Parents Pogacar: ‘Would have been better for us if Roglic had won the Tour last year’

Tadej Pogacar’s parents were deeply touched last year by the criticism of many Slovenians against their son. “It would have been better for us if Tadej had only won the time trial last year and Primoz Roglic the Tour.”

Ine Beyen from the Belgian program He lived the Veils talked to Mirko and Marjeta Pogacar about their son’s ups and downs. ‘Tadej used to be known in our village for his unicycle. He went to school or the supermarket with his brother with his unicycle, where everyone knew them from. As a child he was a very cheerful boy who always wanted to play.’

Pogacar’s parents: ‘They really sympathized with Roglic’

Pogacar’s parents were just as surprised to watch the decisive time trial last year as the rest of the cycling world. “At first we thought the timekeeping was broken, but it turned out to be the case.”

Mirko and Marjeta had to swallow after the chrono, despite their son’s Tour win. The national teddy bear, Primoz Roglic, had just been prevented from winning the Tour. ‘We were very happy for Tadej, but at the same time we also sympathized with Roglic.’

“Primoz is a hero in Slovenia, he was the first to win big races,” explains Marjeta Pogacar. ‘And then suddenly a youngster came to take his Tour de France victory. It would have been, and still is, better for us if Tadej had only won the time trial last year and Primoz the Tour’, to which her husband nods in agreement.

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