Why only 100 year olds will be able to buy cigarettes in Hawaii soon

MP wants to raise minimum age
Cigarette sales in Hawaii soon only to centenarians?

Odd legislative proposal in Hawaii: A MP wants to raise the minimum age for buying cigarettes to 100 years. So he wants to fight “the deadliest product in human history”.

Non-smokers live longer – and that’s why a MP in Hawaii wants to protect not only young people, but everyone under 100 from smoking in the future. His proposed law gradually increases the minimum age for buying cigarettes. In the end it should be 100 years.

Richard Creagan came up with the plan for a largely smoke-free life. He is a doctor and sits for the Democrats in the House of Representatives of the State of Hawaii. Creagan wants to fight with the proposal “the deadliest product in human history”. Currently, smokers are “enslaved by a ridiculously evil industry that has developed a cigarette that is highly addictive and highly lethal,” Creagan told Hawaii Tribune-Herald newspaper.

According to applicable law, people in Hawaii can buy cigarettes from the age of 21. Creagan’s plan is to raise this age limit to 30 by the coming year. In 2021 it will then be increased further to 40 years, in 2022 to 50 and in 2023 to 60. From 2024 onwards, only people who have reached the age of 100 will be allowed to buy cigarettes.

According to the CDCP health agency, nearly 500,000 people die each year from the effects of cigarette smoking in the United States. It is the leading cause of preventable disease and death across the country.

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Dr Matshidiso Moeti: “Diagnosis of cancer should not be like a death sentence in Africa”

The regional director of the world health organization (archive image)

Dr Matshidiso Moeti (Regional Director Oms): “Cancer diagnosis should not be like a death sentence in Africa”

“The diagnosis of cancer should not be like a death sentence in Africa, nor should it entail catastrophic expenses induced by the direct payments which the user makes for diagnosis, treatment and palliative care”. This recommendation was made this Monday, February 04 by the regional director of the world health organization, on the occasion of the celebration of the world day against cancer, in a press release published on the site of the said organization.

To believe, “a future without cancer is within our reach, individually and collectively”, she wished. Dr Moeti continued, inviting everyone, and this in accordance with the theme chosen this year (2019) “I am and I will”, to “decide, individually and collectively, to put an end to the injustice of avoidable suffering caused by cancer “.

She also said “as part of our commitment to universal health coverage and our efforts to leave no one behind.”

In total, the regional director of the World Health Organization pointed out that “thousands of lives can be saved in Africa, provided that adequate prevention and early detection of cancer, as well as access, are put in place. appropriate treatment and care. “

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Eddy Mitchell and Tennessee, a true love story

Eddy Mitchell: the influence of American music

From his beginnings at Golf-Drouot, a famous club of the yé-yé scene of the 50s and 60s, Eddy Mitchell devotes a cult to American rock’n’roll. He borrows the codes of the genre, proudly wears a banana, wears cowboy boots, jeans and the black jacket, a must. He learns about this musical trend, listens to all the records. And he in turn launches into the composition. In the 70s, he spent some time in Memphis and Nashville where he came up with, among other things, the idea of ​​”On the road to Memphis”, one of his greatest hits.

Eddy Mitchell: unfailing love for Tennessee

Eddy Mitchell fell in love with the state of Tennessee, the birthplace of rock and country. He is also an honorary citizen of this state. He recorded many songs there, such as “Rocking in Nashville”, “Made in USA”. Over the course of his stays, his style asserts itself more and more and he becomes one of the French pioneers of rock’n’roll.


USA: famous Atlanta rapper arrested for being British

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He is from Atlanta, a stronghold of American rap, but 21 Savage was arrested Sunday in the United States by the immigration services who accused him of no longer having a visa, and consider him … British.

The 26-year-old musician, whose real name is Sha Yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, has always asserted his roots in the great metropolis of Georgia (south-east). Without going into the details of his biography, and in particular the place of his birth: Atlanta according to some sources, the island of Dominica, a sovereign Caribbean state, according to others.

But according to a spokesman for the Immigration services, Bryan Cox, quoted by the daily The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, he is “a national of the United Kingdom present illegally” on American soil. He entered it as a teenager, in 2005, with a one-year visa that was never renewed.

“We are working diligently to get Mr. Abraham-Joseph out of custody, working with the authorities to clear up any misunderstanding,” 21 Savage lawyer Dina LaPolt told AFP.

