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NEW – Women make their way in the big leagues


Rachel Folden realized something during her first spring camp with the Chicago Cubs _ long before the new coronavirus pandemic caused the team’s suspension of activities.

Neither player cares much that one of their coaches is female. However, the girls he talks to care a lot about a woman being part of the coaching staff.

“Some people have approached me to say that their daughters are now glued to the television watching baseball or that their daughters know that there is a certain way they can get to baseball, and they don’t have to go softball,” Folden said. “There are actually quite a few people who have told me.”

Major League Baseball is driving the same message. Recognizing the importance of representation when it comes to expanding baseball, the commissioner’s office continues to look for ways to attract more women and minority populations to the sport.

The Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport (TIDES) in Central Florida awarded baseball a C rating for gender hiring in its most recent report on diversity, which was released in April. from last year _ one point below the result of a previous year of 70. But Major League Baseball expects a series of hires made during the last months of the year to be a sign that its Diversity Channeling Program is paying off.

Alyssa Nakken became the first woman in a major league coaching staff to be named assistant to the new manager of the San Francisco Giants, Gabe Kapler. Folden obtained a job with the Cubs as his top batting supervisor and fourth coach for Mesa’s rookie level team. Rachel Balkovec was hired as a minor league hitting coach for the New York Yankees.

Veronica Alvarez worked with the Oakland Athletics during spring camp for the second consecutive year, and Christina Whitlock was hired as a minor league coach with the St. Louis Cardinals.

“I am here for a reason,” said Nakken. “I am here to make an impact. People can think what they want, but it all goes back to that sense of responsibility. I’m going to go in to forge a path, make my way and work extremely hard. ”

Nakken, Folden, Balkovec, Álvarez, and Whitlock are related to Take The Field, a development program for winter meetings that is designed to integrate women into baseball’s operational pipeline.

Major League Baseball has also begun to invest more in women’s baseball and softball tournaments and programs to identify and network with women interested in pursuing a career in baseball. Baseball’s increasing dependence on technology is also creating more opportunities for women.

“In today’s context, it’s not really about your background as a player at all,” said Tyrone Brooks, senior director of the Diversity Channeling Program in both the field and major league management fields. “It’s more about whether you have skills that can be applied in the way a team approaches the development of its players. Obviously, technology plays an increasing role in player development. ”


Atlético Madrid mourns the loss of José Luis Capón and Christian Minchola


Madrid –
What bad news from Spain: top club Atlético Madrid had to announce two deaths on one tragic weekend. On Saturday, the “Rojiblancos” initially confirmed the surprising death of young Atlético player Christian Minchola Sánchez. The young striker was only 14 years old.
On Sunday, the Madrilenians announced the next sad news with the death of club legend José Luis Capón († 72). The ex-professional died of the consequences of an infection with the corona virus, previously he had already suffered from Parkinson’s disease. There is great dismay and sadness throughout the club, the flags on the club grounds fly at half-mast in honor of the deceased.Atlético legend José Luis Capón dies after Corona infection the first team of his youth club, won two championships with the Spaniards (1973 and 1977), the Spanish Cup (1976) and the World Cup (1974). On May 15, 1974, the eleven-time international Capón and Atlético were in the final of the European Cup. After a 1-1 draw in the first leg against Bayern Munich, the Madrilenians lost the second leg 0: 4. “The sporty family mourns. One of our great legends has passed away: José Luis Capón. You will be in our hearts forever, ”the club wrote on its official Twitter channel. The defensive specialist was known primarily for his distinctive mustache and his flowing hair, played 269 games in Atlético dress. Atlético Madrid mourns the loss of talent Christian Minchola, previously the news of the death of the youth player Minchola had shaken the club. “We are shocked by the sad news of our player’s death and deeply regret his loss. Atlético Madrid and the entire sporting family will be in immense pain with Christian’s family and friends in these moments, ”wrote club president Enrique Cerezo (72) on the website of the Madrilenians, as was Koke (28), the captain of the professional team hit deep. “Life is very unfair. I am proud that you put this shirt on. Rest in peace, ”he wrote on Twitter. The club said nothing about the exact circumstances of the death. Apparently, there is no connection with the currently particularly violent corona pandemic in Spain, according to various Spanish media: Minchola has played in the youth teams of the Madrid club for seven years. The association announced that it would set the flags at half-mast on the club premises in the coming days. Read more here: Sky reporter showed him his last honor live – “kick-off” icon Burkhard Weber († 64) died. Atletico’s main shareholder Miguel Ángel Gil (57) wrote in a club announcement: “The feeling of helplessness that arises in such situations is terrible. In the past few days, people near me have died, some from corona viruses and others from other diseases, and the feeling of not being able to say goodbye to them as they deserve, and in the case of Christian, the feeling of great injustice, are breaking me the heart. ”(kos)

