Pampita spoke about the intimate habit that she shares with her husband in her eighth month of pregnancy

While awaiting the arrival of his daughter, Pampita She continues with her work in the media both as a jury in “La Academia”, the new Showmatch format, as well as as a TV host on her program. However, recently the model spoke about the intimate habit that she shares with her husband, Roberto Garcia Moritan.

After making a live from her instagram account showing how the baby moved inside her belly after eating something sweet, Carolina Ardohain shared new images with her fellow program members and revealed that it was her partner who helped her disarm her hairstyle in the pictures.

“This is one thing! This is Pampita’s secret “, said the businessman as he tried to remove the updo and the braids that his wife wore in her hair. It was then that the model clarified: “The husband who removes her hairstyle. Cute! It began to circulate because it was very tight. I leave you, we are celebrating our 8 months of pregnancy ”.

In this sense, Ardohain could not help but share his happiness for being in the sweet waiting of the girl who is on the way in their lives. “We are sharing another being, we are spellbound and having an incredible time. Robert is learning. He does not comb, he does not know how to comb, he knows how to ruffle. It takes all of that out of me because those gummies that are used to hold the hair go with insulating tape and they stick a lot “he explained.

“Kisses to my love who helps me every day, always with such good vibes”, were the words that Pampita used to close the issue while joking with her colleagues about having someone undress her every night when she returned home.

On the other hand, Pampita in recent days told the reasons why she will stop using the wedding ring that she has in her hands from the moment she married Roberto García Moritan. “It is not that I am going to be fought, I do not get any more. I’m going to put on a chain and hang it there. I am not single because I take it off “he explained jokingly.

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