UK: Duffy: “He drugged me in my house for four weeks” – People

Duffy took about ten years to speak publicly about the ordeal she experienced. A few weeks after revealing that she was raped, drugged and kidnapped, she told her story in detail on her website. “It was my birthday. I was drugged in a restaurant. I was drugged for four weeks and I was taken to a foreign country. I don’t remember flying, I regained consciousness in the back of a car, “she said. “I was put in a hotel room and the assailant came back and raped me.”

Finally, the singer took the plane with her executioner, who then took her home, to the United Kingdom. “I took the plane with him, I tried to stay as calm and normal as possible given the situation and when I got home, I sat down, dizzy, like a zombie. I knew I was in immediate danger, he had half-confessed that he wanted to kill me. ”

“I looked dead”

“The author drugged me in my own house for four weeks. I don’t know if he raped me there during this period, “continued the singer, who then explained that she remained prostrate at home. “After that happened, someone I knew came to my house and saw me on my balcony staring blankly, wrapped in a blanket. I don’t remember going home. The person told me that I was yellow, and that I looked dead. “

“Afterwards, I was not comfortable going to the police. I felt that if something went wrong, I would be dead, he would have killed me. I could not risk being mistreated or making the headlines. I had to follow my gut, ”she continued.

She moved five times in three years

Finally, Duffy told his ordeal for the first time “months later” to a British psychologist with expertise in trauma and sexual violence. “Without it, I might not have been able to get out of it. She got to know me, saw me as a person, and guided me. She did it very gently. I couldn’t look her in the eye for the first eight sessions. “

In the years following his attack, Duffy moved multiple times. “It took me so long to speak because after being raped and held captive, I fled. I moved five times in the following three years, never feeling safe from the rapist. I fled for so long. “

It’s from the past

Today, the interpreter of “Mercy” has successfully mourned her past, and wishes to tell her story to finally free herself from it. “I share all this because we live in a world that is suffering, and I’m no longer ashamed that something hurt me so much. I believe that if you speak with your heart, the hearts of others will respond to you. As dark as my story may be, I speak from my heart, for my life and for the lives of others, who have suffered in the same way. ”

“I can now leave this decade behind me. I hope I don’t have to answer questions about my story anymore, now that you know … and that I’m free, “she concluded.


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the videoconferencing service again pinned for the poor quality of its encryption

The revelations about the confidentiality of Zoom’s audio and video streams continue. Since last week, we know that the company does not use end-to-end encryption, contrary to what it claimed. Security researchers at Citizen Lab in Toronto went even further in the analysis. They carried out videoconference sessions by intercepting the packets exchanged by Wireshark and by inspecting the memory area of ​​the Zoom application on the terminals.

The result is quite edifying. First of all, Zoom uses a homemade encryption protocol, which is never a good idea, because it is always better to rely on proven technologies. Then it turns out that the quality of the encryption is not what it should be. On its website and white papers, Zoom says it uses the 256-bit AES algorithm to encrypt communications.

But this is only partly true. In reality, audio and video streams are only encrypted with a 128-bit AES key. Admittedly, it’s not too bad already, as it is the minimum recommended today by national cybersecurity agencies. But why then engage in false advertising?

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In addition, the researchers at Citizen Lab have noticed that Zoom uses AES in ECB (Electronic Codebook) mode. In cryptography, modes specify how an algorithm is implemented. ECB is the simplest mode, but also the least effective. In some cases, it is possible to recognize in the encrypted message structures of the original message, as can be seen below. Its use is therefore never recommended. According to Citizen Lab, Zoom should have chosen the SICM (Segmented Integer Counter Mode) mode, which does not have this type of defect.

Finally, the researchers noted that the AES encryption keys were broadcast to participants via a TLS connection from servers located … in China. When you know the appetite of Chinese services for cyber espionage, there is reason to be seriously worried.

Following Citizen Lab’s study, Zoom published a blog note to explain. Regarding encryption, the company keeps a low profile. She recognizes that she can ” do better “ and leaned against “External experts” to improve the situation. For key servers located in China, however, she explains that this was a regrettable error. Normally, these servers would only be for Chinese users. Due to misconfiguration, they also allegedly provided AES keys to users outside of China, in “Extremely limited circumstances”. This defect would be repaired today.

In the end, we are – once again – amazed by Zoom’s messy, even misleading, communication. The company promises that it will correct the situation. Failure to do so could result in irreparable loss of image.

Sources: Citizen Lab, Zoom

4 new cases of coronavirus infection revealed in Udmurtia – Kommersant Izhevsk

Four more cases of new coronavirus infection have been reported in Udmurtia. This was reported in social networks by the head of the republic, Alexander Brechalov. According to him, this is a 62-year-old man who returned from St. Petersburg, as well as a family of three who were infected by a relative who arrived from the UK.

“Now they are undergoing treatment at the Republican Clinical Infectious Diseases Hospital. We examined all contacts of the diseased – almost 300 people, all the results are negative, ”the head of the region added.

Thus, in Udmurtia, nine cases of infection with a new coronavirus infection were detected – three of the patients have already recovered.

Recall that on March 22 in Udmurtia revealed the first two cases of coronavirus infection. Infected arrived in Izhevsk from Switzerland and Hungary. They are being treated at the Republican Clinical Infectious Diseases Hospital, their condition is satisfactory. On March 27 in Izhevsk two more new cases of infection were recorded. These are the relatives of the first cases. On March 31, three infected were discharged from the hospital – they are completely healthy. On April 4, in Udmurtia, the fifth coronavirus patient was discovered – this is a 35-year-old man, one of the passengers of the Costa Magica airliner.


