Participants use solar charging stations for mobile phones

The mobile phone is also an issue in the BuLa, but there are no sockets for the participants. Many have therefore brought solar charging stations with them.

Waykana, main warehouse manager at Kor Pfannenstiel, explains how mobile phones are used in the warehouse. –


the essentials in brief

  • In the BuLa there are only mobile phone charging stations for leaders.
  • The participants therefore mainly take solar charging stations with them.
  • However, the mobile phone may not be used for joint activities.

In the largest scout camp in Switzerland in Goms VS, community activities are the order of the day. The mobile phone often takes a back seat, but there is no ban.

“We advised the participants not to take their smartphones with them because we didn’t have enough sockets available.” This is what main camp manager Noemi “Waykana” says, main camp manager Kor Pfannenstiel, opposite

In contrast, all managers can charge cell phones in the BuLa. “This means we can always be reached in an emergency, for example if parents want to reach us,” says the manager. If children still want to take their mobile phones with them, they have to see for themselves how to get electricity.

Many participants bring solar charging stations with them to the federal camp

Some therefore have power banks with them and “many use solar charging stations”. However, mobile phones may not be used during joint activities. “They can use it in their free time because contact with people at home is important,” says Noemi.

Two participants explain how they use their mobile phones in the camp. –

The participants Fabienne “Malinka” and Tanja “Caramba” took the smartphone to the federal scout camp. “But we try to be on the phone as little as possible, especially because of the battery.”

Does the cell phone belong in the scout camp?

With the solar power banks, charging works very well. There is also a lot of helping out, says Tanja. However, both find that the mobile phone is out of place in the scout class. “The younger ones are usually on their cell phones a lot and play games on them,” says Tanja.

Fabienne can therefore recommend the following for younger participants: She used to capture memories of the camps with a camera.

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