Palermo reunites with chef Mariola, sold out for the Roman evening at the “Cacio & Pepe” restaurant

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July 18, 2021 11:05 am

Chef Mariola calls, Palermo responds. After about a year, the chef of Gambero Rosso, a Roman doc, returned to Sicily to inaugurate the second restaurant “Cacio & Pepe”, in Piazza Giovanni Paolo II, 7. A themed evening to celebrate the return to life, after months off , and a new location that once again celebrates Roman cuisine.

The first evening menu is rich, organized with the advice of chef Max: cod carpaccio with roasted peppers, marinated onion and olives in oil; raw and cooked beef ball with scapece zucchini, stracciatella and anchovies in oil; octopus gricia pasta; Suckling veal cooked slowly with tuna sauce, fried capers and green bean salad, sautéed millefeuille and mint; to finish a very fresh watermelon ice cream with rum and chocolate seeds, to be combined with Roman sambuca, excellent after a meal.

“Exciting to find the group still so compact and prepared, able to always give the best of themselves – Max says between one dish and another – I always return to Palermo with great joy and I must say that collaborating with a brigade so united and ready to great challenges, in a historical period certainly not the best, it is a great pleasure and makes everything even more incredible “.

Cacio & Pepe is a Roman cuisine restaurant in Palermo, a trattoria with a true spirit that offers the best dishes of the Roman tradition, prepared with love and respect for the Lazio tradition.

“Ours is a cuisine focused on the quality of raw materials and we have selected suppliers of excellence to offer you the best that mother nature gives us – say the owners of the two restaurants in Palermo – Considering the response of the public, increasingly attentive to our cuisine and to Roman flavors, we decided to expand even further and open two new places, in two other well-known tourist destinations in Sicily. But we still prefer to keep the secret ”.


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