The rapper had already faced justice in a case related to narcotics, but it had not made it appear that he was a foreigner.

He signed two albums, “Issa Album” in 2017 and “I Am> I Was” at the end of 2018, best seller of the first two weeks of 2019. He evokes themes that have marked his life, such as drugs, racism and police violence.


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Horror flight to Hawaii: Airbus has to turn back three times

Hawaiian Airlines
Horror flight to Hawaii: Airbus has to turn back three times

After three attempts, flight HA33 was canceled: an Airbus A330-200 from Hawaiian Airlines at Los Angeles Airport

© Markus Mainka / Picture Alliance

The Hawaii vacationers had to be extremely patient: their jet took off three times for the dream islands, three times it had to fly back to Los Angeles. Then the pilot made a bitter decision.

First of all, everything is going according to plan: The large Airbus from Hawaiian Airlines will roll into the Hawaiian island of Maui on Friday as planned at Los Angeles Airport at around 9 a.m. But shortly after taking off, there was a technical problem. Due to a defect in the navigation instruments, the cockpit crew decides to return to the starting point.

But since the machine for the six-hour flight to Kahului Airport is full of kerosene, the Airbus A330-200 first has to drain kerosene. Instead of flying in the direction of Hawaii over the open sea, the machine turns several holding loops over the Channel Islands. On Flightradar24.com you can clearly see how the Airbus is circling over the archipelago of southern California with the national park of the same name.

Hawaiian Airlines: Horror flight to Hawaii: Airbus has to turn back three times

The long-haul plane then lands safely at Los Angeles International Airport. After the defect has been rectified, the machine starts again. Even with the second attempt, the aircraft with its 207 passengers on board does not get far, but at least a bit further than the first: Due to another error, the five-year-old Airbus with the registration N395HA has to abort the cruise again, as reported by “CNN” . The jet makes a 180-degree loop over the Pacific Ocean and lands on Los Angeles Runway 24R.

Hotel in LA instead of Hawaii

Then the Airbus rolls a third time to the runway with the destination Maui. But the start is aborted because something is wrong again. The machine returns to the gate. Flight HA33 is now completely canceled.

“Safety is our number one priority and we apologize for the inconvenience to all of our guests who were on board flight HA33 from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to Maui Kahului Airport today,” a Hawaiian Airlines spokesman later confirmed. “We understand the disappointment of our guests and deeply regret that their travel plans have been disrupted.”

What follows is anything but smooth rebooking of passengers. Not all of them can fly on the same day. Some land at a hotel at Los Angeles Airport instead of Hawaii. Family members are separated from each other. A music group member tweeted desperately from Los Angeles at @ ReyesDelNorte96: “We’re still here 24 hours later. We’re performing tonight and we will probably miss our performance because the airline insists on taking out TWICE with broken planes.”

According to its own information, the airline compensated its passengers with a credit of 100 US dollars per person. Hawaiian Airlines seems to have had bad luck recently: just a week earlier, a flight attendant suffered a heart attack during a flight from Honolulu to JFK Airport and died on board. The plane landed in San Francisco on an unscheduled basis.

A passenger with a ticket for the flight from Los Angeles to Maui has already drawn her conclusions: “That was my first and last flight with HawaiinAir,” tweeted Britany Linton.


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USA 21 Savage, famous rapper from Atlanta, arrested for being … British

The 26-year-old musician, real name Sha Yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, has always asserted its roots in the great metropolis of Georgia, in the south-eastern United States. Without going into the details of his biography, and in particular the place of his birth: Atlanta according to some sources, the island of Dominica, a sovereign state of the Caribbean, according to others.

But according to Immigration spokesperson Bryan Cox, as quoted by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, he is “a UK national illegally present»On American soil. He entered it as a teenager, in 2005, with a one-year visa never renewed.. «We are working diligently to get Mr. Abraham-Joseph out of custody, working with the authorities to clear up any misunderstandings.21 Savage’s lawyer, Dina LaPolt, told AFP.

The rapper had already faced justice in a case related to narcotics, but it had not made it appear that he was a foreigner.

He signed two albums, Issa Album in 2017 et I Am > I Was end of 2018, best seller of the first two weeks of 2019. He evokes themes that have marked his life, such as drugs, racism and police violence.


