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A police officer kicked a 26-year-old man in the crotch during the protest against the pension reform. He will file a complaint.

A 26-year-old Franco-Spanish engineer, who was taking photos during the demonstration on Thursday against the pension reform in Paris, had to have his testicle amputated after a baton from a police officer, we learned Sunday with his lawyer who will file a complaint.

The complaint for willful violence resulting in mutilation by a person holding public authority is being filed, the young man’s lawyer, Me Lucie Simon, told AFP, confirming information from the newspaper. Release.

«It is a criminal qualification, we are not in a state of self-defense or necessity, I want proof of this from the images we have and the fact that he was not subsequently arrested“, specifies Me Simon.

State of shock

On photos circulating on social networks and videos broadcast in particular by BFMTV and AB7 Media, we see a policeman hitting the crotch of a man on the ground, who is holding a camera in one hand, then leaving. . The man had been thrown to the ground by another police officer, according to his account.

«It’s a blow so strong that we had to amputate a testicle. An extremely violent and gratuitous gesture that borders on sadism“, Estimated the lawyer of the engineer, who is still hospitalized.

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The scene took place at the time of clashes between demonstrators and the police, near the Place de la Bastille, with the throwing of projectiles and the use of tear gas.

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«The Prefect of Police asked the Director of Public Order and Traffic (DOPC) that the exact circumstances of the reported incident be clarified“, told AFP the police headquarters. The facts occurred according to the police headquarters “in a context of extreme violence and as part of a police maneuver to arrest violent individuals».

The demonstration had gathered in the capital 80,000 people according to the Ministry of the Interior and 400,000 according to the CGT. The engineer, who lives in Guadeloupe, “is still in shock and keeps asking why” he was injured. “He did not represent a danger, he feels incomprehension, shock and anger because he will suffer irreversible consequences“, underlined Mr. Simon.