A volcano on the island of Palma (Canary Islands, Spain) has released a new portion of lava. The stream provoked a partial collapse of the volcanic cone. The western regions of the island were under threat.

Here it is – the moment of the collapse of the northern slope of the crater. He triggered another powerful lava outburst, which carried with it boulders the size of a three-story house. A powerful stream of fire followed to the western part of the island – to areas that were previously considered the least dangerous. Local residents were urgently evacuated.

“What everyone was afraid of has happened. People are trying to take at least some things with them. They may have to say goodbye to houses.” “A house, a farm, a garden. My mother and brothers lived here. We cannot hold back our tears. The whole city is crying,” say the locals.

In the interior of the island, volunteers set up a farm, where they sheltered pets, which they managed to evacuate from the affected areas. Many – the owners in a hurry were forced to leave to fend for themselves.

“Animals are taken from all over the island. Everyone who can be saved. Rescuers, firefighters, we cooperate with everyone. We are trying to get in touch with the owners so that they find a new place for them,” says coordinator Yasbel Perez.

In the meantime, Palma airport has resumed operations after the authorities were forced to close it two days ago due to the release of ash.

Many inhabitants of the island want to leave it and go to the mainland, many have relatives there. The eruption of the volcano has been going on for almost a month. During this time, 10 percent of the population was evacuated. Lava managed to destroy more than a thousand buildings. Mostly residential buildings. Hundreds of hectares of agricultural land were affected.

The Institute of Volcanology of the Canary Islands concluded that the eruption could last at least another two months.


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