Corona recovery reports: Saved from weeks of coma

Doctors, nurses and therapists accompanied Sebastian Vogl (center) for seven and a half weeks and thus saved his life.
Picture: Klaus Krischock

A man is infected with the corona virus in Ischgl and then lies in a coma for a long time. Our author spoke to him – and to the people to whom he owes his life.

AWhen Sebastian Vogl didn’t respond to calls and Whatsapp messages that morning, his brother became nervous. He put on his protective suit, which is actually intended for asbestos work, and made his way to Vogl’s apartment in Aying, Bavaria. He had the key. When he got to the bedroom on the first floor, Sebastian Vogl lay lifeless in bed. He didn’t respond, just moved his head slightly when his brother finally yelled at him. Vogl was dragged down the narrow spiral staircase by his brother and the paramedics on a carrying chair. That was on March 23. Sebastian Vogl only woke up again in April in the intensive care unit.

Vogl, 52, a passionate skier with no previous illnesses, would never have thought that his skiing holiday in Ischgl would have these consequences. From March 7th to 10th, he was in the ski resort, which has become notorious as a corona hotspot. He then went on to work for two more days, and is the managing director of a house technology company. On March 12th, he felt slightly “flipped” in the evening. He called the hotline of the health insurance company and said: “Calm down! You don’t have a fever. ”The next day came the news that all Ischgl vacationers should stay in quarantine for two weeks.


4 recipes to eat without remorse

Good desserts for fitness: 4 recipes for eating without remorse.

Anyone who tries to lead a healthy life too often at the table must give up the best things, for example sweets.

The four recipes you find below are designed for these people: they are in fact four desserts revisited which can be tasted without too much regret.

Let’s see.

Good desserts for fitness: 3 recipes for eating without remorse

Strawberry fitness cheesecake

Good and does not make you fat (as long as you eat it in moderation, of course, but this applies to everything).

The ingredients

The ingredients you need are these: half a cup of Greek yogurt (one pound); 200 grams of cream cheese (for example Philadelphia); two eggs; 125 milliliters of skim milk; two egg whites; two spoons of honey; 100 grams of oats; a ripe banana; half a teaspoon of ground cinnamon; 75 grams of strawberries; two tablespoons of liquid stevia; 60 milliliters of water.

The preparation

In a bowl mix the oats, cinnamon and banana. Pour the mixture obtained in a cake mold that you have floured and put in the oven at 160 degrees for about ten minutes, then put in the fridge;

take another bowl and mix the cream cheese with the milk, yogurt and honey, then add the eggs and egg whites one at a time; the next step is to pour the cream obtained in the cake mold in which you have already prepared the base and put it in the oven for another 10 minutes, always at 160 degrees;

now take a not too large pan and put the strawberries, stevia and water in it: stir over low heat until the mixture has reached the consistency of a jam;

the next step is to take the mold in which you have poured the stuffing and pour the strawberry compote over it; as a final touch, you can decorate with mint leaves, after which you can serve on the table.

La crème caramel fitness

The ingredients

The ingredients needed for this dessert are: 4 eggs; 50 grams of honey; 4 egg whites; two spoons of vanilla essence; 450 milliliters of skim milk; a teaspoon of stevia; 50 milliliters of water.

The preparation

beat the eggs and egg whites in a bowl. When foam begins to form, honey and vanilla are added;

the next step is to add the milk and mix well. Then take a cake mold and spread a mix of wheat flour and rice over it so that the cake does not stick; pour the mixture into it;

bake for half an hour at 180 degrees; to check the cooking, you can use the classic toothpick test;

now take a saucepan with stevia and water and put it on the fire (medium flame) to prepare the caramel: this will be ready when it acquires a beautiful golden-brown color; now turn out the pudding and spread the caramel on it;

you just have to serve on the table.

