Pamela Anderson’s ex Tommy Lee shows off his penis on Instagram

Pamela Anderson posts nude photo on social media

Tommy Lee causes a sensation with selfie

Not everyone really wanted to see it: the bare penis of the almost 60-year-old rock star Tommy Lee, which has been making the rounds on Twitter since yesterday.

Tommy Lee’s (59) followers did not expect it: Pamela Anderson’s (55) ex posted a nude photo of himself on all social media last night. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram: 1.5 million followers could view the rocker’s penis in top image quality. His caption: “Oops”.

“Better go to bed,” advised a fan who saw the best bit of the almost 60-year-old uncensored in the evening. A user saw Tommy Lee’s photo on Twitter the next morning. She said, “That’s the last thing I wanted to see.” Britanny Furlan (35), his wife, probably didn’t think much of the action either. She just commented on the Instagram post with the words “Oh my God”.



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