Panic in case of fire in Vienna: Residents wanted to jump into the depths

There were dramatic scenes in Vienna-Liesing on Saturday morning: due to an apartment fire, the stairwell of a nine-story building was so full of smoke that many residents could no longer escape. According to the fire brigade of the city of Vienna, some people therefore panicked and “wanted to jump into the depths”, as the emergency organization announced. “One person also climbed from one balcony to the next from the outside to get to safety.”

The fire brigade was alerted shortly before 5:30 a.m. and moved to Altmannsdorfer Straße. The fire broke out in an apartment in the apartment building, but its occupant was able to escape. However, the apartment quickly caught fire, the smoke moved into the stairwell: According to the fire department, 32 people were trapped. When the helpers arrived, “many people were already standing at the windows and on the balconies and screaming for help,” the operations center said.

70 firefighters were on duty: some freed the trapped people via turntable ladders or with the help of so-called escape filter hoods through the stairwell, some extinguished the apartment fire. The Viennese professional rescue service was also on site with 14 teams: ten residents suffered from smoke inhalation and were taken to hospitals, the other 22 were uninjured. The cause of the fire was still under police investigation as of Saturday afternoon.

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