Chocolate muffins and sweet potatoes

The ingredients

The ingredients are: 100 grams of sweet potatoes; 15 grams of baking powder; 100 grams of oats; half a cup of skim milk; two eggs; 150 grams of dark chocolate; two spoons of vanilla extract; two spoons of honey.


It begins by cooking sweet potatoes in a pan full of water; when they have softened, remove them from the heat, drain and mash them in a bowl;

then add the eggs, baking powder, milk and oats. Mix well, so that no lumps form; then pour the honey and vanilla extract;

pour the dough into a muffin mold that you have floured and grate a bit of dark chocolate on it;

the final step is to put in the oven for half an hour at 170 degrees.

Fake dark chocolate muffins

The ingredients

You need: 100 grams of dark chocolate, milk to taste and biscuits with no added sugar.

These fake muffins they are simple and fast to do.

Proceed as follows: melt the dark chocolate in the microwave and then add milk a little at a time until you get the right degree of creaminess.

Obviously, biscuits with no added sugar will be preferred. Form layers in the baking cups. The final touch is a spectacular garnish with fresh pitted cherries, colored devils and tufts of ricotta or natural or “correct” with sweetener.



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FC Bayern: reprimand or lie about the house ban? – Sports

The dispute between FC Bayern and a fan goes into the next round. The fire department does not support the version of the club – the fan’s lawyer accuses club boss Rummenigge of telling “lying stories”.

His client was “very surprised”, says Andreas Hüttl, because he couldn’t imagine being “lied to” by his own club. Exactly this seems to have happened in the dispute between FC Bayern and a supporter, which had led to a general ban on the house. In any case, this suggests information from the Munich fire department. The latter says that after the game between FC Bayern München II and Halleschen FC, they made no complaint because fire protection regulations had been violated. The club had declared this to the lawyer in order to justify the house ban against the fan (the SZ reported). On April 22, the SZ made a request to the fire department. The answer was almost four weeks away – the employees of the responsible department were involved in times without mass events in other areas, it said.

Hüttl comments on the now quite detailed answer: “It is a strong piece, and it is dramatic for the club’s external image.” His client’s chances of winning the lawsuit should have increased, however, because a reason for the ban now breaks away. The first appointment at the Munich district court is scheduled for August. The Bayern fan had been banned due to the “unauthorized bringing in and use” of a comparatively harmless banner (“Bayern amateurs against Monday games”), which, in addition to the Grünwald stadium, also applies to the office and the Fröttmaninger Arena. It is assumed in fan circles that shortly after the “Hurensohn” banners by Bayern fans in Hoffenheim, an example should be made on him in early March. Hüttl also finds the behavior of the association somewhat arrogant. After all, the club apparently believes that “you take what they say as dogma without verifying it”. Meanwhile, FC Bayern also took a position on request and informed SZ: “In our understanding, that was a reprimand, we will contact the Munich fire department. FC Bayern has given sufficient reasons for the ban, which is nothing to add. “

No fire security guard on site

The fire department’s response was rather detailed. It doesn’t just say that she no Made a reprimand. She also explains that an FC Bayern employee called the fire department after the game and described the incident – the time of the call could no longer be determined exactly. “He asked the clerk of the fire department for advice on how to proceed with the (stadium, red.) Visitor. The FC Bayern employee was referred to the police by our clerk for criminal prosecution, since the fire department did not take any further action appeared necessary, “it continues. In any case, there is no fire safety guard on site for games with less than 5000 spectators in the Grünwald stadium (1491 spectators came to the game). Obviously, however, the discussions at the club gave the impression that it was a complaint.

Attorney Hüttl believes that FC Bayern contacted “to justify their own actions afterwards. But I can’t prove that, that’s my guess,” he says. They also wrote to the honorary council of FC Bayern, which according to the statute should mediate in disputes between members. The President of the Honorary Council is also the lawyer who represents the association in this case. Hüttl sees this as a conflict of interests. Secondly, he is concerned about the fact that CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, who had signed the house ban, tells the honorary council “such lying stories”.


