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Peter Beard: New book on Africa’s endangered beauty


AThe day he visited Karen Blixen on her farm near Nairobi, he fell in love. In the African light, in Africa, in Kenya, in the people, in this wilderness, in the animal world – and a little bit in the Danish connoisseur of Africa and author of “Beyond Africa”. The 53 years older than the young New York photo artist, who was born into a rock-rich family and passionately looked for a passion.

They became friends. Both were fascinated by Africa’s wilderness. Back then, over 60 years ago, Beard bought the neighboring farm from Karen Blixen, lived there for 23 years and was to commute between New York City, Long Island and Nairobi for the rest of his life.

One of his most famous self-portraits in Africa, long before dementia finally defeated him, shows him laughing while feeding giraffes, in 1985 at his hog farm near Nairobi. He had only been allowed to buy the piece of land with special permission, combined with the requirement of the Kenyan government to document the diversity of the peoples as well as flora and fauna.

At that time, Africa’s wilderness was “authentic, untouched, full of big game – so enormous that it seemed inexhaustible. Everyone agreed that it was too big to be destroyed ”. Today, however, it is not much more than a “tourist-infested parking lot”, Peter Beard wistfully said looking back.

Wilderness and world stars

As soon as his literary legacy was finished, the updated new edition of the XXL monograph “Peter Beard” was completed when he disappeared on a walk in the forest at the end of March 2020 at the age of 82. His family later reported his death. Peter Beard leaves behind a widow, Nejma, and a daughter, Zara.

But his artistic oeuvre as a retrospective remains: visually stunning, bizarre and brilliant at the same time, enthusiastic and moving, 700 pages, five kilograms.

In many of Beard’s works, photos are only part of the overall concept

Peter Beard was one of the great wildlife and fashion photographers of the 20th century. He worked with Francis Bacon and Salvador Dalí, designed diaries with Andy Warhol, went on tour with Truman Capote and the Rolling Stones, was friends with David Bowie and Jackie Kennedy. As a Vogue fashion photographer, he is the discoverer of model legends Veruschka and Iman.

Chronicler of a destroyed world

His photo collages told stories. Like hardly anyone else, Beard knew how to use photographs like a canvas – mostly an elephant, a tied rhinoceros, a safari scene, a human being.

Then he garnished, assembled, drew, commented on them with memories, snatches of conversation, ornaments, contact sheets, snippets of newspapers, decorated them with feathers, bones, tree bark, even with drops of animal blood.

The artist moved between glamor worlds and nature

The artist moved between glamor worlds and nature

He often linked fashion photographs with the pictures of African big game. For his most famous photo book, “The End of the Game”, he began documenting dying elephants and rhinos, capturing in shocking black-and-white pictures how the animals starved in their far too small reserves, 35,000 elephants and 5,000 alone Rhinos in a single year of drought in Tsavo National Park.

Peter Beard said of this unstoppable destruction of nature by humans: “The deeper the white man went to Africa, the faster life flowed out of it, out of the plains and out of the bush.”

Luminous ivory in the jungle

Luminous ivory in the jungle

Peter Beard staged fragile beauty

Peter Beard staged fragile beauty

In contrast, this picture appears almost incidental

This picture appears almost incidental

“Peter Beard”, Taschen Verlag, 100 euros


The Federal Criminal Police Office against the rest of the world (neues-deutschland.de)


The witnesses who testify against the representation of the BKA representative Philipp Klein provide a unanimous picture.

Photo: Arne Dedert / dpa

The members of the Bundestag’s Breitscheidplatz committee of inquiry again engaged in a confidential conversation between two people in the last session before the summer break.

Stunned silence fell in the European Hall in November 2019 when Chief Criminal Inspector KHK RM testified from the North Rhine-Westphalia State Criminal Police Office. Many witnesses had already testified about things that were known from the state investigation committees in Berlin and Düsseldorf. But KHK M. contributed something in the Bundestag that can only be discussed and examined at the federal level. M. reported on a one-to-one conversation that he had with the First Chief Inspector General EKHK Philipp Klein from the Federal Criminal Police Office on February 23, 2016 and raised serious accusations. At the time, Klein conveyed to him that Murat Cem, who was considered a key witness in the proceedings against the IS governor in Germany, was doing too much work. There would also have been an instruction from the top level of the Federal Ministry of the Interior to “write down” Murat Cem because he was doing too much work. Cem had given early indications that the later assassin Anis Amri was a ready-to-attack jihadist.

