Six years ago, he was at the head of his salon in Dijon, today he goes from pub studios to palace rooms and television sets to style celebrities and models in France and around the world.

At just 27 years old, Alexis Parente makes a living from his passion, he is the hairstylist * in vogue. “What I am experiencing goes beyond my dream. As a Dijon native, for me the world of fashion was inaccessible, ”he says. After an exhausting week in Paris, between fashion week (literally, fashion week, editor’s note), filming of an ad for Saint-Laurent and a backstage evening of Dance with the stars , the hairdresser takes the time to rest “a little”, passing through his city of heart.

The young man has always been immersed in the world of hairdressing. “My mother has been a hairdresser for twenty-five years. I could only see through her ….

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