Pancreatic Cancer: A New Treatment for Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic Cancer: A New Treatment for Pancreatic Cancer

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A new strategy for pancreatic cancer has been developed.

Although pancreatic cancer is a relatively rare type of cancer, the pancreatic tumor is considered extremely aggressive and is responsible for a significant number of cancer deaths. A new technique to fight this type of cancer has now been discovered, researchers report.

According to the cancer information service of the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), around 19,000 people in Germany develop pancreatic cancer every year. Since there are hardly any symptoms in the early stages of the disease, the majority of those affected are diagnosed later. Treatment is based on the extent to which the tumor has spread and the overall condition of the patient. Experts have now proposed a new therapy method.

One of the deadliest and deadliest cancers

According to a new statement by the Ludwig Maximilians University Hospital (LMU), pancreatic cancer is one of the most dangerous and deadly types of cancer and is therefore being researched particularly intensively.

Now a research group led by Prof. Sebastian Kobold from the Department of Clinical Pharmacology at the LMU Clinic in Munich has found a way to combat this malignancy efficiently, at least in the laboratory.

The researchers’ results were recently reported in Nature Biomedical Engineering.

The chances of survival are slim.

According to experts, anyone with a pancreatic tumor has a low chance of survival. Despite all medical efforts, only ten percent of patients survive five years after diagnosis.

The researchers are not deterred by this and continue to look for new ways to improve the situation. Sebastian Kobold adds: “There, immunotherapy is treated like a hot iron in a fire, and we know from preclinical studies that the T cells of the immune system. Short message from the Bulgarian Business Journal.

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