The Super Bowl, another trophy for Boston

If America were counted, the 53rd Super Bowl would certainly be remembered. Disappointing on the field, the National Football League (NFL) final between the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams made an impression only for its records: lowest score in Super Bowl history ( 13-3), greatest number of titles (six, tied with the Pittsburgh Steelers) for the Patriots, their coach Bill Belichick and their star Tom Brady, the oldest coach and quaterback respectively (66 and 41 years old) ) to lift the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

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21 Savage, Atlanta child who became star rapper, reportedly British

Rapper 21 Savage, in Las Vegas, May 20, 2018. JORDAN STRAUSS / INVISION / AP

Mdespite its 70,000 spectators and 110 million viewers, the victory of the Patriots at the 53e Super Bowl may not remain in Atlanta’s memory the main event in their city on Sunday, February 3. It was rather an arrest carried out in the streets of the capital of Georgia, shortly after sunrise, which caught their attention: that of the rapper 21 Savage, who became in less than three years an essential voice of the local music scene and American national, in the footsteps of TI or Childish Gambino, also from the ninth largest metropolitan area in the United States.

In the history of rap, there are countless arrests which have only reinforced the notoriety of the artists concerned, often critical of police action, with a large audience. But that of 21 Savage could put his career in jeopardy: he who cultivates his image of child of the streets of Atlanta, denouncing text after text the ambient racism and the poverty tinged with violence in which he grew up, was imprisoned by the immigration services. In reality, he is not an American: he is a British citizen.

Demi Lovato leaves Twitter

On Sunday evening, the immigration agency said in a statement that the “British citizen” Sha Yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, known as 21 Savage, was the subject of an eviction proceeding for having lived in the United States since 2005 without having had his residence permit renewed. The announcement caused both misunderstandings, incredulity, then hilarity on the part of many American internet users, who are quick to divert the lyrics from their songs by suddenly finding references to them in the United Kingdom: “Shooters dressed in red” that he evokes become so soldiers of the British Empire.

His reference to a “Garage big enough for twelve cars” is illustrated by a red double decker bus.

The singer Demi Lovato, for saying on Twitter that “The jokes on 21 Savage are [sa] favorite part of the Super Bowl », referring to an image of an English author writing with a feather, she was taken to task for daring to laugh at this arrest. The 53 million subscribed artist, exasperated by critical messages, then decided to leave the social network by deleting his account.

“If 21 Savage is not from Atlanta, who is he?” “

From 2017, the magazine Complex claimed in a portrait that rapper Sha Yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph was born in 1992 in Dominica, former British colony which became independent in 1978. Arrived at the age of 12 in Atlanta with his ten brothers and sisters, 21 Savage would have kept the British nationality inherited from his parents, but did not renew his American papers, valid only one year after his arrival in the United States . Asked about the case, the British Foreign Office simply commented on Monday evening: “Our services are in contact with the lawyer of a British citizen detained in the United States. “

“If 21 Savage is not from Atlanta, who is he?” “, however reacted, on Twitter, a resident of the city, emphasizing the artist’s legitimacy to represent it. “We are the real Atlanta, we are really on the street”, has always claimed the rapper, who managed to forge a solid reputation as a local throughout his adolescence. His many tattoos partially tell the story: the sword between his two eyes, inspired by a tattoo by Tony Montana in Scarface, is a tribute to one of his brothers, killed in a shooting. Three names are written on his chest: Larry and Johnny – two of his best friends, murdered – and Tamika, Larry’s mother, killed at the same time as her son.

After a difficult schooling – 21 Savage was expelled from his college for the first time in the fifth year – he definitively left school at 15. “I used to hang around, steal from guys, shoot from others. I was hanging out with a rapper I knew who needed a tough reputation, he explained to the magazine Rolling Stone. It was through him that I met Sonny [Digital], then Metro [Boomin, deux producteurs d’Atlanta]. They pushed me to rap. ”

Since then, 21 Savage has had successes, accumulating more than 200 million views on YouTube with the title No Heart in 2016 and almost 230 million with Ric Flair Drip two years later. His collaboration with Post Malone on Rockstar ranks first in the music rankings in the United States and the United Kingdom in 2018. He is not immune to some controversy: a conviction for drug possession in 2014, and a series of excuses after a piece of which a sentence is considered anti-Semitic – the basketball player LeBron James, who had relayed it, apologized him too.