Emmanuel Macron’s measures for the sector

The executive finally hastened its timetable, whereas Bercy had envisaged, two weeks ago, to announce the measures of revival of the automobile sector in September, time to pose a “diagnosis”. This phase was accelerated because the sector is frankly ill, with estimates of a 20-30% drop in the world market in 2020.

→ LIVE. Deconfinement, act 2: the announcements of Edouard Philippe

The President of the Republic was responsible for giving the remedies for a cure estimated at nearly 8 billion euros, via measures to immediately boost sales, and longer-term projects to help consolidate of the industry.

One million clean vehicles to produce in France in 2025

In the morning of Tuesday, May 26, Emmanuel Macron received industry players (representatives of manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, professional and union organizations) at the Élysée. He recalled that companies in the sector had benefited from 300 million euros in loans guaranteed by the State (apart from the only guaranteed loan of 5 billion for Renault) and that short-time working had benefited nearly 250,000 employees. , spread over nearly 1,500 sites.

→ ANALYSIS. After the disaster, the automobile is looking for ways to rebound

In the afternoon, he went to Étaples (Pas-de-Calais), where he visited a factory in Valeo. The tricolor equipment supplier is one of the leaders in vehicle electrification. And could benefit from a revival which wishes to increase the greening of the car fleet, with the project to produce, in France, a million electric or hybrid vehicles by 2025.

A revival focused on electrification

To increase sales of electric vehicles, the premium for the purchase by an individual of an electric vehicle goes from 6,000 to 7,000 €. Companies will see the bonus go from 3,000 to 5,000 €. Purchases of plug-in hybrid vehicles, with a range of more than 50 kilometers (the condition for usage to be really different) will benefit from a new bonus of € 2,000. These measures will go from 1er June until the end of the year.

The conversion premium, which has been very successful, will be simplified: subject to household resources (€ 18,000 of tax income per household), the premium will be € 3,000 for thermal vehicles and 5,000 for electric vehicles. Eligibility for vehicle scrapping is extended to those before 2010 for those running on petrol and before 2011 for diesel vehicles. The builders will take their share in the support to bring to the households with the very modest incomes.

→ DEBATE. Should the car market be boosted by a scrapping bonus?

The installation of electrical terminals is being revised upwards, with the aim of deploying 100,000 by the end of 2021 (one year earlier than expected), thanks to a mutual fund intended for condominiums for the funding. Finally, a “retrofitted” vehicle, that is to say converted from thermal to electric, becomes eligible for the conversion premium.

State support

In addition to this stimulus through demand, Bercy directly supports the sector. From 2020, the state will release 200 million euros, in the form of subsidies, to help companies invest in the modernization of their factories, through automation and digitization.

A second component of public aid will mobilize 600 million euros in the form of an equity investment fund. PSA and Renault are committed to adding this fund to help growth and diversification of the sector. The money will be used, in particular, to help medium-sized enterprises (ETIs) become more international and to support those facing solvency problems. “A fund inspired by Avenir Automobile operated by Bpifrance and which has already had success”, points out an advisor to Bercy. Finally, the State intends to increase its support for research and development.

Investing in batteries

These various components are in addition to the 690 million euros already contributed within the framework of the European battery alliance project, at the foundation of which was the PSA Group, Total, and which Renault is now joining. The project consists, for the moment, in continuing to invest in order to produce new generation lithium-ion batteries from 2023. A site is planned in Germany and two in France: Nersac (Charente) and Douvrin (Pas- de-Calais). ” It’s a major commitment for manufacturers to produce electric vehicles in France that are currently in Asia “, One points out to Bercy.


