20 minutes – Coronavirus brings down its financial situation

Like all of us, Jeremy Renner sees his daily life turned upside down because of the coronavirus epidemic that worsens around the world. At the professional level, for several weeks, it has been a disaster for the star of the film Avengers. Being unable to work, the actor has no income. He realized that he could no longer pay the monthly support of $ 30,000 he had paid until now his ex, Sonni Pacheco, who has custody of their daughter, Ava, 7 years old. It is therefore justice that he addressed to request a reduction of this pension, according to TMZ. It is likely that most productions will not resume before the end of the year. And other projects that I had planned this year will be canceled or postponed, he said in the documents given to the judge. The 49-year-old American believes that 11,000 dollars paid each month would be enough to cover the needs of his little girl. It remains to be seen whether his request will be accepted. Since their divorce in 2015, the actor and the model have been waging a merciless war. In 2019, Sonni accused Jeremy of threatening to kill him with a revolver. According to several American media, the young mother would be ready to extract as much money as possible from her former louse.

No miracle in hot weather as Trump says: experts say coronavirus is unaffected by temperature | Univision Salud News

MIAMI, Florida.- At the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, there was a theory that the threat of contagion in the United States would be reduced as the northern hemisphere began to heat up as a result of spring and by the summer, the disease it produces -covid- 19- it will disappear. “When the weather warms up a bit, it miraculously disappears,” said President Donald Trump in one of his last campaign events in February. Just a month later, doctors and scientists warn that, although several studies have shown that The weather affects flu-like viruses, that doesn’t seem to be the case for covid-19. “It’s like a forest fire. It just spreads much more,” he added, comparing it to California forest fires that consume everything in its path. “There is no immunity” Previous coronavirus epidemics, such as the flu, have circulated for decades, which has allowed the population to develop immunity, he explained in a telephone interview. “When you have a pandemic like this, there is no basic immunity to prevent it. It’s something totally different,” he said. As a result, he cautioned that factors such as temperature should be ignored. “I think it is irrelevant at this stage,” he said. Reports confirm that coronavirus cases have now exceeded 430,000 worldwide, and show no signs of slowing down. More than 19,000 people have already died worldwide, most in China, Italy and Spain, and the death toll increased by more than 700 in the United States. Univision News spoke to half a dozen doctors and scientists who confirmed that we should not expect relief with rising temperatures. “The message is that we don’t know enough. We can’t underestimate this virus,” said Dr. Marcos Espinal, director of Infectious Diseases at the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) in Washington, the The world’s oldest public health agency that is a regional partner in the Americas of the World Health Organization (WHO). Latin America Espinal noted an increasing number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in South America, with more than 100 deaths so far, a despite currently being at the end of the summer season. Panama reported 443 cases, although it has one of the smallest populations in the region and where temperatures this week were around 90ºF (32ºC). “Initially we all hoped that the heat and the tropical climate would stop the entry of the virus to our countries, “Dr. Xavier Saez-Llorens, a member of the technical committee that directs the response of the Panamanian government in a telephone interview on Tuesday, told Univisión Noticias.” However, the current evidence indicates that this is not the case … or really “This initial hope was false. The virus has really entered all of our countries with force,” he added. As a result, Panama entered a total quarantine as of Wednesday, “similar to Wuhan,” he said, referring to The Chinese city where the virus is believed to have originated and was cut off from the outside world for weeks. Worried Florida Governor. Cases were also increasing rapidly in the sunny Miami, the epicenter of the outbreak in Florida, where the temperature hovered around 80ºF on Tuesday. On Monday, Governor Ron DeSantis expressed concern about reports from people in New York, a heavily affected area, seeking refuge from the coronavirus outbreak In southern Florida, DeSantis announced Monday that it will require anyone on a flight from the New York City area to isolate themselves for 14 days upon arrival in Florida for the purpose of controlling the spread of the coronavirus.