The four-eye discussion took place after a meeting in Karlsruhe, which had been convened by the Attorney General Salzmann. Salzmann said on Thursday that this meeting was necessary at the time because the Federal Criminal Police Office had made serious allegations against Murat Cem in a secret paper in early February 2016. The Federal Criminal Police Office vigorously argued at the meeting that it was unlikely that a confidant could provide information on two attack plans. For the investigators from North Rhine-Westphalia, KHK M. in particular held the track record of the trusted person VP-01 Murat Cem. Police officers also argued for the credibility of the information. The different assessments were above all a problem for the Federal Prosecutor’s Office, which, based on Cem’s information, had built up its proceedings against the governor of the Islamic State in Germany, Abu Walaa. “But the impression has already arisen that the two BKA members stand against the rest of the world,” said Federal Attorney Salzmann to the parliamentarians about the atmosphere in the meeting. Salzmann hadn’t heard of the four-eye conversation itself, but he remembered that he learned about it afterwards.

Investigator KHK M. was more than irritated by the improper instructions he had received in the four-eye conversation and on the same evening, at the edge of a meal, turned to the chief prosecutor Claudia Gorf, who had also participated in the meeting. She advised the angry KHK M. to also report the four-eye conversation to the Federal Attorney Salzmann. For Salzmann, who still remembers the conversation with KHK M., the incident was initially forgotten when the Federal Criminal Police Office corrected the contrary assessments regarding the credibility of the person of trust, Cem.

More than four years after the questionable one-to-one discussion, consultation with the federal prosecutors is the main aspect that speaks for the representation of KHK M. Not only Gorf and Salzmann, but also Chief Prosecutor Dieter Killmer have testified before the Bundestag investigation committee. The federal prosecutors gave a very differentiated presentation, delimited their own memories from what was reported about KHK M.’s statements in the media, and unanimously came to the conclusion that there could be no explanation that KHK M. could have such a four-eye conversation Months before the attack on Breitscheidplatz.

Philipp Klein of all people provided additional evidence for the validity of KHK M.’s statement in December 2019. Klein was striking in his testimony of all sorts of semantic pirouettes, stealing words and repetitions. Ultimately, he admitted that he could not rule out a one-to-one conversation – perhaps on the way to the toilet or down the stairs – but vehemently denied the content voiced by KHK M. Klein’s heated comments on the meeting in Karlsruhe, which are available as evidence in the form of e-mails, also discredit the BKA presentation.


Sexual violence in sport: “an independent authority should be able to investigate, treat, identify and follow up on victims”


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The Minister of Sports has drawn up a first assessment of the work of the cell set up at the end of December last and reinforced at the start of the year, after the sex scandals in the sports world. Forty federations are concerned by these cases which mainly affect (98%) minor victims at the time of the events and of which 78% of them are women, said the minister, during a press point.

Why is speech being freed up around the question of sexual violence in the world of sport? Elements of response with Daphne Gastaldi, journalist, co-founder of the international collective of independent journalists We Report and co-author of the survey Church the mechanics of silence, published by JC Lattes.

→ Read Disclose investigation


Hotel staff calls police because there is a black family in the pool


Watch the video: A hotel employee in North Carolina calls the police because a black family is at the pool.

Policeman: “Do you have a room here?”

Williams-Wright: “I have and I feel discriminated against.”

Again, a racist incident in the United States is causing outrage on the Internet – and has severe consequences.

Missy Williams-Wright and her two children stay in a hotel in North Carolina.

An employee calls the police because the family is at the pool.

The charge: trespassing.

Policeman: “What is your room number?”

Williams-Wright: “Let me tell my side of the story. She called you and you here. You bother me while my kids are in the pool. There were other people in the pool. The woman said nothing.”

