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Palace: Give space to Robredo, let her do her job as a drug czar

Vice President Leni Robredo will speak at its first meeting with members of the Inter-Agency Committee on Illegal Drugs Friday at the Vice President's office in Quezon City. ( Morcoso)

MANILA, Philippines – Let the vice president, Leni Robredo, authorize her to carry out the task entrusted to her as co-chair of the Philippine anti-drug organization, said Saturday in Malacañang.

"We call on everyone to give space to VP Leni, to allow her to carry out the task assigned to her, and not to create roadblocks and imaginary conflicts," she said. confronting his colleagues in the government by intrigues, as well as by far-fetched speculations and shifted by the usual suspects, "said in a statement the presidential spokesman Salvador Panelo.

On Wednesday, Robredo accepted President Rodrigo Duterte's offer to play a leading role in his deadly crackdown on drugs, although she criticized the campaign and warned it could be a ploy. policy to destroy it.

Robredo, a former human rights lawyer, said that by accepting this unusual offer she could perhaps save lives as part of this campaign, which left thousands of drug suspects most died in clashes with the police, alarming governments and human rights groups.

Stung by Robredo's constant criticism of his drug campaign, Duterte suggested appointing him to head the Inter-Agency Committee on Illegal Drugs, which includes the police and the army, and was responsible for overseeing and coordinating government efforts. fight against illegal drugs.

At its first meeting as ICAD co-chair, Robredo suggested creating a new anti-drug campaign and eliminating "Oplan Tokhang", a campaign associated with extrajudicial executions.

"Because of the many senseless killings that accompanied Operation Tokhang, it seems that public opinion has reached a certain level of notoriety: when you say" Tokhang ", it's a war against the poor," said Robredo.

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Panelo said that Robredo needed to be given wide latitude to define its own illegal anti-drug program and pursue, without interference from other quarter supporters, its own program which it considers effective to effectively combat the problem of drugs.

The president's spokesman added that Malacañang was pleased that Robredo was open to their suggestion to oversee the operations of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA).

It was also at the ICAD meeting that PDEA Director General Aaron Aquino invited Robredo to join the anti-drug operations, which Robredo agreed to.

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The palace also added that it had taken note of Robredo's meeting, saying it was a step "that demonstrated its willingness to suspend all its negative ideas on the war on drugs, mainly based on false if not exaggerated information. and the hype. "

More than 6,300 suspects, mainly minors, were killed after allegedly resisting arrests and about 1.3 million others surrendered, officials said. But human rights groups have reported a higher death toll and have accused some police officers of killing unarmed suspects on the basis of weak evidence and altering reports. crime scene to give the impression that the suspects had responded with violence.

At least two mass murder cases have been lodged with the International Criminal Court for large-scale deaths, but Duterte vowed to continue the bloody campaign until the last day of his presidency in June 2022.

Duterte and the police denied having tolerated extrajudicial executions as part of the crackdown. With Associated Press

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