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Nothing will help the Russian biathlon: it’s time to intervene in the Ministry of Sports – Eurosport.ru


Nothing will help the Russian biathlon: it’s time to intervene with the Eurosport.ru Ministry of Sports Bogaly: the Russian biathlon walks with outstretched hand. Vladimir Petrovich, where is all this? ChampionshipAnna Bogaliy: “If there is no replenishment from the regions, we will soon have absolutely nothing” . If the ship is scouring to the left, then to the right, it is difficult Sports.ruSee in the Google News application.

an online test from the Institut Pasteur to screen for Covid


In these disturbing times of covid-19, here is an official tool which consists in taking stock of his state of health. An algorithm that can be consulted on all digital media with an internet connection. Set up 10 days ago by the Institut Pasteur, the tool is already widely used.
                              In these disturbing times of covid-19, here is an official tool which consists in taking stock of his state of health and knowing what to do in case of doubt. An algorithm that can be consulted on all digital media with an internet connection. Set up 10 days ago by the Institut Pasteur nationwide, the tool is already widely used.
Take the “maladiecoronavirus.fr” test on a search engine and you’re there. The algorithm leads you over 23 questions on your clinical condition to a recommendation that goes from the call to 15 to the absence
of concern when calling her doctor. The first of the instructions being confinement. This official tool entered into force on the national territory 10 days ago.

Mirdad Kazanji director of the Institut Pasteur de Guyane specifies: It is a questionnaire which allows through 23 tests to assess the state of health of individuals
A tool to guide-Do you have a fever?
-What is your temperature?
-Do you cough?
-Do you have a loss of taste or smell?
And so on. Questions and recommendations such as avoiding taking anti inflammatory drugs.
This tool, enough to satisfy Mirdad Kazanji who regrets the low number of tests practiced. We receive around thirty tests per day we can do 5 to 6000. 330 testsTo date, the Institut Pasteur de Guyane has carried out a little more 330 tests, of which around 30 were positive. A situation of apparent calm but subject to the concern that represents the dazzlingness of the epidemic in our neighbor Brazil where since a week, we went from a hundred positive people to thousands //
Clotilde Séraphins George and Marie Berthome’s report:
          Coronavirus: the Institut Pasteur is implementing a tool to take stock of its health.


After the UN call, several ceasefires accepted around the world


Children in Yemen in front of a house destroyed by bombing, March 19, 2020. – CHINA NEW / SIPA

Even if the world would have done well for this pandemic, the coronavirus will have had at least one, but only one, positive effect. The UN welcomed the proclamation of a ceasefire in several countries in conflict on Thursday, after the call by its secretary general, Antonio Guterres, to stop the fighting in the face of the spread of the coronavirus. Above all, the movement is in the process of being supported by resolutions at the Security Council and the General Assembly.

More than 5 years of war in Yemen

Suddenly, cease-fires have been raised in recent days by belligerents in the Philippines, Cameroon, Yemen and Syria. Martin Griffiths, the UN envoy to Yemen, a country ravaged by war for more than five years, on Thursday hailed the “positive responses” from the Houthi rebels and the Yemeni government in favor of a ceasefire to better fight the Covid-19 and allow a humanitarian break. He demanded that they attend an “urgent meeting” to make it happen.

UN Special Envoy Martin Griffiths: “I was heartened to see the positive responses to the Secretary-General’s call for a ceasefire from both the Government of Yemen and Ansar Allah. I expect the parties to adhere to their words and put the interest of the Yemeni people above all. “- UN Special Envoy for Yemen (@OSE_Yemen) March 26, 2020

On the same day, UN spokesman Stéphane Dujarric welcomed “the temporary ceasefire announced on March 25 by the Southern Cameroon Defense Forces”. The day before, he had already welcomed the temporary ceasefire announced on March 24 by the Communist Party of the Philippines with the government of that country. Last Thursday evening, the spokesperson “welcomed the declaration of the Syrian Democratic Forces of March 24” supporting the idea of ​​a cease-fire and their “commitment to avoid military action” in the northeast of the country .

Difficult negotiations in the Security Council

This movement moved to the UN Security Council. According to a diplomat requesting anonymity, “a draft resolution has circulated between the five permanent members”. “Some countries in the UN are thinking of a text to support Guterres’ call,” said another diplomatic source. According to concordant sources, France is behind the initiative. On the night of Thursday to Friday, French President Emmanuel Macron spoke on Twitter about the preparation of a “major new initiative” in the face of the pandemic, after a conversation with his American counterpart Donald Trump.

However, nothing has been decided yet. On Monday, a draft “declaration” on the Covid-19, carried by Estonia, collided with a wall, for lack of consensus between the 15 members of the Security Council. Between Russia reluctant for the Security Council to take up a health issue and the United States, which could insist on a mention emphasizing that the virus comes from China, the process is proving delicate for the adoption of a resolution within an enclosure where divisions have been legion for years.




