Parisian rapper Moha la Squale indicted for violence and sexual assault

On Wednesday June 16, 2021, Moha la Squale, the rapper from Paris, was indicted for violence, sexual assault, death threats and forcible confinement. (© PHOTOPQR / WEST FRANCE / MAXPPP)

Mohamed Bellahmed, better known as Moha the Squale, was indicted on Wednesday June 16, 2021 for violence, sexual assault, death threats and sequestration on different victims, indicates a judicial source at news Paris, confirming information from World.

The rapper, originally from 20th district of Paris is targeted by five complaints of ex-companions.

Five complaints filed against Moha la Squale

Monday, June 14, the rapper was taken into custody and then indicted. He was then placed under judicial supervision. According to The world, Moha la Squale continues to deny any violence.

In September 2020, testimonies from former companions of the artist reported “physical and psychological violence, threats, cries, tears, prohibitions of all kinds”. Five complaints were filed.

The rapper convicted in another case

Last March, the rapper was tried following his eventful arrest in the 18th arrondissement. He was the subject of a search warrant for several offenses committed on the set of a clip.

He was sentenced in April to six months of house arrest, under electronic surveillance, for refusal to comply, contempt and rebellion. He must also pay between 400 and 500 euros in fines to the three civil party police officers.