the young wife is silent about the condition of the patient Igor Nikolaev


For the third day now, Russians have been experiencing and languishing in ignorance on a leash of the state of health of the hospitalized in Kommunarka with suspicion of Igor Nikolaev coronavirus. The young wife of the composer Yulia Proskuryakova stubbornly remains silent about the well-being of the author of the hits “Raspberry Wine” and Dolphin and Mermaid. Although before that she answered almost every comment. Now the 37-year-old artist has closed the possibility of leaving messages on her blog under the last two publications.
On March 27, it became known about the hospitalization of Yuri Nikolaev with a high temperature in a specialized clinic in Kommunarka. The 60-year-old artist complained of poor health, he passed the test for coronavirus, but his result is still not known. The musician was diagnosed with focal pneumonia. The condition was assessed as moderate.
The assistant to the national artist hastened to reassure the fans of the artist, assuring that this could very well be the usual flu or SARS. “We are all people. We all get sick during the autumn-spring periods, and, thank God, we are recovering,” the woman said.
In turn, the celebrity’s wife Julia Proskuryakova appealed to the public to show tact and calm down: “Stop calling and writing, give us a chance to relax, focus and find out everything! If you really are worried, just wait and don’t jerk us! Our attention is focused health! I beg you! Give us the opportunity to exhale and breathe! ”
After which she emphasized that the spouse now needs to rest and not be nervous. “Wait for the results of the analysis! Before the official diagnosis, we will not give any information to anyone. Neither I nor our director are any of our family!” Said Julia.

Tired of being afraid …

Of course, the followers began to attack her blog. At first, Proskuryakova even responded to comments. So, to the question of one of the subscribers, is everything okay with her and her little daughter Veronika, the young wife of Nikolaev assured: “We are fine. We haven’t seen Igor for more than a week. He was in our Moscow apartment. And we with my daughter in the Moscow Region self-insulated. ”
But the stream of questions from the fans did not think to dry up. As a result, Julia made a strong-willed decision to close the comments under the last two photos. The actress is silent about the state of the composer. But judging by the last post, all thoughts of Proskuryakova about her husband.
To somehow distract, she posted a funny video with her daughter. In the video, Veronica is dancing funny to the hit of Little Big “Uno”.
“I’m tired of being afraid … So as not to go crazy, at least something is not about the coronavirus! Let’s believe in the best, let everything work out and we will dance like that again carefree!”, Proskuryakova signed the video. She also left the hashtags: “we drive out the coronavirus”, “leave the coronavirus”, “miss dad and wait for him to come home”.
Recall that Igor Nikolaev was among the star guests who, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, had fun at the birthday party of the composer’s sister Igor Krutoy. The celebration turned into a nightmare for the stars. First, Lev Leshchenko with his wife Irina was in the hospital. The 78-year-old singer was diagnosed with coronavirus. And then Nikolaev himself was hospitalized in Kommunarka.

The celebration was attended by the whole world of Russian show business: Lera Kudryavtseva, Irina Allegrova with a handsome grandson, composer Igor Nikolaev, Valery Leontyev, Nikolai Baskov, Alexander Serov, Oleg Gazmanov. There was also a best friend Leshchenko Vladimir Vinokur with his wife.