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Rumor: “Chelsea want Neuer, what will it mean for Onana?”


The transfer market is not going to open for the time being, but now that football has come to a halt due to the corona crisis, rumors about possible upcoming transfers are popping up. The latest rumors about Ajax from abroad are posted here and during the transfer period. Take the rumors with a grain of salt!
Friday March 27
“Chelsea want Neuer, consequences for Onana?”
In recent weeks it was regularly read that Chelsea would be interested in André Onana, but the London club would now prey on Manuel Neuer, according to BILD. The German keeper does not come out with Bayern Munich and a departure is therefore an option. Chelsea want to take advantage, it can be read. Bayern Munich already attracted a goalkeeper for the future with Alexander Nübel in January. Should Chelsea actually get Neuer, Chelsea no longer seems an option for Onana. Around the Ajax goalie are also often called Tottenham Hotpsur and FC Barcelona.
Thursday, March 26

“Time for Real Madrid is running out”
According to Marca, the time for Real Madrid regarding a possible transfer from Donny van de Beek is running out. The Spanish newspaper writes that De Koninklijke already has an agreement with both Ajax and Van de Beek, although nothing has been signed yet. Should Zinedine Zidane stay on as trainer of Real Madrid, there is a chance that the French trainer will go for Paul Pogba. Marca writes that Real Madrid must hurry, because Manchester United and Juventus would like to make the impossible possible. It is striking that in Football International it was read on Wednesday that the chance that Van de Beek will stay with Ajax – as a result of the corona crisis – has increased.
Wednesday March 25

Chelsea switch to Tagliafico
The English media are full of it: Nicolás Tagliafico who may move to Chelsea after this season. The rumor comes from the Italian Calciomercato, but there is hardly any English medium that has not taken over the rumor. Chelsea actually wanted to take over Ben Chilwell from Leicester City, but he now proves unfeasible. The Londoners would now have switched to Tagliafico. Voetbal International wrote earlier on Wednesday that there would be no vacancy at Ajax, while the Argentinian would still be on the nomination to leave.
















        Young Ajax – Young AZ
        06/04, 8:00 PM.
        First Division, Amsterdam.
        FC Utrecht – Ajax
        09/04, 7:15 PM.
        Eredivisie, Utrecht.
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Agatha Muceniece touched her husband on the show “Evening Urgant”


The 31-year-old actress and TV presenter became a guest of the show “Evening Urgant”. Agatha Muceniece shared the details of the divorce with her husband, 32-year-old Pavel Priluchny.

 The actress came to the show in a red tuxedo suit. Her waist was emphasized by a black belt. The star’s hair was combed back, and the makeup was done in nude shades.

 Agatha Muceniece and Ivan Urgant

 Agatha shared with Ivan a funny story of meeting her favorite artist, Robbie Williams. It turned out that while resting abroad, the children of Muceniece started a game on the beach with the heirs of the singer. The actress talked with his wife Williams, recognizing her, and later asked about the opportunity to take pictures with an idol.

 “They as a whole family came to the villa, where we had a rest, invited us to a concert in the area where there were only the closest, then we spent behind the scenes. This is all in my vlog, ”said the guest of the show. “Maybe the truth is to start watching?” – got interested in Ivan.


 This caused a comic outrage from the artist. “So you lied before that you looked?” She asked. Urgant hastened to assure that he never lies. “My husband said the same,” retorted Muceniece, which caused the stormy emotions of the host and the public of the program.

 Co-host of the project “Voice. Children ”renamed its vlog from“ Priluchny everyday life ”to“ Everyday life of a divorced woman ”, but admitted that she would not change her last name when divorcing, because she did not want to do paperwork.

 The actress changed the tattoo on the ring finger
 frame from video

 However, another reminder of a failed marriage – a tattoo in the form of a wedding ring on the ring finger – Agatha has already remade, stuffing a cute fox. However, she retained warm feelings for her husband. “He is good, handsome, he is the father of my children. Cool dude, ”assured Muceniece.


 Now the star is in self-isolation. She made an exception only for the filming of the program, but emphasized that she came to the studio in a mask, gloves and with an antiseptic.

 Earlier, the actress said that the divorce process is at the stage of signing papers. The issue of reconciliation between her and Paul is not worth it. Agatha admitted that it was hard for her to give up the sex symbol of the country.


Rogan: More patients than before – Boerse-express.com


Rogan: More patients than before Boerse-express.comCorona virus: Rogan experiences “tightrope walk” up close ORF.atMarkus Rogan: Rich athletes have an advantage Health and Economy LAOLA1.at View “More on this topic” in Google News.

