Part of the experience was no longer taken into account when assigning a pension

Seniority is one of the key parameters that qualifies for a pension and affects its size. At the moment, it includes periods of official employment under an employment contract, periods of activity as individual entrepreneurs, notaries, lawyers, heads and members of peasant farms, and self-employed citizens.

The FIU also takes into account periods of temporary disability, receiving unemployment benefits, and carrying out socially significant activities.

For example, leave to care for a child, military service by conscription, caring for a disabled person (a disabled person of group I, a disabled child or a person who has reached 80 years of age), the lack of employment opportunities for a citizen when his spouse undergoes military service under a contract.

But study at a technical school, university and other educational institutions is included in the length of service only under certain circumstances and on the condition that this will increase the size of the pension.

“For example, now the time of full-time study of a student is not included in the length of service, but until 2012 it was included in the calculation of the total length of service. Leave to care for a child is included in the general work experience, but only up to one and a half years and on condition that a citizen worked before and after him, ”said Elena Grigorieva, deputy dean of the RUDN University Faculty of Economics, to the Prime edition.

According to the economist, to receive an insurance pension, work experience must be at least 13 years. In 2024, this figure will rise to 15 years.



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