Williams-Wright shows her key card as evidence.

Williams-Wright: “I have proven that I have a room here with my children. Since I am the only black person at the pool, they want to question me.”

Police confirm that the black woman and her family are guests at the hotel.

After the video is distributed, the employee is fired.

The hotel chain made a statement on the case:

“We have zero tolerance for racism. We can confirm that the police are only called when there is illegal activity or a threat to our guests and employees.”

taz research on right-wing extremists: right reserve in the Bundestag


A member of the “Refuge” prep group works for the AfD in the Bundestag. The man was also involved in the party.

Employed a right-wing prepper in his office: AfD politician René Springer Photo: Jens Jeske / imago

BERLIN taz | The connections of the recently uncovered right-wing extremist Prepper group from Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt to the Bundestag are more comprehensive and direct than previously known. As taz research has shown, the reservist and fraternity member Michael S. himself works as an employee of an AfD member.

From the beginning Michael S. was part of the group that wanted to find “refuge” on a day X in a village in North Saxony, to subdue it when in doubt. As the taz reported at the beginning of June, the men and women fantasized about a “racial war” from 2015 and armed themselves. Michael S. expresses himself racist and anti-Semitic in the leaked Facebook chats and has no fear of contact with established neo-Nazis.

At the beginning of June this year, Michael S. took up a position in the Bundestag as a research assistant to the AfD MP René Springer, the spokesman for labor and social policy in his group. When asked by taz, Springer confirmed that he had hired Michael S. on June 1, 2020 and resigned on June 10, a few days after the publication of the first taz research on the Prepper group. Otherwise Springer did not want to comment. According to taz information, S. is still employed in the Bundestag until the end of July.

Michael S. previously worked for the AfD parliamentary group in the Landtag as a consultant for labor, social affairs and integration until he was dismissed last year due to “serious breaches of duty”. In one of the leaked chat messages, he described the mood among the parliamentary group members as “exuberant hitlerist”, but the deputies were “stupid and lazy”. In addition to his work, the 43-year-old S. is also involved in the party: at least until 2019, he participated in the State Social Affairs Committee in Saxony-Anhalt.

Illegal target practice

Just over a week ago it became public that another fraternity member with close ties to the Prepper group worked for the AfD parliamentary group in the Bundestag.

Michael S. is a marksman and hunter and has thus obtained several thousand rounds of ammunition. In internal chats available to the taz, he wrote: “I have a weapon with the most common Mun[ition] selected, they are most likely to exist in times of crisis. ”S. supposedly trained shooting illegally together with comrades from the Leipzig fraternity Germania, in a shooting range without an operating license.

The taz has not only received an invitation to a solstice celebration at which shooting should take place in the shooting range in Jüdenberg, but also an internal message afterwards: “Since we all had a lot of fun with weapons at the solstice, we now have to make a small contribution pay for the ammunition, ”it says. The public prosecutor’s office in Leipzig is still examining whether it will launch an investigation into the case.

Like other men in the group, Michael S. is a reserve officer of the Bundeswehr and captain of the reserve. As a reservist, he was deployed abroad in Kosovo. He has a functionary office in the Saxon state group of the Reservists Association and has been a federal and state delegate to the association for many years. The AfD member of the Bundestag René Springer is also a reservist and in the reservists’ association.

The President of the Association of German Bundeswehr Reservists Patrick Sensburg recently announced in a taz interview that the members of the “Refuge” group will be excluded from the association if the allegations are confirmed. He also announced a fundamentally tougher crackdown on right-wing extremists in his own ranks. The association will “look at all 115,000 members again”.

The Department of Defense sees a problem with right-wing extremism among reservists. Around 800 reservists were recently “permanently exempted from their duty to provide services” due to extremism references. In the future, reservists are to be checked for security if they are temporarily serving in the Bundeswehr, according to the latest report by the KSK working group. So far this is not the case.