The growing number of positive test results in Miami does not reflect what medical professionals see on the ground, according to a letter released Monday by 75 Miami emergency room doctors, nurses and physician assistant doctors. “The low number of Confirmed cases in published reports do not show the true number of people who have been infected by the virus in Miami, or anywhere else in the United States, “the doctors wrote. “It only reflects where we should do the testing,” they said. Experts say that instead of relying on weather factors, local health authorities should heed calls for more containment and mitigation measures, especially in big cities. “Cases generally occur in urban areas and places where much travel is done, such as coastal cities,” said José Szapocznik, a public health scientist at the University of Miami.
Evidence was also lacking in many places, not just in the United States, he added, pointing to Russia, which has reported just 495 cases and one death, or Nicaragua, with allegedly two cases. “The problem with statistics is that there is a lot of garbage. Yes the evidence is inadequate, we have no idea of ​​the transmission, “he said.
“There is great concern about what will happen in the great megacities of Latin America,” said Gregory Glass, a professor at the University of Florida and a member of the Institute of Emerging Pathogens (EPI). “It is not about whether they are better or worse prepared. It is a great challenge to provide care in any city. Just take a look at Europe,” Glass told Univision News in a telephone interview from his home in Gainesville, Florida, that It was quarantined on Monday. The only possible positive point for Latin America, he said, was the age distribution in the region “which, in most countries, tends to favor young people.” Images of the pandemic: these Photographs describe the harshness of an unprecedented global crisis The flu season “No one can guarantee that it will not affect us,” agreed Alexandra Hill, foreign minister of El Salvador, who participated in the same panel.
Glass and the other experts said the key to understanding the impact of climate on covid-19 is to learn more about its behavior and how it is transmitted, as well as its ability to resist environmental conditions. Scientists say the virus is transmitted by droplets from the airways when an infected person coughs or sneezes. These droplets can fall directly into the mouth or nose of people who are near or onto solid objects, such as doorknobs and shopping carts, before passing indirectly to another person.
When the virus contaminates objects it falls on, studies of other epidemics show that warmer temperatures and wetter conditions could delay its spread due to increased exposure to the environment. “But if transmission occurs more through Close personal contact with families and crowds, so temperature and humidity in the environment probably won’t play a role, “Glass said. Flu and the Stations In temperate parts of the world, the flu tends to have a seasonal pattern with spikes during the winter, like other milder forms of coronavirus. “Cold, dry conditions seem to favor the flu virus,” said Baker, who studies the effects of climate change on viruses. On the other hand, in the warmer tropics, the flu season tends to extend throughout the year, with some spikes during the rainy season. Other forms of coronaviruses, such as severe acute respiratory syndrome or SARS, and MERS (Middle East respiratory syndrome) also appear to thrive in colder temperatures and drier climates. Preliminary evidence of one study out of 100 Chinese cities that had more than 400 cases revealed that the coronavirus was transmitted faster in places with cooler and drier weather conditions. Wuhan, the epicenter of the virus, generally has temperatures in the range of 40ºF (4.4ºC to 9.4ºC) during December and January. Another analysis of statistical data by two MIT scientists found that 90% of covid transmissions March 19-21 occurred in regions with temperatures below 17 ° C and low humidity. However, the authors told Univision News that the study was conducted at an early stage in the spread of the virus and that it was too early to draw certain conclusions.They noted that the role of warmer temperature in slowing the spread of the virus The virus “could only be observed, if at all, at much higher temperatures” that would not affect most cities in the United States and Europe. The authors also said that factors such as cultural norms, measures of social distancing, and Lack of evidence may have distorted the number of cases reported in some countries. Human behavior cannot be ruled out, either, because people often spend more time together indoors during the winter, Baker said. “There are multiple theories out there,” he said. “But the strongest evidence is that it all depends on the survival of the virus,” he said. Another factor was the size of the dose of virus needed to infect a potential victim. “Generally, there is a certain dose. In this case, we don’t know what the dose is,” Glass said. We won’t know until I’m done. Finding that out will take time. “We really won’t know until it is all over, in the later report,” he said. Meanwhile, quarantine and social distancing are the best defense against transmission. “We have to act with caution,” he said. “The bottom line is that the weather is not going to slow down the spread. Whoever trusts that is trying to cover the Sun with a finger,” Glass added. In photos: This is how you face the US coronavirus from coast to coast (photos)

Covid-19: Italy launches clinical trials with Japanese influenza drug, favipiravir (Avigan) from Fujifilm

The Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA) has authorized clinical trials with Avigan (favipiravir molecule) to treat Covid-19. But the producer Fujifilm who developed this influenza virus approved in 2014 by the Japanese Ministry of Health, says “in its current state, its effectiveness and its safety against Covid-19 have not been proven to a point from a scientific point of view, ”as stated by Mario Lavizzari, director of the Italian subsidiary.
A viral video on social networks
It all started with a video message shot in Japan and posted on Facebook by the Roman pharmacist Cristiano Aresu. This message claimed supporting images, that the Japanese have a normal social life and take no precautions, thanks to the Avigan. “This miraculous drug helped to completely or almost stop the spread of Covid-19 in Japan, why are we hiding something so important in Italy? Wondered the pharmacist in this viral post after having looped on all social networks.
In the process, the governors of Lombardy and Veneto, the two hot spots of the epidemic which already account for more than 6,800 deaths and some 70,000 cases of proven contamination, asked the National Medicines Agency to authorize clinical trials. “I don’t know if this medicine works, but we have to try everything to eliminate this cursed virus,” said Attilio Fontana, governor of Lombardy. For his part, Luca Zaia president of the Venetian region said he was ready “to test the Avigan on patients hospitalized in Veneto as soon as the AIFA gives the green light”.
Test results in China expected next May
Caught between these two fires, the government seized the Medicines Agency. “The AIFA Technical-Scientific Commission has analyzed the data currently available and the Agency has decided to launch a program of clinical trials and research to test the effects of this drug during the early stages of the disease”, said Health Minister Roberto Speranza said Tuesday morning. A decision all the more surprising than last Monday, the AIFA expressed its doubts about the effectiveness of this treatment against the coronavirus while also noting that this drug is not authorized in Europe and in the United States.
Clinical trials are underway in Japan. But an article published in the British daily newspaper “The Guardian” says that “Avigan is not particularly effective in the most severe cases, that is to say when the viral load is very high”, according to the statements a source from the Japanese Ministry of Health. Trials are also being conducted in China on March 8 on 200 patients with a combination of favipiravir and tocilizumab, a rheumatoid arthritis drug currently tested in Italy in several intensive care centers. The results of this study will be published next May.

Falling oil prices: history will “judge” Saudi Arabia and Russia, says IEA executive director

Executive Director of the International Energy Agency (IEA), Fatih Birol, criticizes the role of Saudi Arabia and Russia in the current fall in oil prices, saying that “history will judge them”, in an interview with Les Echos published on Wednesday.

“The citizens of the world will remember that the great powers that had the power to stabilize the economy of many countries in an unprecedented pandemic period decided not to exercise it. History will judge them,” he said. it on the daily website, recalling the risk of destabilization of certain producing countries.

Saudi Arabia, which has chosen to flood the market despite the collapse of demand with the pandemic of the new coronavirus, “is hurting itself by causing prices to fall” but acts for “considerations political and diplomatic, “he observed.

Russia, which has refused new agreements with the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) to limit their production, plays for its part a “Russian roulette game” to destroy the production of shale oil in the United States, but “it won’t work,” according to Fatih Birol. “As soon as the world demand for oil starts up again, prices will go up and the shale will quickly return,” said the IEA official.

To get out of the crisis, Fatih Birol sees either “a general economic recovery after the pandemic” to support demand, or an agreement by the major producing countries to “stabilize production”. “I am in regular contact with the Secretary General of OPEC and with the ministers of the exporting states. There are informal contacts but nothing concrete has emerged so far,” he said.

Oil prices have collapsed with the pandemic of the new coronavirus which is causing demand to fall but also because of the inability of producing countries to get along. They are currently trading under 30 dollars a barrel. The IEA had from the start of the crisis expressed its fear of “major” economic and social impacts for the oil producing countries, in particular the most vulnerable, such as Iraq, Angola and Nigeria.

Tina Weirather announces end of career

Ski racer Tina Weirather has decided to retire at the age of 30. 15 years of professional sport were enough, said the Liechtenstein woman, who had been thrown back several times during her career, on Wednesday. The past season had been disappointing for her.
In total, Weirather achieved nine World Cup victories in three different disciplines and a total of 41 top 3 finishes. In 2016/17 and 2017/18 she won two crystal balls in the Super-G, her best discipline. There are also Olympic bronze 2018 and World Cup silver 2017 in Super-G.

