International judge Alexander Vedenin, present at the Finlandia Trophy tournament, shared his impressions of the dance duet competition.

– The French Papadakis and Sizeron are very good! During their absence, they dashed off, increased their speed and raised their form. They performed beautifully. It will be difficult to break them in. They need to be played up with the idea of ​​dance and new elements, as well as feelings! They ride great, but cold. The partner is gay, and this cannot be disguised. Sinitsina and Katsalapov can express real love, like last year, and this can be a victory.

Some judges put Chock-Bates very high, on par or more than Papadakis, but this is hooliganism that is not true. This is dance politics, not an attack on world champions. This is a threat to the future of Russian duets, – said Vedenin.

The tournament in Finnish Espoo will end on October 10.

A source:

Match TV

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