According to the New York Post large cardboard plates with the heads of Paris and Carter on them had been distributed for the occasion and passed through the audience. The couple also got two huge cakes and photos of them appeared on a big screen.

The engaged and their friends and family didn’t just visit Tiësto’s regular club during their bachelorette party. After being picked up from their private plane in a red Rolls Royce, the party headed to Area15, an indoor playground built for adults. There was also a chic dinner with a menu created especially for the evening.

Paris also shared snapshots of the goodie bag that all her guests received in her Instagram Stories. In addition to cans of rosé with a nude photo of Paris on it, there was also a bag on which the names of the soon-to-be couple were engraved as well as her fixed statement from her reality show era: “That’s hot”.

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