Price of the dollar today Sunday March 29, 2020, exchange rate


Mexico City. Today, Sunday, March 29, 2020, the dollar is trading at $ 23.34 pesos, according to the investing.com platform. The currency remains stable during this weekend. On Friday, the peso closed with a drop of 7 cents in the exchange rate against the dollar. However, in the weekly balance, it obtained a profit of 3.8%. This fall in the price of the dollar is a consequence of the unemployment figures that increased in the US due to the coronavirus contingency, which has forced the closure of different companies and shops temporarily; in addition to the economic support measures announced by the Trump government to support companies and the US economy.
            Exchange rate for sale in the interbank market (spot) today Friday March 27:
09.00 hrs .: 23.4200 p / d
13.30 hrs .: 23.3250 p / d
http: // https: //t.co/LaOklzuAeE – Banco de México (@Banxico)
March 27, 2020

The Mexican peso and the stock market ended a three-session streak on Friday with gains after S&P downgraded Mexico’s and state oil company Pemex’s credit rating, Reuters reads. What happens to joint mortgages if a spouse dies? in Mexico; urge NOT TO LEAVE home for ONE TABLE despite the loss on Friday, it managed to cut a streak of five weekly balances against the Mexican currency – the dollar had accumulated a rise of 6.27 pesos – and allowed its best weekly result since 2002 in the retail market, quotes Reforma.
Regarding the exchange rate in different banks in Mexico, as published by Dollar.info on various financial entities, the price of the dollar reaches its highest level for sale at $ 25.00 at Scotiabank, while the lowest at purchase is at $ 19.00 also at Scotiabank.
   Source: Dollar.info
Regarding the euro, it is quoted at $ 26.12 pesos, for $ 29.13 pesos of the pound sterling in general average.


Virus against me not yet created


Rammstein singer Lindemann: virus against me not yet created











Coronavirus Italia, the EU leaves us alone. Von der Leyen is Italy’s worst enemy


Look at this aristocratic and blonde lady with cerulean eyes and a captivating smile. It is the elegant Ursula Gertrud Von der Leyen, 61 years old, German but Brussels born, three times minister, currently president of the European Commission voted – and that yes was decisive – even by our ineffable Five Stars, “populists” of my boots ( or my co ******). Look at it well and fix it in your mind. BECAUSE YOU ARE THE WORST ENEMY OF THE ITALIAN PEOPLE WHO SUFFER. IT IS SHE WHO SLAMS THE DOOR TO THE CORONABOND PROPOSAL, the only shock therapy that would allow our poor country to save itself, the only massive injection of money that could prevent us from ruining the ground, exhausted by the blockage of the activities caused by the epidemic.

This angelic lady with an icy heart and her gaze fixed on her wallet slavishly executes the nefarious orders that come from her political and spiritual guide, the panzer-chancellor Angela Merkel – always irreducible enemy of the Italian “terroni” – who wanted her on the highest podium in the EU to continue maneuvering the smashed spacecraft Europe towards its own and exclusive beach, that rigidly German-centric vision of the old continent that has done us so much harm: to us and to the other southern members of that shapeless shapeless jumble soul that has become the Union.
Paradoxical that such a flat follower of the verb of Merkel and her tough accountant-bankers was an esteemed doctor, did you know? Paradoxical that he has seven children and is an observant Lutheran Christian! Should practice and preach care and love for others, right? Nah. Perhaps endowed with dual personality – they depict her as a mother full of concern – Baroness Von der Leyen proves to be a fury beyond the domestic walls. Teutonic and all in one piece, she who – a few days ago – declaimed that famous “we are all Italians” in front of the cameras, quickly took back her charitable thought and left lance against our hopes, our future, our cry for help (except then mumbling an insignificant half reverse). It’s that he can’t care less about us. Ricordiamocelo! And let’s not forgive her anything. At least this … Auf wiedersehen!

USA breaks the threshold of 2000 deaths and partial isolation measures are defined


