Mark Fields in a photo taken when he was at the top of Ford

Party over for Tesla? “The competition is advancing and now …”

Fields is a well-known figure in the automotive world and his analyzes are read carefully. In an interview al American network CNBC, the top manager gave a Elon Musk the merit of having pushed traditional car manufacturers to switch to electric. But he added that historic brands are making up for lost time and are now able to challenge Tesla. Citing the fact that Tesla’s market share in the global EV market has dropped to 11% in April, from 29% in March, according to data from Swiss credit.It now has real competition, which is why you see some of its market share in some of the major markets under a lot of pressureFields said. In fact everyone knows that Tesla focuses all its efforts on delivering the maximum of cars by the end of the quarter stock exchange (in this case January-March). To then slow down deliveries and resume in the following weeks. So the data should be read not on single months, but on longer periods.

“Musk doesn’t make money with cars, but with green credits”

In particular, Fields explains, competition from two competitors is becoming fierce: the Volkswagen Group, now a leader in Europe, e the Ford in the United States. The House of Deaborn, in particular, is having considerable success at home with the Mustang Mach-e and now it has launched the highly anticipated F-150 electric pickup. A competition that Wall Street has also noticed: the Tesla title since the beginning of the year dropped by 15%.

party over for Tesla
Bob Lutz (right) with Donald Tump: four years ago he said Tesla would not make it past 2019…

Elon Musk, according to Fields, has another weakness: his balance sheets depend too much on the sale of green credits.When you look at Tesla’s YTD and 2020 profits, you realize that they have done much more by selling CO2 credits than by real corporate profits “, warns former number 1 Ford. “As those credits run out, there will be a lot of pressure to keep making money by increasing the margins on vehicle sales.“. It must be said, however, that Fields is not the only former Ford to have made gloomy predictions about the future Tesla. Everyone remembers the precedent of Bob Lutz, that a few years ago predicted the imminent end of the House of Musk. Blatantly wrong.