With these trophies, Weirather also contributed to the comprehensive collection of her family. Mother Hanni Wenzel, also a double Olympic champion, won the overall, giant slalom and combination world cups twice and the slalom world cups once in the 1970s and 1980s. Her Austrian father Harti Weirather was once the best downhill racer in the World Cup in the early 1980s. Andreas Wenzel’s successes fell within the same period. Tina Weirather’s uncle won the overall and the combination world cup once.
Four cruciate ligament tears and a total of seven knee surgeries up to the age of 21, plus other injuries in the years that followed – these are the less pleasing “key figures” of Tina Weirather’s career.
Her last race was on February 29th in La Thuile, Italy, with a 14th place in Super-G. This placement was emblematic of a disappointing season from Weirather’s point of view, which was embedded in the Swiss team practically throughout her career.

Article picture: GEPA

SENSE CHANGE: Covid 19 crisis – Trump shows solidarity with Asian Americans – WELT news channel

SENSE CHANGE: Covid-19 crisis – Trump shows solidarity with Asian Americans WELT news channel New York with 60% of cases Fire source of the USA Sports betting crown Donald Trump in the corona dilemma derStandard.at Send job Kleine ZeitungTrump: Measures against coronavirus destroy economy Wiener Zeitung View “More on the subject” in Google News.

CORONAVIRUS DOMINICAN R. – First repatriation flight of stranded Venezuelans takes off in Dominican R.

The first flight chartered by the Government of Venezuela to repatriate citizens of that country who are stranded in the Dominican Republic due to the closure of borders decreed against the coronavirus took off this Wednesday from the Santo Domingo airport with 99 passengers on board.

The concessionaire company that operates the Las Américas International Airport, Aerodom, provided Efe with the flight details of the Venezuelan airline Conviasa.

The plane arrived in Santo Domingo on Tuesday, without passengers, from the Simón Bolívar International Airport, Caracas, and took off from Dominican soil at 2:26 pm local time (18:26 GMT).

Some 30,000 Venezuelans reside in the Dominican Republic, according to data prior to the start of the pandemic, and of these, 97% are in an irregular situation in the country, revealed in September the president of the Movement of Venezuelans Living in the Dominican Republic (Moverd), José Alberto Pérez.

Since last December, the Dominican Republic requires citizens of Venezuela a visa issued through the corresponding consular missions to enter the country that, until the entry into force of that resolution, only required Venezuelan nationals a valid passport to enter its territory.

The Dominican Republic closed its borders on Thursday of last week, but has allowed tourists to be evacuated on special flights, which must arrive empty into the country.

The Caribbean nation has been in a state of emergency since March 29; The Government has decreed the closure of borders and has imposed a curfew from 8:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m., which will be in effect until April 3.

The number of people infected by the coronavirus in the country amounts to 392 and there have been 10 deaths, according to the latest balance presented by the Ministry of Public Health on Wednesday.


Despite the corona crisis: Thailand’s king is said to reside in a luxury hotel in Bavaria

The hotels all over the country are actually closed due to the Corona crisis – the four-star hotel “Grand Hotel Sonnenbichl” in Garmisch-Partenkirchen is still occupied: Thailand’s King Maha Vajiralongkorn apparently stayed there, including his retinue. According to the operator Placement Immobiliers Europeens S.A., the hotel with the panoramic view of the mountains belongs to Omar Zawawi from Oman since 1982. He also owned the operating company, as the lawyer informed the operating company. Despite the corona crisis, the king of Thailand allegedly lives in the four-star hotel “Grand Hotel Sonnenbichl” Source: dpa / – Whether the 67-year-old Thai king, who regularly spends a lot of time in Bavaria and, among other things, a villa in Tutzing am Starnberger See owns, has actually moved into quarters, the spokesman could not say. “We assume that he is there.” Read also.

