The artistDove San Basiliohas defended the tenorPlacido Domingo, Accused by nine women ofsexual harassment,ensuring that with her "he was always a gentleman, a great companion and a generous artist, of those who do not abound."

"I greatly regret the comments being made in the press about Mr. Plácido Domingo and I can only say thatHe was always a gentleman with me, a great companionand a generous artist, of those who do not abound, and with whom I had the privilege of sharing the stage, "he said in a statement.

In this sense, San Basilio has recalled "as a testimony" of this joint collaboration a television and record special"memorable"of those who could "enjoy many people and in which their companionship, dedication, respect and talent are clearly seen".

Another artist who has come out in defense of Domingo is the soprano Davinia Rodríguez, who in statements to Europa Press has pointed out that"has never" felt "the slightest hint" of bullyingwhen he has worked with him.

Placido Domingo, accused of sexual harassment by nine women. EFE Agency

Rodríguez has shared the stage on several occasions with Domingo, such as in 2016 in Vienna with a montage of 'Macbeth' or more recently in China with the opera 'Thais', by Jules Massenet.

"I have never felt the slightest hint of what the teacher is accused of. Every time I have been able to share production with him, he has shown both me and each of my classmates and theater workers, from the highest position to the minimum,the greatest of his respectswith the humility and generosity that characterizes him so much, "said the Spanish soprano.

Also, the soprano and president of the SGAE, Pilar Jurado, has highlighted in statements to Europa Press that she "has never" been seen in this situation of harassment and that the singer is"a perfect gentleman".

"It's complicated because I don't know what other people have lived and I can't tell if it's true or false, because I wasn't there. But I can say that with me the relationship with him has been of a perfect gentleman and of absolute affection," said the soprano, who has worked several times with the tenor.

JuryShe has been "surprised"that these accusations have come out, since his relationship with Domingo has been "always wonderful". "He has behaved like a man and has been deeply cordial and very emotional," he added, to remember some "precious details" with her.

"When I premiered my opera at the Teatro Real, I was very aware of how my rehearsals were going and, when he left because I had to sing in the Metropolitan, he sent from there a bouquet of spectacular white roses," he said, then remember how she He also gave one of his scores on another occasion.



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