The future Peugeot 3008 manufactured in Sochaux

The future generation of Peugeot 3008, thermal, hybrid and electric, will be manufactured in the PSA factory in Sochaux (Doubs) giving the site, according to management, “Industrial visibility over more than ten years”. The news was announced Tuesday, May 26, at a Social and Economic Committee (SSC). Production will start after 2022. The group has invested 200 million euros in the modernization of the century-old factory in Sochaux. The site is the country’s largest automotive plant with 7,300 permanent employees who participate in the annual production of approximately 500,000 vehicles. The site currently produces the 308, 3008, 5008 and Opel Grandland models.


Media bodies suspend coverage at the President of Brazil’s residence | Brazil

Aggressions against journalists and lack of security led Grupo Globo and the newspaper Folha de S.Paulo to cancel news coverage at the official residence of the President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, in Brasilia. The decision was shortly followed by other Brazilian media: newspapers State of Sao Paulo and Economic value, the Metrópoles and UOL portals, the broadcaster Band and the Bandeirantes group.

Every day, Bolsonaro supporters stand beside journalists, in front of the Palácio da Alvorada, where the Brazilian President often greets militants and makes statements to the press. Separated only by a grid, journalists have been the target, with increasing frequency, of assaults by supporters of the Brazilian head of state. But Bolsonaro has also “been rude and offended journalists on the spot,” wrote the UOL portal.

On Monday, after the President’s criticism of the press, supporters of Jair Bolsonaro harassed media professionals. The elements of security at the scene did not intervene. Metrópoles portal even denounced that journalists were the target of insults such as “communists, scum, rats, bought, garbage”. “Always screaming, with the militants bolsonaristas almost entering the space reserved for the work of the press and separated only by a low grid. At no time did Alvorada security guards stop the demonstrations, ”wrote the Brasília portal.

In light of this, the vice president of Institutional Relations at Grupo Globo, the largest conglomerate of average and communication from Brazil, transmitted to the Minister of the Institutional Security Office, Augusto Heleno, the decision to cancel the news coverage at the Palácio da Alvorada.

“It is public that the President of the Republic, when leaving, and often on returning to the Palace, gets out of the car and gives interviews, as well as greets supporters (…) However, there are many insults and apologies that our professionals have been suffering day daily by the militants who are there, without any security for journalistic work. These aggressions are growing ”, according to a statement from Globo.

“So, we inform you that starting today [segunda-feira] our reporters, who are in charge of covering the Palácio da Alvorada, will no longer attend that place on the outside for the press. With the responsibility we have with our employees, and with no job security, we had to make that decision ”, concluded the note, signed by Paulo Camargo.

Also the newspaper Folha de S.Paulo, one of the most widely circulated in the country, reported that news coverage on the site is suspended until the Government guarantees the safety of press professionals. And the Metrópoles portal wrote that “the suspension will last as long as the climate of hostility continues and there are no conditions for media professionals to work safely”.

Last year, the Brazilian press suffered a daily average of 11,000 attacks on social media, which represents seven attacks per minute, indicated a report released in March on violations of freedom of expression.

And the threats have also been added. Rede Globo published this Tuesday a disapproval note for the veiled threats that the presenter of Jornal Nacional, William Bonner, has received the newspaper has been critical of Bolsonaro. Bonner and his daughter received messages via WhatApps, from a number in Brasilia, with a list of their addresses and those of their families, the television channel said. The taxpayer numbers of the presenter, his wife, children, father, mother and siblings were also sent, becoming permeable to all types of fraud.

The report of the Brazilian Association of Radio and Television Broadcasters (ABERT) presented this year, for the first time, a chapter on the virtual attacks that affect professional journalism. The document stressed that reporters responsible for critical matters of President Jair Bolsonaro’s government have become targets of virtual attacks, promoted by supporters of the current executive.

In January, the National Federation of Journalists (Fenaj) of Brazil blamed Jair Bolsonaro for 58% of the 208 attacks that took place in 2019 against journalists and the media. “Alone, President Jair Bolsonaro was responsible for 58% of these attacks, reaching 121 cases,” said Fenaj, in the presentation of a report on the topic.

