parade of 400 private jets to COP26

This photograph shows the planes of COP26 attendees parked at Edinburgh Airport, Scotland, on November 1, 2021. More than 120 world leaders gather in Glasgow in a “last and best hope” to tackle the climate crisis and avoid an imminent global disaster. (Photo by BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI / POOL / AFP via Getty Images)

Climate awareness and a parade of 400 nearly empty private jets would sound totally incompatible … but yes, that’s how many world leaders and wealthy businessmen have come to this year’s United Nations Climate Change Conference.

While projecting themselves as environmentalists, these super rich staged a shocking ‘anti-ecological’ arrival at COP26: they had to fly almost 30 miles too many in their empty planes to be able to land in the middle of an unusual air traffic jam in Glasgow and Edinburgh, and continue the ride by SUV and private limousines, Daily Mail revealed.

This year’s climate conference will urge the wealthy to cut back on air travel and eat less meat, but the rich have shown their minds on it.

Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, arrived at the environmental meeting in his $ 70 million Gulfstream, followed by Prince Albert of Monaco and Prince Charles.

Jeff Bezos y Boris Johnson. Foto: Getty Images.

Jeff Bezos y Boris Johnson. Foto: Getty Images.

Jeff Bezos

Bezos, who regularly lectures the world on climate change, arrived in Glasgow after celebrating the 66th birthday of Microsoft founder Bill Gates on a $ 2.7 million-a-week superyacht off the coast of Turkey in a event that generated new claims of what environmental activists call ‘green hypocrisy’.

He arrived at the ship by helicopter, according to the Daily Mail, and a few months ago it emerged that he is building a $ 500 million yacht, bigger than a football field.

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Prince carlos

Flight logs suggest he arrived on a MOD jet. A spokesperson said that “His Royal Highness has personally campaigned for a shift towards sustainable aviation fuel” and that he would use sustainable fuel “wherever possible … going forward.”

Prince Charles and the President of Romania Klaus Iohannis.  Photo: Getty Images.

Prince Charles and the President of Romania Klaus Iohannis. Photo: Getty Images.

Joe Biden

The American president arrived with a fleet of four planes, the Marine One helicopter and a huge caravan that includes The Beast and numerous SUVs.

The Beast and Air Force One have a long history of criticism in the United States for not being “green enough,” and operating the plane costs more than $ 200,000 an hour, according to Business Insider.

Other private jets flew to Scotland from destinations such as Stockholm, Rome, London and Brussels, all with regular trade routes. Most of the planes were chartered by rental companies, making it difficult to know who was on board.

Boris Johnson flew in from Rome in his Airbus A321, but was stuck circling for more than 20 minutes due to the number of arriving planes.

MailOnline predictions suggest that the private jet fleet arriving by COP26 will explode a total of 13,000 tons of carbon dioxide, equivalent to the amount consumed by more than 1,600 Britons in one year.

Biden alone will generate an estimated 2.2 million pounds of carbon to make it to the meeting.

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