The list of orange vigilance travel destinations published by Foreign Affairs was once again modified on Tuesday evening.

French regions d‘Ile-de-France (of which Paris is part) and you Pays de la Loire are thus added to the list where travel is possible under conditions, namely quarantine on return from these regions. The rest of France is kept in the green zone.

In the Czech Republic, in addition to the areas of Moravia and Prague, the regions of Strední Cechyet and the south-east are also highlighted in orange. In contrast, most of Croatia turns green. Only the Adriatic and Continental regions remain orange.

That of the red zone remained unchanged.

The other regions where travel is conditional remains unchanged: Cyprus (compulsory test), Denmark (compulsory test for Greenland and the Faroe Islands), Ireland (quarantine), Iceland (compulsory test or quarantine), Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia (all three forty).


Vigilance is also increased for Austria (Upper Austria and Vienna), Bulgaria, Croatia (Adriatic and continental regions), Spain (Aragon, Catalonia, Basque Country, Navarre, La Rioja, Extremadura), Luxembourg , Poland (Slavonia and Malopolski), Portugal (Algarve), Romania, Slovenia (Pomurske, Savinsky, Zasavska), the Czech Republic (Moravia, Prague, Strední Cechy and south-east), Sweden and the United Kingdom United (Midlands, North East & Yorkshire, North West and Northern Ireland, Wales).


Travel remains unauthorized in the Spanish provinces of Lleida (in Catalonia) and Huesca (in Aragon), in the Portuguese regions of Amadora, Odivelas, Sintra, Loures and Lisbon, as well as Leicester, in the United Kingdom.