Since the election campaign, which led him to victory in the 2018 elections, Bolsonaro has maintained an open confrontation with the main Brazilian media, such as TV Globo, the Folha de S.Paulo or the magazine Look.


And the Turner 2020 award goes to … ten artists, scholarships of £ 10,000 each




The famous and always controversial Turner award, a contemporary art award given annually by the Tate of London, will be replaced this year by grants aimed at supporting ten artists during this period of pandemic, as announced today by the Tate Britain.

The winners of these «Turner Scholarships» They will be selected in June. Each one will receive 10,000 pounds (about 11,200 euros). Typically, the Turner Prize is awarded at the end of an exhibition of the finalists’ work in the fall. The winner receives £ 25,000.

“Gallery closings and social distancing are vital, but they also significantly disrupt artists’ lives and livelihoods,” he said. Alex Farquharson, Chairman of the Turner Prize Jury and Director of Tate Britain, an art museum in London. Organizing a Turner Prize exhibition is impossible under the current circumstances, so we decided helping more artists in this incredibly difficult time“He added.

The Turner Award, which includes artists such as Steve McQueen, Anish Kapoor, and Grayson Perry on the roster of award winners, it will be awarded again to an artist in 2021.

In 2019, the four finalists (the Colombian Oscar Murillo, the Jordanian Lawrence Abu Hamdan and the British Helen Cammock and Tai Shani) won the award “in recognition of the shared commitment of these artists to urgent social and political causes”. The four artists wrote a letter to the jury before the winner was announced in which they claimed they wanted to make a “collective declaration of intent” at a time when there is much to “divide and isolate people and communities”, and they asked that the award will be shared among all.


Four new deaths are reported and there are 471 deaths from the coronavirus in Argentina – Télam

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” Do not forget the lyrics “. La Bretonne Margaux is back for the Maestros Tournament! – West France

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Burgos moves away from Simeone and breaks the Argentine triangle of Atlético de Madrid

Mono Burgos decided not to renew his contract with Atlético de Madrid due to differences in conditions and his desire to start his career as head coach. Today, as the teams prepare for the return of the Spanish League on June 8, the decision seems to be made: Diego Simeone will no longer have his partner after eight and a half years of career together. “Data-reactid = “28”> What started as a rumor today begins to be definitively confirmed. In early January, the Spanish press surprised with the news that Mono Burgos decided not to renew his contract with Atlético de Madrid due to differences in conditions and his desire to start his career as head coach. Today, as the teams prepare for the return of the Spanish League on June 8, the decision seems to be made: Diego Simeone will no longer have his partner after eight years and half race together.

The Monkey’s departure was an “open secret.” From his decision to delay signing his continuity in Atlético (Cholo renewed it in February 2019 until June 2022), change his representative and join the Bahía agency to find him a DT position in solitude, the situation began to take a very marked course. Thus, since the Madrid club believed that Burgos was one of the second “best paid coaches in the world”, even beating many of the main technicians of the Spanish League, the position was to remain unchanged. Now, the ex-goalkeeper will start his journey in solitude as a coach, although there are still no possible teams in sight.

Faced with the imminent departure of Mono, there will no longer be an Argentine triangle in Atlético de Madrid’s coaching staff, but Cholo will not seek an external replacement: Nelson Vivas will assume the central role of second coach of the professional team.

The former Argentine defender, who was Simeone’s assistant between 2006 and 2010 in Racing, Estudiantes, River and San Lorenzo, has been working since July 2018 in Atlético. On that occasion, he came to replace Thiago Mendes, who was in charge of observing the rivals, made a report for the DT and watched the games from the rostrum. Now, Vivas, who had steps as a coach in Quilmes, Students and Defense and Justice between 2013 and 2017, will return to sit next to Cholo on the substitute bank.

