Pain in the leg, 17-year-old sent home: “They told him to do the Doppler ultrasound but in a short time it can only be done by paying”

CIVITANOVA – The young man was visited in the emergency room and after the treatment he was then advised to take the exam. The father: “I heard from my doctor, he says they should do it in the hospital, but if you don’t want to wait long, you can only do it privately”

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Severe pain in his leg: he goes to the emergency room, but is discharged with the prescription of an ultrasound Doppler “impossible to do quickly in the whole region”.

It happened to a 17-year-old who, last night, resorted to the treatment of emergency room of the Civitanova hospital. To tell the story of him is his father, RM, who wants to underline that «the cuts to healthcare create inconvenience to patients. Last night – he says – my son went to the emergency room, accompanied by his grandmother, for a strong pain in his right leg, very swollen. The doctors examined him, he underwent an ultrasound and blood tests. Once the phlebitis was hypothesized, he was punctured on the stomach and sent home with the advice to do an ultrasound Doppler ». A way that the parent did not like.

«I went to the treating doctor – he continues – and it was he himself who told me that Doppler ultrasound had to be done in the hospital, not for a fee. A person in those conditions does not resign. So I went back to the emergency room where they told me to go to the counter to book the exam. The Cup told me that in the whole region it would not be possible to do it in a short time and that, for this reason, I would have to find a place privately ».

The boy’s father then criticizes the management of regional health care: “I wonder if health is really public – he says -. I am not saying that it is the fault of the emergency room, but of the continuous cuts that are made to the organization of hospitals: when we need treatment we have to pay for it. I must admit – he confides – to have found a very kind person in the emergency room manager, so much so that she has confirmed that she is struggling with the lack of staff ».

That of the man is intended to be a complaint against a health system that could be managed better. “It does not seem fair to me that they continue to cut funds for healthcare – he adds – and hospitals are forced to work with reduced staff: one cannot think that the Civitanova hospital will be able to intervene throughout the area”.


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