Technical problem for Seguin forced to turn around – News feed – Vendée Globe


Damien Seguin, skipper of the APICIL Group monohull and ranked 14e of the Vendée-Arctique-Les Sables d’Olonne race has just announced that it is on its way to Brittany. His technical problem? “The breakage of the alternator support which is no longer attached to the engine and which prevents fully recharging the batteries”, according to a press release from his team. “Damien believes that he cannot fix this technical problem in the race.”


Only the format doesn’t fit


Mazda has always done a lot differently than other manufacturers. Now they are launching an electric car on September 25th, which is immediately applauded for its chic exterior and unusual solutions such as the counter-opening doors. The interior is also nicely designed, everything fits, the level of equipment is high, so a head-up display is standard. With a length of 4.40 meters and a trunk volume of 366 liters, the Mazda is in the compact class, and now comes the catch: the battery in the underbody has a capacity of only 35.5 kWh, so the range is no more than 200 kilometers, according to the norm there are at least 262.

Boris Schmidt

That is too little for a vehicle that is clearly not a city car. Mazda says the battery is just the right size because a stronger battery is too damaging to the environment when you make an overall calculation. Especially the manufacturing of the accumulators is a very high load, and with a large battery it is practically no longer possible to compensate for this start disadvantage over the lifetime.

The electric motor delivers 145 HP, the top speed is limited to 140 km / h. The 310-kilo battery can be charged with direct current, with up to 50 kW – then it will be full again in around 40 minutes. Charging takes ten to 12 hours at the home socket. At the moment, alternating current can only be charged in one phase, which means that the charging process is only reduced to four and a half hours on a 22 kW wallbox (22 divided by 3 because only one of the three phases can be used).

The electric motor delivers 145 HP, the top speed is limited to 140 km / h.

Photo gallery

Work is being done on this, and an MX-30 with a range extender is also in the pipeline. There is obviously still enough space in the engine compartment for a small Wankel engine and a small petrol tank. The electricity for the battery would come from the compact Wankel engine, the range would at least double. But that’s still a long way off. With the new, generous funding, the MX-30 starts at 23,654 euros.


Live blog on the corona virus: Berlin Charité recorded a minus of 75 million euros


Jens Spahn against an end to the obligation to wear a mask +++ Second lockdown in northern Spain affects 70,000 people +++ Corona infections also in meat factories in Austria +++ All developments in the live blog.


“Just a very short thing”


FThere is now plenty of illustrative material for errors by the other parties in dealing with the AfD. Rarely, however, is it as captivatingly clear as it is now in Rhineland-Palatinate. In the town of Neuwied on the Rhine, the Christian Democrats provide the mayor, the second mayor comes from the SPD. This is the name of Michael Mang, and he has long been accused of violating the municipal code and civil service law.

Julian Staib

Political correspondent for Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland based in Wiesbaden.

Therefore, the so-called papaya coalition of CDU, Greens and Free voters in the city council planned to deselect Mangs. This requires a two-thirds majority, which can only come about locally – i.e. against the SPD – if the AfD participates. The right-wing populists are thus the tip of the scales. The local CDU parliamentary group leader Martin Hahn ruled out talks with the AfD before the vote, but he certainly accepted their support. Hahn said: “The colleagues are elected by the citizens and therefore legitimized.”


Formula 1: 10 things to know before the season opens


After four months without Formula 1, motorsport enthusiasts will find the roar of the engines this Sunday, July 5, at the time of the Austrian Grand Prix. The challenges of the 2020 season promise to be rich as Formula 1 faces unprecedented upheavals.

Coronavirus disrupts protocol

Pilots, staff, media and officials must comply with strict health regulations. In addition to the empty stands of their public, the mask or visor will be required for mechanics when they cannot respect a physical distance of two meters. A temperature control will be carried out each time you enter the paddock. All team members have been tested four days before the Austrian Grand Prix, and a tracking application will be made available to participants.

The blur after Monza

Eight Grands Prix spread over a month have so far been confirmed. At Silverstone and in Austria, F1 fans will be entitled to two consecutive Grands Prix on the same circuit, in order to catch up. The current calendar concludes in Monza, Italy on September 6. The continuation of the program remains uncertain, as negotiations continue. The Hockenheim circuit in Germany could host a Grand Prix instead of that of Russia if the health situation deteriorates in the country. The circuits of the Netherlands, Canada and Singapore will not host any races.