“The involvement of Vivas would not take long to be noticed, being key both in the dissection of the rivals and in the red and white tactic itself, as opposed to a Mono that despite remaining officially as second coach would lose weight in this regard,” says the Marca newspaper. “Although the exit of the Monkey could be understood as a trauma, nothing could be further from reality: Simeone is clear that the relay must be none other than Vivas, her longtime confidante. The natural heir.”

On the other hand, in the last hours the name of Gabi Fernández, the former captain who joined the club’s ranks between 2011 and 2018 and currently plays for Al-Sadd of Qatar, also emerged. “Now that he thinks about retirement, his path and that of Atlético are called to converge again after obtaining the title as coach. However, the option he plans on the table of Gil Marín (top manager of the club) would never end with his signing as second to Simeone, but you could make a hole for him to form, “says Marca.

Uncertainty about tariff standards (

The federal government is helping the battered Lufthansa Group with a multi-billion dollar support package. After weeks of tug of war, the Economic Stabilization Fund (WSF) gave the German government the green light on Monday evening.

The measures are worth nine billion euros. This includes financing led by the state KfW bank of up to three billion euros. Several private banks have contributed 600 million euros to the loan. In addition, there are share purchases and silent participations amounting to six billion euros. The federal government will initially take over 20 percent of the shares and may also take over a further five percent of the Lufthansa shares. In return, he will hold two mandates on the 20-member supervisory board, for which “independent experts” are to be named.

This agreement takes into account “the needs of the company as well as the needs of taxpayers and employees,” says a joint statement by the Ministry of Finance and the Economy. The top of Lufthansa had committed itself to “sustainability goals including the renewal of its fleet” and also provided “extensive compensation restrictions” for the management.

If the Lufthansa supervisory board approves the deal, the ball lies with the EU Commission, because it has the final say on state aid. A report from Brussels caused irritation, according to which the Commission wanted to force Lufthansa to hand over part of its take-off and landing rights (slots) at the major airports in Frankfurt / Main and Munich. Both are important international hubs for Lufthansa.

The rescue package was approved by the unions. It was “urgently needed to avert the impending insolvency,” said Verdi Vice President and Lufthansa Supervisory Board member Christine Behle. In addition to preserving jobs, it is now “necessary to ensure good collective bargaining standards for employees and to make the Lufthansa Group future-proof and competitive,” says Behle. CEO Carsten Spohr recently announced “painful restructuring” in the group. Behle is worried about the impending allocation of slots to other airlines. This encourages companies “that stand at the expense of employees for tough price competition” and endangers the jobs of the approximately 140,000 Lufthansa employees. The Pilots Association Cockpit (VC) also welcomed the agreement and warned of the pressure from Brussels. The slots for Frankfurt and Munich are “of great importance in order to be able to offer attractive connections and remain competitive,” said VC President Markus Wahl.

Opposition parties were more critical than the unions. “If the state of Lufthansa reaches under the wings above the market value, then it must also have an influence like a big investor,” said Fabio De Masi, vice president of the left-wing group. Based on the current market value, the federal government could have taken over Lufthansa in full with the amount invested. Left-wing party leader Bernd Riexinger accused the government of missing out on the opportunity to maintain jobs, increase employee participation and restructure in line with climate goals. He described the deal as a “bad joke” and demanded that all airlines be nationalized to regulate air traffic. The Green Group leader Anton Hofreiter also complained that the federal government at Lufthansa is waiving clear climate policy requirements and the federal government has a strong say. An online petition launched by Hofreiters party colleague Sven Giegold opposes “Corona state aid for tax tricksters”.

Meanwhile, employees of Lufthansa Service GmbH (LSG), the subsidiary responsible for on-board catering, continue to fear for their existence. The Executive Board would like to sell LSG to Gategroup Holding, which is owned by an investment fund from Singapore. Gategroup’s plans to produce Filipino low-wage workers in the Czech Republic seem to have burst, but the uncertainty for the LSG workforce continues. So far, this has not played a role in the state Lufthansa rescue.