Participate in the maintenance of the vape in France with Je Suis Vapoteur

Je Suis Vapoteur: the media to mobilize in favor of maintaining the vape in France

In France, the electronic cigarette is very successful, largely with people who want to quit smoking. But although the studies are clear and confirm that it is 95% less harmful than the classic cigarette for health, it faces threats in France. Are you convinced that the vape is a precious help to wean yourself from tobacco and do you want to commit yourself in favor of its maintenance in France? Without further ado, approach the media Je Suis Vapoteur, specialized in information about everything related to the electronic cigarette, but also a great defender of this practice.

What am I a Vaper?

Je suis Vapoteur was created by the OneShotMedia agency. It is a 100% online media and 100% dedicated to the vape. His first goal is to inform the public, and more specifically long-term smokers who are struggling to quit, about the many benefits of electronic cigarettes to quit.

There is a wealth of information with the lexicon specific to the practice of vaping, practical advice for choosing the right equipment and getting started, but also articles of a scientific nature such as the one on vegetable glycerin or those showing that many professionals people around the world have done serious studies to conclude that the vape is 95% less harmful than traditional cigarettes for health. Enough to motivate the most refractory!

With Je Suis Vapoteur, future users of the electronic cigarette are better equipped to start vaping. They also learn a multitude of things about its effects on quitting smoking and on health in general.

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Je Suis Vapoteur, a media committed to maintaining vaping in France

A 95% less harmful alternative to traditional cigarettes to quit smoking? It can make you dream. Despite everything, the vape continues to be condemned in France and beyond, all over the world. Some do not hesitate to question its practice and to emphasize the fact that we do not have perspective on this practice or even that it encourages the youngest to be interested in vaping and will be a springboard to tobacco. So many unproven arguments, contrary to the results of scientific studies on the benefits of electronic cigarettes, which are the result of rigorous work by great professionals in science and medicine.

As a result, the e-cigarette is now under threat in France and Europe, with the risk of the flavors of e-liquids disappearing and vape products being increasingly taxed. It is clear that vaping enthusiasts are concerned about a tightening of the TPD (Tobacco Products Directive), whose role is to regulate vaping products by considering them as tobacco products.

To commit to maintaining the vape in France, the media Je Suis Vapoteur offers consumers and professionals the opportunity to recruit elected officials, who are often poorly informed on the subject. And for that, nothing could be simpler! Go to the media’s website in the “Mobilize” section, you will then have the possibility to send a pre-registration or personal message to the MP in your constituency to get his attention.

Are you a vaping professional? Do not hesitate to download and distribute in your stores the multitude of documents available on the Je Suis Vapoteur website, which inform as much as they invite mobilization.

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Users and professionals can join forces by distributing as much content as possible on the Je Suis Vapoteur website. This can be done by printing and dragging the documents, such as promoting the website on social networks.

What should not be forgotten is that today the vape is in the crosshairs of Europe and that it would be a shame to deprive yourself of a smoking cessation tool that is estimated to save up to 45,000 lives a year.

As the Addiction Federation reminds us, three out of ten people smoke in France, a figure that is still higher than in most neighboring European countries. In addition, 75,000 people still die each year from the effects of smoking. It also remains the number one cause of preventable death.

Mobilization is needed more than ever.



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