Palermo, 5.5 tons of counterfeit gas destined for Marsala seized at the port

Beyond 5.5 tons of gas in cylinders, crammed inside 2 containers from China and destined for a Marsala company they were seized by the officials of the Customs and Monopoly Agency at the port of Palermo, together with the soldiers of the financial police, who are daily involved in controlling the flow of goods in import and export from the port of the Sicilian capital.

«In particular, from investigations it emerged that it was a type of artificial mixture and, specifically, of fluorinated greenhouse gases created in the laboratory by the American The Chemours Company LLC, used in a wide range of industrial activities such as refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pumps»Say the investigators.

According to the indictment, the confirmation on the actual American ownership of the eco-patent, operated by the financiers and customs officials with the Corporate Counsel Intellectual Property of the American The Chemours Company LLC, allowed to ascertain the actual violation of the right of intellectual property for the realization of the particular mixing of gas imported into the territory of the State. The legal representative of the Marsala importer was investigated for counterfeiting and receiving stolen goods.

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