Hamilton chasing Schumacher

The British world champion could go a little further in history. If he wins this season, Lewis Hamilton will equal the record of seven titles held by Michael Schumacher. The Mercedes driver, who claims not to pay much attention to the records, still admitted that “winning the title this year would make even more sense”, in the context of a pandemic and the fight against racism. Big favorite of the 2020 season, Lewis Hamilton will also have the opportunity to exceed the number of wins in the race for the Red Baron, which stands at 91, against 84 for the English driver.

Alonso back in 2021?

If the launch of the season has been delayed, the transfer window is well and truly engaged. The announcement of Sebastian Vettel’s departure from Ferrari launched the game of musical chairs as several drivers arrive at the end of the contract. The Spanish Carlos Sainz will replace the German driver in 2021 at the wheel of the red car. Renault could not retain Daniel Ricciardo, at the end of the race with the French team. The Australian will join young Lando Norris at McLaren next year. So who to replace it? Fernando Alonso, 2005 and 2006 world champion, did not hide his desire to return to F 1.

Strong Monegasque accent at Ferrari

With the announced departure of Sebastian Vettel at the end of the season, and a contract signed until 2024, Charles Leclerc asserts himself as the present and the future of the Scuderia Ferrari. The previous season, the young Monegasque prodigy, who was only making his second year in F1, showed his muscles against his teammate quadruple world champion. In 2019, Mattia Binotto, director of the team, insisted that the two drivers were free to fight but that Vettel remained number 1. Since the clash between the two teammates during the last Brazilian Grand Prix, everything leaves to think that the rivalry could not be more regulated.

Duel Leclerc-Verstappen at the top

F 1 fans keep in mind the muscular duel between the two drivers in the very last laps of the 2019 Austrian Grand Prix. A pass from the gun won by the Dutchman, who won the Red Bull Ring. There is no doubt that for the coming season, Charles Leclerc will be keen to do better than his rival, who finished ahead of him in third place in the drivers’ classification, for only fourteen points.

Three Frenchmen on the grid

After a short stint at Red Bull, Pierre Gasly begins this season with the secondary team, Alpha Tauri (formerly Toro Rosso). The pilot can hope to ride a positive end to the season marked by his second place at the Brazilian Grand Prix. For his part, Esteban Ocon finds his way back to the circuits after a season with Mercedes as a test driver. The Norman joined two years with Renault. His teammate Daniel Ricciardo, on the start at the end of the season, Esteban Ocon could assert himself in the brand’s diamond strategy. This edition could however be the last for Romain Grosjean, after ten years in Formula 1. If the Haas driver did not comment, he lived a difficult year 2019 with an 18th place in the ranking.

Renault must prove itself

After a disappointing 2019 year, the French brand has no room for error. The parent company suffers from the economic repercussions of the coronavirus. After a 2019 edition concluded in fifth place, the team aims to return to the top 4.

Mercedes surprises the paddock with the DAS

As of the July 3 tests on the Red Bull Ring, the silver arrows used the DAS. This controversial new technology modifies the toe-in of the wheels in order to prevent tire wear and improve top speed. During the winter tests in Barcelona, ​​the legality of this mechanism had been pointed out. In Barcelona, ​​the Racing Points had also been talked about. The team owned by Lawrence Stroll presented a car close to the W10 used by Mercedes in 2019. With this car, the pink team signed a top 4 each time during the winter tests.

A strong commitment against racism

For the first time in F1, the silver arrows will not be tinted with their legendary gray color. Mercedes presented a united black single-seater in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, and under the leadership of its committed champion, Lewis Hamilton.

Attacked by the six-time world champion on the lack of diversity, F1 also intends to get involved. The single-seaters will display the hashtag #WeRaceAsOne (United in the race), as well as a rainbow to promote the fight against inequality. The authorities of the championship have announced the establishment of funds dedicated to “increasing diversity and opportunities at all levels”.