THE The employee, who was at home, took the test on Friday and the six others who had contact with him were identified, are in quarantine and will also be tested, the same source added.

This is the first known case of an official of the Assembly of the Republic with a positive test for the coronavirus.

According to the contingency plan in force in parliament since March and that has been updated, when the pandemic, all people moving within the building must wear masks and the rule of social distance is recommended.

Parliamentary groups were informed of this positive case of covid-19 through the office of the Secretary-General of the Assembly of the Republic, Azevedo Soares, and this afternoon, after the news was released by the media, an email was distributed by the employees by the Human Resources and Training Division.

“From the moment that this fact came to the attention of the Assembly of the Republic, all necessary preventive measures were taken, under the terms of the AR Contingency Plan, in conjunction with the medical and nursing office and the National Health Service, namely all those who had had close contact with him were identified “, reads the email, to which Lusa had access.

It is also reported that the health delegate placed “five parliamentary officials in isolation prophylactic and another, as a precaution, was exempted from reporting to the service and advised to stay at home “.

“All the spaces where the parliamentary official stayed and where he traveled were duly and immediately disinfected“, according to a communication from the Human Resources Division, which promises” more information as soon as it is justified, namely regarding the results of the tests that are carried out.

During the most critical period of pandemic and of confinement, between March e April, parliament did not close, but substantially reduced its activity and the presence of employees, most of whom were also in telework.

At the level of parliamentary employees, a substantial reduction in their physical presence was made and less than 15 were employed daily at the São Bento Palace, a figure that rose to around 80 on plenary days, until April.

Only in May the plenary sessions of the Assembly resumed their weekly rhythm, although with adaptations, so that not many deputies were in the session room.

In June e July, the presence of deputies in plenary sessions and committee meetings has become more numerous, although some have done so at a distancencia, by videoconference.

The last plenary session of the legislative session was held on Friday, July, having on the agenda the debate of the state of the nation, and the works are suspended due to the vacations until the beginning of September.

A pandemic of covid-19 has already caused more than 654 thousand deaths and infetou more than 16.5 million people in 196 countries and territories, according to a report made by the French agency AFP.

In Portugal, 1,722 people died out of the 50,410 confirmed as infected, according to the most recent Direction-General Health.

The disease is transmitted by a new coronavirus detected no end of December, in Wuhan, a city in central China.

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