Paradise of the Ladies, the actress Lorena Cacciatore is pregnant

Lorraine Hunter she became known by the general public for her participation in successful television series. Among these is the soap Il Paradiso delle Signore, which he was a part of in 2015.

Recently, in an interview with Diva and Donna, the Palermo artist revealed that he is al seventh month of pregnancy.

The actress revealed that she is pregnant

Lorraine Hunter he is expecting a child from his partner, the Genoa goalkeeper Federico Marchetti. Viewers have learned to appreciate the talent of the Sicilian interpreter in the various roles he has held between fiction and soap operas, including everything can happen, Don Matteo and Un posto al sole.

The pregnancy it is the fruit of the love between Cacciatore and Marchetti. Their relationship has been going on for three years now, and the actress said that the current partner was fundamental for her, because he helped her to get out of the tunnel of the bulimia in which she fell a few years ago.

The love story with Federico Marchetti

Lorena Cacciatore is in the seventh month of pregnancy of the firstborn that she will have together with Federico Marchetti. The name of the unborn child has already been chosen, in fact it will be called Edoardo. The couple is experiencing a golden period, in fact on July 4, as communicated on social networks, they celebrated their third engagement anniversary.

The actress from Palermo did not hide the importance that Marchetti has had in her life so far.

When they met, in fact, she was a victim of bulimia: “I didn’t let anyone near”. Despite this, the goalkeeper was able to gradually conquer her, and since that moment they have never separated.

He explained that at that time he had a bad relationship with food: he did not have regular meals and in some circumstances he ate a lot, while in others he did nothing but vomit.

After meeting Marchetti, in just a month she managed to overcome bulimia thanks to the love they felt for each other.

The former Lazio goalkeeper began dating Cacciatore after the end of his marriage with Rachele Mura. The artist from Palermo, on the other hand, had a seven-year relationship with his colleague Alessio Vassallo.

Both remained on excellent terms and, not surprisingly, when he learned of the pregnancy, the former partner was moved. On the working front, Lorena Cacciatore will soon be the protagonist of the film Belli Hello together with the comic duo formed by Pio and Amedeo.


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