Despite his incarceration, the rapper remains nominated in the categories of best album and best song at the Grammy Awards, the American music awards, which take place on February 10 in Los Angeles. But the first elements of the investigation, which would have been opened ” many months ago “ against him, do not seem to point towards an imminent release.

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Barenboïm, Jordan, Savall… Beethoven hits in all tones

The German composer will be played a lot for the celebration of the 250th anniversary of his birth. The opportunity to hear multiple interpretations as well as the musical choices of great conductors on Beethovenian writing.

What’s up? Beethoven! For a symphony orchestra in 2020, the great deaf remains the backbone of the repertoire, and the complete symphonies both an Everest to climb and a return to the fundamentals. It is not a question of technical difficulty, at a time when the formations of the second division master without major obstacle the changes of rhythm of Stravinsky and Bartok, otherwise perilous than the Beethovenian writing.

It is more a question of grappling with a musical substance of a depth and an invention of every moment, and also of questioning the right style. When he conducted the complete Beethoven with the Orchester de l’Opéra de Paris, Philippe Jordan began with a question to his musicians: “Are we going to do Karajan or Harnoncourt instead?”

This is because, today, the aesthetic range is considerable, a lesson that emerges from the cycles programmed in Parisian theaters during the anniversary season. To all lord everything

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In Bob Dylan’s footsteps in Hibbing, Minnesota

Well, if you’re travelling in the north country fair

Where the winds hit heavy on the borderline

Girl from the North Country, 1963

It is nice in Minneapolis, where the young Mississippi is already flowing south as a mighty stream. Coffee is drunk from large, self-made cups that are easy to hold on to. There are lakes and jogging trails, and in the Walker Art Center’s sculpture park, a silent bell is swinging, missing the dumbbell. There is also a huge Bob Dylan mural because the 77-year-old singer and Nobel Prize for Literature lived here for a while in 1959. The colorful checkered triptych was unmistakably sprayed by the Brazilian Eduardo Kobra.

You’d think it would go on like this forever in Minnesota: metropolitan-friendly, tidy and very contemporary. But if you head north, that’s all passé. At Interstate 35, a biting wind blows around the gas station. Winter is in the air, a first solidification that will soon eat its way from the plains of Canada deeper into the country. Foamed soy milk is no longer available here, instead the gas station attendant puts a thick cap of spray cream from the can on the cappuccino.

So here it begins, the “beautiful Nordland”, which Dylan had already moved into a mythical distance in 1963. On May 24, 1941, he was born Robert Allen Zimmerman in the port city of Duluth on Lake Superior. Because the father had polio, the family moved to nearby Hibbing six years later. There Abe Zimmerman worked in his two brothers’ electronics store while his son went to high school, drove like an obsessed motorcycle, and listened to Echo Helstrom records with his girlfriend. For most Dylan researchers, she is the “Girl from the North Country”.

Harbor tour with thin filter coffee

Heavy clouds hang over the largest of the Great Lakes, which are connected with the ocean with lots of ach and noise, with locks and storms. Dylan’s birthplace lies on a glacial demolition edge on Lake Superior. It is the last tip of an extremely thin Atlantic, four thousand kilometers from the open sea. In 1001 the Viking Leif Erikson from Iceland also landed here, some historians say. Is it true? After all, a park on the waterfront is named after him.

Did I really want to go here? Did I really want to put the turn signal on the former US Highway 61, Dylan’s “Highway 61 Revisited”? I have been listening to Dylan since I was 14. Back then, a strangely curly-haired man sang “When the Nights Comes Falling from the Sky” with even stranger fervor. It was a mercilessly overproduced discount number. And yet it was better than anything I had heard before. That’s how my entry into the Dylan universe began. And at some point I wanted to come here. Wanted to hear the car drive over the Aerial Lift Bridge, over the high and low sliding iron construction that enables the ships to enter the harbor from Lake Superior. It whirls and howls like a starting propeller plane when you drive along Eisengitterstrasse at 15 miles per hour. I wanted to go for a walk in the waterfront area with its fish restaurants, outdoor shops and microbreweries that had been refurbished again. Wanted to hear about iron ore and wood that has been shipped from here across the Great Lakes for more than a hundred years – even if only during a harbor tour with thin filter coffee.