iOS 13.4: here are the main new features

Apple recently rolled out iOS 13.4, a new update for the iPhone. If it is not a major update, it still brings some interesting new features to the ecosystem. For Memoji users, the Cupertino company offers new stickers, including a smiling face with hearts, joined hands and a festive face. For File users, iOS now offers sharing functionality for iCloud Drive folders. The Mail app interface changes slightly to make it easier to access the buttons to delete, move, write or reply. Another interesting new feature is “unified” purchases on the App Store. In essence, if the developer of an app adopts Unified Purchases, you can purchase that app on one device and use that app, without making another purchase, on other devices. Unified Purchases are available on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV, and other minor improvements are also included in the iOS 13.4 update. For example, for free and paid VPN iPhone users, the update “adds a status bar flag to signal VPN disconnection on iPhone models with all screens.” On iPadOS 13.4: support for mice and touchpads It should also be noted that for iPad users, the update to iPadOS 13.4 provides full support for mice and touchpads. This novelty was announced by Apple at the same time as the new iPad Pro. But it is available on all models that receive the update: iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 and newer, fifth generation iPad and newer, as well as iPad mini 4 and newer. , you don’t have to buy a keyboard, like the iPad Pro Magic Keyboard, which includes a touchpad. You can very well take advantage of the new mouse support on the iPad using a mouse connected via USB or via Bluetooth.

Oriana Sabatini told how COVID-19 evolves – News

Oriana Sabatini gave details of her health and that of her partner, the footballer Paulo Dybala, both diagnosed last week with coronavirus. The young woman uploaded a video to her social networks where she confirmed the news to reassure her friends and followers. He also spoke about how he feels. “We are fine, we are resting a lot, because they did not give us any medicine or antibiotics, they just told us to rest and not to do gymnastics,” Oriana said in a WhatsApp audio that she sent to the journalist Guido Zaffora in Intruders. We feel good, sometimes we get a little headache, I still have a sore throat “I’m a little agitated now, you’re welcome, sometimes I feel like I’m having a little trouble breathing, but inside we all feel good”, He explained after some difficulties in speaking, “Tell people, who ask a lot if they gave us a remedy … I see many people who are paranoid because they think they have the virus. I recommend that they do not self-medicate, and if they think they have the virus, the best thing they can do is to continue being in their homes, “reflected Oriana, in mandatory quarantine with her partner in her home in Italy. Do not self-medicate Later, the actress He gave an interview to the Cortá por Lozano program and provided more details. “They recommended that we not see each other, but since Paulo and I have it, we can both be in the same room. What we do try is to pass disinfecting wipes to everything we touch, we open the windows to air, we throw away the garbage quickly. “” We had a good stock of food because we knew it was coming, but we still have the possibility that they bring us lunch and dinner from his club, “added Oriana. Similarly, Cordoba, Paulo Dybala, announced briefly this Wednesday on his social networks, with a” we are fine “that includes his partner, Oriana Sabatini, that he is recovering from the coronavirus situation that both contracted the previous week and for which they are quarantining in Turin, the city where he plays for the Italian league leader, Juventus./ Embedded Code Start / / Embedded Code End / ” We are fine, “said the Juventus forward on his Instagram account, along with a photo in which he is seen making a gesture of” Everything OK “with the thumb and index fingers of his left hand. Publication where the couple confirmed their enf Covid-19 disease “As some people know and others don’t, I have been living in Italy with my boyfriend for a while,” Sabatini began informing. / Start Embed Code / / End Embed Code / “I had symptoms. Cough, my body and head hurt a lot, I felt constant tiredness. I kept training because I didn’t know I was infected, so I noticed that my breathing had changed a lot and not exactly for the better, “she continued.” Now the symptoms have decreased a little, I feel better. I still have that tired feeling, but I’m not as bad as before. In any case, I’m still fine in general shots, “added the young woman in her first video to inform the reason why they decided to take the test, which finally confirmed that they both had COVID-19. For his part, the footballer had also published the news on their social networks. “Hello everyone, I wanted to inform you that we have just received the results of the Covid-19 test and both Oriana Sabatini and I tested positive. Fortunately we are in perfect condition. Thank you for your messages and greetings to all, “he said. / Start Embedded Code / / End Embedded Code /.