TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS.- While it is true the Palmerola international airport, in Comayagua, will be born as one of the smallest terminals in Central America, in the next nine years it is planned to triple the number of sleeves it has.

At least that’s the promise of the authorities. For this Friday, October 15, the government together with the concessionaire Palmerola International Airports (PIA) plan to inaugurate the new commercial air station for the capital, but flights will begin until November.

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The airport, which consists of seven sleeves, will begin operations without a control tower, without the cargo terminal and with works in the process of construction, he confirmed THE HERALD a few weeks ago.


Marvin Melgar, an expert in concessions and who was part of the creation of the project, explained that it is true that the airport is not completely at the same level as the neighboring terminals.

However, he defended, it is a growing terminal, where the high life insurance rates paid by aviation agencies when operating in Toncontin, which is classified as the second most dangerous airport in the world, will no longer be paid.

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The projection is a gradual growth in the next nine years that will allow going from 300 thousand international passengers to almost one million per year.

As there is this annual demand, it will be necessary to triple the level of sleeves, that is, increase them to 21 and use the commercial and services area one hundred percent, the expert projected.


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