paramedic finds out teenager she couldn’t save was her own daughter

The drama that Jayme Erickson experienced on November 15 looks like a nightmare. After she intervened at the scene of a road accident, where she could do nothing to save a young accident victim, the paramedic learned from the police that the victim was her own daughter. Montana (17) was disfigured by the violence of the shock.

Paramedic Jayme Erickson, living in Alberta in western Canada, experienced a tragedy in two acts on November 15. First, and despite all her efforts, the rescuer could not save the teenage victim of a road accident in which she was involved.

Above all, she later learned that this young girl who was taken away at 17 was hers: the collision had disfigured her so much that it made her unrecognizable, reports the Guardian.

Fatal wounds

By mid-November, parts of the Alberta highway were frozen. It is one of them that is at the origin of the drama. Called to the scene, Jayme Ericksson can only see the severity of the injuries suffered by the teenager in front of her. A seriousness that leaves no doubt about the dramatic outcome that awaits him.

But Jayme Erickson does the impossible: she spends thirty minutes freeing the young girl, then stays by her side until she is airlifted to a Calgary hospital.

But it’s back home after this service that falls worst on the paramedic. Police officers come to find her to tell her that her daughter, Montana, only 17 years old, was the victim of a road accident. Jayme soon realizes that this is her own intervention. Police add that in light of the teenager’s injuries, the Calgary caregivers judged that this one’s condition was desperate and chose to disconnect her.

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Montana and a friend her age – behind the wheel – went in the car to walk a dog, as the British newspaper continues to tell, when the driver lost control before the vehicle was hit by a truck. The driver was able to get out of the car, Montana was not.

“What would you have become?”

The Saturday after the horror, Jayme Erickson posted a message on his Facebook account to warn those around him and pay tribute to his daughter: “We are overwhelmed with grief, and absolutely destroyed. The pain I feel does not seem like nothing known, it’s indescribable My worst nightmare as a paramedic has come true.”

“The too-injured-to-survive patient I just intervened with was my flesh, my blood. My only child. My mini-me. My daughter, Montana. Her injuries were so horrific I didn’t recognize her” , she resumed.

“I can’t help but be angry at the short time I got to spend with her. 17 years is not enough. Although I am grateful for the 17 years I have that I have with her could spend, I’m broken and alone with my questions. What would you have become, my baby? Who would you have become?

“She was a fighter”

A skilled swimmer, Montana was destined to study law. In any case, this is what is evident from the portrait that her family and some colleagues of her mother drew of her in front of the press, from their town of Airdrie in Alberta, on Tuesday. Jayme Erickson spoke again.

She painted her daughter’s personality: “If you were her friend, she loved you fiercely. Her love would have gone around the world and she would have done anything for you. She was a fighter. beaten,” she said .

She continued the image: “She was a fighter and she fought until her last day, and she was beautiful. So beautiful”.

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The organs of the young missing were transplanted without delay. And two of them saved their patient.

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