Regarding the internal situation of the United States, New York had 672 deaths; a much higher figure than that of the state that follows it, Washington, with 136 deaths and ahead of New Jersey, with 86; and Louisiana, with 70. Since Friday, the United States, which leads the number of infections in the world, has overcome the barrier of 100,000 cases of Covid-19, and is now at 124,686; followed by Italy, with 92,472; and China, with 82,120. According to the number of deaths, the state of New York gathers almost half of the infected in the country, with 53,520 infections, the EFE news agency reported. Last night, US President Donald Trump ruled out the need for a quarantine in the states of New York, New Jersey and parts of Connecticut, hours after claiming that they were analyzing that possibility. In fact, the possibility of dictating restrictive measures from the federal government, opened a strong controversy with different governors and, especially, with the New York president, Andrew Cuomo. “Upon the recommendation of the White House Task Force, and after consultation with the Governors of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, I asked the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) to issue a strong notice of trip, which will be administered by the governors, in agreement with the Federal government, “said Trump through the social network Twitter. “Quarantine will not be necessary,” Trump said in his tweet thread. During the day, Cuomo had been opposed to Trump’s idea of ​​imposing a mandatory quarantine and assured that such a measure would be a “declaration of war on the states.” “It would be chaos and a riot,” Cuomo, a Democrat, said in an interview with CNN, questioning the legality of the two-week quarantine. In any case, the criticism of Trump repeated itself this Sunday, this time in the voice of the president of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi. The Republican leader focused her darts on the alleged slow and uncoordinated response to the coronavirus and accused Trump of ignoring the scope of the pandemic. “His initial refusal was lethal. His inability to deliver the help people need on time is lethal,” Pelosi lamented in an interview with CNN, before showing, once again, his total disagreement towards a possible relaxation of the restrictive measures to enhance the weakened economy. “I don’t know why (Trump) now believes that (the coronavirus) is a threat. I don’t know what the experts have told him. I don’t know what he thought he knew before, and he knows now … or since when he knew it,” he said. the democrat. “We cannot allow Trump to continue underestimating the situation at hand,” he concluded. READ MORE What will the Government do with the isolation that ends on the 31st? Contagion is all the rage: the movie that became fashionable with the pandemic.

Cristiano Ronaldo left his house and went for a walk with his children in their mid-forties


Cristiano Ronaldo knows that there will be a camera everywhere that will be aware of his movements. Despite this, he cared little for him and decided to go for a walk with his children in times of quarantine due to the pandemic due to the Covid-19 coronavirus that keeps the world on edge. The Juventus player from Italy chose Funchal, in Portugal, to take refuge , spend the days of confinement and enjoy your family. Especially to be close to his mother. “Very grateful to have my mother at home and recovering. Take care of her family and loved ones,” were the words that the Portuguese released on his Instagram account. But despite the state of alarm that was imposed in Portugal and that limits some movements in the streets, Ronaldo and his girlfriend Georgina Rodríguez took the opportunity to go for a walk with the twins Eva and Mateo. For example, in the Portuguese country the isolation is not as strict and it is allowed some activities such as accompanying minors for short periods to recreat outdoors, jogging for an hour at most and buying basic necessities. Cristiano Ronaldo would have agreed to cut 3.8 million euros with Juventus. This is because the contracts of the best players in the world begin to emerge as one of the big problems for the clubs due to the suspension of football. The last game Ronaldo played was Juventus’ 2-0 win over Inter on March 8 so far, Portugal has more than 5,000 people infected with coronavirus and 100 dead.

images of the transfers of patients from the Grand Est by medical trains


The two medicalized TGV trains that left this Grand Est Sunday morning to evacuate 36 patients from Covid-19 to New Aquitaine arrived in the middle of the afternoon, one in Poitiers and the other in Bordeaux.

The train that left Nancy at the end of the morning with 24 patients on board entered Bordeaux station shortly after 3 p.m., some of which had been sealed off by a large police force.



                                    ALEXANDRE MARCHI / POOL / AFP
                                                    – The nursing staff are installed on board the medicalized TGV which transports 24 patients from the Covid-19 from Nancy to Bordeaux, on March 29, 2020

                Twenty ambulances and dozens of nursing staff in full white coats were waiting there to direct them to establishments in the Gironde capital, but also Libourne, Pau and Bayonne.



                                    ALEXANDRE MARCHI / AFP
                                                    – The medical teams set up on board the medicalized TGV which transports 24 patients from Nancy to Bordeaux, on March 29, 2020

                Another train from Mulhouse arrived at around 3:45 p.m. at Futuroscope station in Poitiers, with 12 patients on board. Four of them were taken by ambulance to the Poitiers University Hospital, which had already received six patients the day before, who had arrived by plane. Four other patients were helicoptered to La Rochelle and four others left by road to Niort and Angoulême.



                                    SEBASTIEN BOZON / AFP
                                                    – Twelve patients with coronavirus were transferred this Sunday from Mulhouse to Poitiers aboard a medical TGV



                                    SEBASTIEN BOZON / AFP
                                                    – A doctor on board the medicalized TGV between Mulhouse and Poitiers, March 29, 2020


                In total, the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region will have welcomed 54 patients from the Grand Est since Friday, the most important evacuations carried out since the start of the epidemic in France. The goal is to unclog hospitals in the Grand Est, one of the regions most heavily affected by the epidemic which on Saturday included 3,777 people hospitalized, including 786 in intensive care, and 757 dead.



