Palpitations when exercising: why does it happen? It is normal?

In this kind of exercisethe training specifically targets the heart and the lungs. For the same reason, it is extremely common for palpitations when exercising increase significantly because the body try to supply oxygen to all muscles. However, the more you do this type of physical activity, the easier the process is and the less effort is needed. Just be careful when doing cardio at the gym and don’t make these common mistakes.

interval training

High-intensity interval training, known as HIIT for its acronym in English, is performed by alternating between periods of time (minutes) with exercise intense and periods of rest. Your goal is to burn more fat in less time with intense work. And because it is more challenging than other types of trainingyou probably feel that you heart accelerates a lot and hits against your body, you may even feel short of breath as a result of the intensity of the exercise.

weight training

Weight lifting also speeds up the heart


In this type of training, the increase in palpitations heart it is related to the pressure and tension needed to lift the machines, especially when they are very heavy. For example, weightlifters may experience heart palpitations such as a throbbing in your ears or throat, or a fluttering sensation.

And it’s dangerous?

Most of the palpitations when exercising They are normal. However, you should see your doctor if, in addition to your palpitations, you frequently experience dizziness, excessive shortness of breath, or chest pain when you you exercise. Pay attention to your body and listen to its signals, especially if they are situations that are repeated frequently or that are very persistent, because remember that the fact that the heartbeat accelerates for a moment is normal, but if you feel that it is too often or with too much intensity, yes it would be advisable that you keep paying attention.

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