• Newsprint is in short supply in Switzerland because there was a fire in the Perlen paper mill (LU).
  • That is why the newspapers from Tamedia, NZZ and CH Media are restricting their scope from Tuesday today until the end of October.
  • The Perlen paper mill supplies a large number of Swiss newspaper publishers with the paper for their publications.

Many daily newspapers have published a notice on their own behalf in their printed editions today. You can read there that the number of newspapers will be reduced in the coming days. Affected are the papers of the CH Media Group, which publishes a total of 18 newspapers with a total circulation of 700,000 copies.

Light fire

Open the box
Close the box



Last Thursday there was a fire at the Perlen paper factory in the town of the same name in Lucerne. Because of the fire, the company had to stop production for three days. After all: the paper machines have been running normally again since Monday, as the company has now announced. Accordingly, the fire broke out in the treatment of the waste paper. However, thanks to the rapid deployment of the fire brigade, it was quickly extinguished and no one was harmed. (sda)

In the next few weeks you will forego around ten percent of the pages, says Pascal Hollenstein, journalistic director of CH-Media. “For a newspaper with 40 pages, that’s about four pages.”

The situation is similar at NZZ and the newspapers of the Tamedia Group. They also reduce their scope by around ten percent. For example, the NZZ and Tamedia are temporarily foregoing their own advertisements or service pages.

In some cases editorial pages are also affected

At CH-Media, on the other hand, there is also no editorial content, as confirmed by Hollenstein. “We decide from day to day what we can do without.” For example, letters to the editor, one or the other sports page, the “knowledge” area or even a regional page could be affected.

“Blick”, on the other hand, makes up for the current paper shortage by delivering fewer reserve copies to the kiosks and newspaper distributors, as Daniel Riedel, media spokesman for the “Blick” group, explains: “The reader does not notice the paper shortage because it is the same can be reported. ”

There is a lack of newsprint everywhere

The fact that there is currently a shortage of newsprint is not only due to the failure of a machine at the Perlen printing company. Newsprint has been missing across Europe for several months. For this reason, it is currently not possible to make up for the missing paper by purchasing additional suppliers, according to Tamedia, for example.

The newspaper publishers are assuming that they will be able to start publishing their newspapers at normal volumes again from the end of October. After all, most publishers offer the usual amount of reading material in their online editions.

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