“Within 48 hours, you really feel a rebound”, testifies a patient on chloroquine


This Thursday, March 26, Olivier Véran, the Minister of Health decided: the prescription of chloroquine is therefore possible at the hospital, if the doctor deems it useful and without waiting for the results of the clinical trials in progress. Florian’s treating physician, contaminated with Covid-19 more than two weeks ago, did not wait for this decree to prescribe it.

“I had the first symptoms around March 12. At the hospital, I was prescribed dolipranes and antibiotic treatment. From March 14, my attending physician suggested I switch to the Doctor’s treatment Raoult and I therefore went on chloroquine treatment “, explains Florian.

            “I quickly had a loss of taste and smell, strong fever, dry cough at the end of my breath. The sensations were new, diffuse. I felt a little oppression. I started the treatment and under 48 hours, you really feel a rebound. It frees you and you feel that, compared to this tiredness which harasses you, it gives you energy. From the fourth day, I stopped paracetamol thanks to the treatment. to feel better after 48 hours and I felt cured from the end of the fourth day “, tells RTL this former patient from Covid-19.

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Apple may introduce multiple desktop and laptop Macs with ARM next year


Ming Chi-Kuo has struck again! The analyst specializing in the facts and gestures of Apple has just specified in a research note to investors that, according to him (and his sources), Apple would prepare the launch of several Macs next year, desktop and portable, which will run on an ARM chip, not an Intel processor. About two weeks ago, Ming Chi-Kuo said that Macs with ARM could be expected from the end of the year or early next year. He had so far not specified the extent of the transition. It would therefore seem that Apple does not plan to confine its chips only to its MacBook (inactive) or its MacBook Air but could switch all of its ranges to ARM processors designed by its engineers. Homemade ARM chips could give Apple products a strategic advantage. Beyond the question of better integration, it will be especially possible for the Cupertino company to better control the update cycles of its products since it will no longer be subject to the vagaries of the development of Intel processors. Ming Chi-Kuo also highlights another interesting point. Although the R&D required to develop a processor is expensive, it is already assumed by Apple for iDevices. The transition from Mac to ARM could therefore reduce the price by 40 to 60% … Read more on 01net.com
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The losses of Russian banks from measures to counteract the coronavirus are calculated: Banks: Economics: Lenta.ru


The international rating agency Moody’s estimated the losses of Russian banks due to deferred loans, which include a package of anti-virus measures. According to the agency, banks may lose from 5 to 7.5 percent of their own profits. This was reported by TASS with reference to the report of the rating agency. Related materials March 18: March 25 – 25 “In the scenario of a prolonged economic downturn, we assume that at least 10 percent of all retail borrowers will receive the right to a grace period and banks will lose or will receive it late ( depending on the conditions of restructuring) more than 100 billion rubles of interest income, which is 5 percent of the sector’s annual profit, ”the report says. Moreover, the fact that a large representatives of small and medium-sized businesses also apply to the bank for a delay. According to Moody’s, up to 20 percent of all SMEs are involved. For banks, this means the risk of missing another 50 billion rubles in revenue or another 2.5 percent of annual income. President Vladimir Putin on March 25, while addressing the nation, announced the introduction of credit holidays for citizens and businesses. What is happening in Russia and in the world? We explain on our YouTube channel. Subscribe!

Roger Reist strengthens Raiffeisen management


Roger Reist is currently Head of Currency, Notes and Precious Metals at the Cantonal Bank of Zurich (ZKB).
   With the arrival of Roger Reist, Raiffeisen Switzerland has found the ideal person to fill the vacant position in its Management. Roger Reist is currently Head of Currency, Notes and Precious Metals at the Cantonal Bank of Zurich (ZKB). Until 2019, he headed the Prime Finance Trading department and was notably responsible for securities lending, repo operations as well as planning, management and guarantee of refinancing for the entire bank, in which he assumed several management functions since 2010. Previously, Roger Reist worked with UBS Investment Bank, in trading, as well as at PricewaterhouseCoopers International, as a chartered accountant for banks.
With a Masters in Banking and Finance from the University of Zurich, Roger Reist not only has solid professional experience, but also in-depth knowledge of the market, trading and products, which will allow him to fully assume Responsibility for the Treasury & Markets department at Raiffeisen Switzerland.
“We are pleased to have found in the person of Roger Reist a seasoned expert as well as an honest and convincing personality for this position,” commented Heinz Huber, Chairman of the Executive Board of Raiffeisen Switzerland. “His entrepreneurial spirit, his ability to implement initiatives and his in-depth knowledge of the trade will allow him to give the right impetus. His appointment marks the end of the process of renewing the Management of Raiffeisen Switzerland ”.