Paolo Banchero and Chet Holmgren get dirty in summer league together

It’s the little habit taken by some NBA stars, each summer when friends prefer to walk the streets of southern France or the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico. Drew League or CrawsOver Pro Am, in short all these little summer “leagues” where the hype is four times crazier than the level of play but where we keep an undisguised pleasure in seeing some known heads swell a little more their ego. Tonight ? Paolo Banchero and Chet Holmgren were in da hoodand this morning their ego is fine thank you for them.

We had already appreciated a fortnight ago the return with great fanfare of LeBron James to the Drew League in Los Angeles, or even the slightly middle performances of Trae Young and John Collins the following week. Daniel Gafford, Montrezl Harrell, LiAngelo Ball or Jordan Bell are other NBAers who like to give it to the gyms this summer, but last night at the CrawsOver Pro Am, titled in honor of the GOAT of the leagues of he summer Jamal Crawford, these are two known names and faces of the Big League who had made an appointment to team up before giving it to each other in a few weeks on the NBA floors. Paolo Banchero and Chet Holmgren, respectively n°1 and n°2 of the last Draft, thus reunited under the same jersey (ugly)? It could only make sparks and, guess what, in short you understood.

This is the kind of lease to be expected with amateur players attacking the circle of a Unicorn, and Chet Holmgren will also end his game with eight pancakes on the counter, like there really is someone who does the stats, along with 34 points and 14 rebounds. Paolo Banchero? 50 or 59 points, we don’t really know, but at the same time, raise your finger for those who don’t care, and above all a life-size Slam Dunk Contest for a first Draft pick who was also able to recite his ranges in terms of moves. Note that opposite Wolves freak Jaden McDaniels was also able to show his skills with… 52 points, incredible 2K game, in front of an audience in Seattle who perhaps did not expect to see so much madness this weekend despite a rather popular spot for superstars every summer. Paolo Banchero who was also able to take a breather when he is currently cited in a car case also concerning the grandson of Mike Krzyzewski, info that you will undoubtedly find in other media with lots of teaser emojis.

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What we want in any case is a show, like Naadiya, and despite defenses resembling building blocks, this kind of event helps us to spend the summer more comfortably. Paolo Banchero, Chet Holmgren, here are two who have understood the entertainment side of the League in which they have just tumbled, and if some people want to criticize two 20-year-old kids who just want to have a good time on a parquet floor… we tell you look, while we redo the highlights one more time.



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