At war with boredom: UFOs, magic chambers and split-screens


1 – With a band of mabouls

Strip tease is it an exceptionally funny or excruciatingly depressing show? Should we laugh at the people she presents to us, sometimes even in an ultra-violent intimacy, or be indignant at the shameless gaze, bordering on condescension, that she poses on these great shipwrecked people of existence? At one point, we all asked ourselves the question without ever being able to look away from this vertiginous and fascinating Belgian program launched in 1985 on RTBF and landed in France in 1992 on FR3. A series of short, short documentaries focusing on out-of-the-world and out-of-time characters, old bachelors building flying saucers, Breton rockers chasing the elf and the troll in the forests or anti-abortion activists on a crusade against Satan. What other program reminded us with such clarity that normalcy was not of this world? The imminent arrival on the RTBF replay of 70 new episodes completing the 180 already online for free will once again confirm this.


2 – With a helmet

Twelve to thirteen hours a day of bombs unknown to ordinary people unearthed in the underworld electronica, industrial, new wave or rap 90’s, for a week: this is the huge gift from the veteran electronic duo Autechre to us, ordinary confinement crackers. Not the first of its kind – Sean Booth and Rob Brown have even made a tradition of connecting without warning to deliver cutting-edge musical selections or original compositions of their own, like the NTS Sessions of 2018, in reality an album of eight hours delivered in preview and free of charge. What changes here, of course, is the context: we are all connected non-stop and distressed by a little beauty and sacredness in our isolation, so that the music broadcast becomes a little, much more, as an offering of spirit and electricity to revive. A mirror stretched out to our humanity, so surprised to find itself so fragile and sensitive to a few dozen hours of exceptional music. What if that was enough to save us? We are waiting for the second salvo, perhaps for the week that begins.


Autechre pictures

3 – With the missing people

It seems a bit of a shame to watch the very beautiful second feature by the Spanish Luis López Carrasco, El año del descubrimiento, on a computer screen, for example thanks to the online publication, until April 3, of the international selection 2020 of the excellent documentary festival Cinéma du réel visible on the Tenk platform. It would be even more distressing to miss it completely. Grand Prix of the last Cinéma du réel (whose prize list was announced on Thursday), revelation of the last Rotterdam festival, this true-fake documentary entirely shot in a bar in Cartagena, which documents the last bursts of the working class after the deindustrialization of southern Spain, will no doubt be even more poignant to watch during confinement. Because his ambitious split-screen device, deployed over almost three and a half hours in the heart of innumerable conversations side by side, has the avowed aim of “Reunite the dispersed” – revive a collective whose film mourns the disappearance, and whose very idea is currently most cruelly lacking.

El año del descubrimiento by Luis López Carrasco

Photo Off Ecam

4 – With lost time

François Bon is at home and his YouTube channel Third Book, launched two years ago, running at full speed with an exciting daily soap on Proust, which he peels and reads with passion: “The silence that is being restored, the noise of the city, finished, the interior of the house, something that stands still”, this is the time when ever to disappear in “Magic rooms” of the writer, a great phobic before the eternal and pioneer of sensory self-sequestration.

Proust consolation by François Bon on Youtube

Proust consolation by François Bon on YouTube.

Photo François Bon

5 – With a bow

His cello wedged against his chest, songs known almost to him alone, delay and saturation pedals at the end of the foot: Arthur Russell, towards the end of his too short life (he died of AIDS in 1992), n ‘ needed nothing else, not even the recognition of the public in whose eyes he was a total stranger, to sketch his paradise. An Eden of contained emotion and grace. The little hour of unpublished music that we discover with this unpublished live recorded on March 2, 1985 contains only the familiar, variously advanced versions of This Is How We Walk on the Moon or Home Away From Home, all become classics in our hearts thirty-five years later ..

Arthur Russell

Photo Tom Lee. Audika Records

Didier Péron


Elisabeth Franck-Dumas


Olivier Lamm


Lelo Jimmy Batista

Strip tease RTBF replay


El año del descubrimiento by Luis López Carrasco

Proust consolation by François Bon on Youtube

Arthur Russell unpublished live