Alec Baldwin’s wife pregnant again after miscarriage in November | NOW

Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria are pregnant again, the actor’s wife reports in a video on Instagram. In November, the couple announced that Hilaria had a late miscarriage.

“I have no words to express how this sound makes me feel,” said Hilaria Baldwin about the video where the sound of a beating heart can be heard. “Everything is going well and the little one is healthy”. Baldwin did not announce when she was due to arrive.

Alec Baldwin, 62, and his wife, 36, already have four children. In November, Hilaria shared a video showing how she talks to her daughter Carmen about her pregnancy ending after four months.

The actor’s wife spoke out in April about a possible previous miscarriage. She thinks it is important to be open about miscarriages in order to break the taboo.


The Russians did not want to leave the United States for one flight – Gazeta.Ru


Which financial risks you should protect yourself from

Household insurance may also be appropriate.
Image: obs

Three types of insurance are particularly important, as the example of a double-income family shows. Spouses in particular have to ask delicate questions.

Moin, dear reader! I would like to talk to you about security and risk provisioning today. Of course I am aware that this is pure provocation at the moment, but I will accept that. I will not tell you anything new when I tell you that I am at war with the attitude that you can protect yourself against all the odds of life.

The best example is Corona. You lived an “impeccable” life until the end of last year. You worked, you paid taxes, and you raised money. You also avoided all vices in the world. And now a virus is coming around the corner, beating up the stock market gains of the past few years and now threatens to kill you. It just can’t be true!


Companies, care for 400 billion. Conte: «Powerful resources»

For the companies – even very small – 200 billion guarantees come on loans and 200 billion for exports which add up to the 350 already foreseen. In practice, the state will guarantee i loans (100% up to € 25,000 for micro companies) that companies will ask banks on condition that but this applies to larger companies do not pay the dividend on 2019 profits. Then a postponement of the tax deadlines, the strengthening of the golden power, that is, the shield to protect Italian companies from hostile climbs and are postponed until autumn regional elections is municipal while the courts remain closed until 3 May. And finally there is a clear declaration for the European partners: Italy excludes using the loans of the Mes (the European fund which would require guarantees on repayment) but strongly calls for new European debt instruments such as Eurobonds. “Not for utilitarian reasons but because history is with us,” he says, giving in to rhetoric.

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Coronavirus, towards Phase 2: «Still too many people around, the spacing will be mandatory»

Coronavirus, four drugs to beat Covid-19, but the ok is still missing

These are the news of yesterday on the front of the government. The more consistent ones are contained in the new “decretone”. “It is an enormous firepower that has never been taken to my memory,” said the premier Giuseppe Conte assuring the Italians that “when everything is over there will be a new spring and that soon we will reap the fruits of these sacrifices”.

With you, after a Council of Ministers which took almost the whole day, presented the measures, together with the Minister of Economy Roberto Gualtieri and to the owner of the Ministry of Development Stefano Patuanelli. A “powerful” measure accompanied by another decree – highly anticipated by the Italians – to save the school year in the event, not remote, that the schools remain closed even after May 18: no third-grade exam, only oral telematic maturity, in the other classes all promoted.

Returning to the economic part of the measures, it should be emphasized that two tools will be used to implement them: the Central Guarantee Fund which will be used mainly for small businesses and SACE which will instead also guarantee small companies but especially medium and large ones. The money will be returned in several years starting in the spring of 2022.
The launch of the new measures was very troubled and lasted more than 12 hours, in a succession of meetings, quarrels and mediations.

It is 9 o’clock when Conte summons the heads of delegation with Minister Gualtieri and Undersecretary Riccardo Fraccaro. Two nodes, above all, divide the majority and both concern the issue of liquidity for businesses. On guarantees Italy alive, without going to veto, it keeps its pressure constant so that they are 100% for everyone – but EU legislation allows it up to 800 thousand euros – in order to speed up bank practices.

But the tension rises and the discussion twists above all on the role that Sace will have in providing those guarantees. Gualtieri would like to give the Ministry of Economy the power to direct Sace, even if the company will continue to manage Cassa Depositi e Prestiti. The M5s opposes it and Luigi Di Maio is pressing for the Farnesina to remain competent on the role of Sace. The Council of Ministers starts around 12 and, not without discussions, approves the decree on school, which is accompanied by the hiring of 4500 teachers to replace those who have retired on a quota of 100. But given that on the decree for liquidity for companies a there is no agreement, the CDM is suspended and to resume at 19.

Only in the afternoon, after another summit, an agreement is announced: the Farnesina retains a role and by 2020 50 billion export guarantees should arrive, plus 200 billion in 2021 for new investments.
As for the 200 billion guarantees to allow companies to obtain bank loans, they will be bound by the obligations not to lay off or transfer production abroad. After Easter, a new decree of over 35 billion will come to support workers and families.

To note the dissatisfaction of the oppositions. Yesterday Matteo Salvini and Giorgia Meloni protested that some of their proposals were not accepted within the control room on the Cura Italia decree before the Senate.

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Fitness at home, the 10 most downloaded apps of the moment

App Annie is the reference platform to understand how i move application download all over the world. The survey on Italy, for the section Health and fitness, therefore gives a very clear clear of the programs that Italians are downloading more frequently on iOS, then on iPhone, and on Android smartphones and tablets. To keep fit at home, even if it is not always very simple (here are many of our tips).

It’s about free applications, at least in the download or in a package of basic services such as lessons (also with video demonstrations or animations) but that in some cases they provide for so-called “in app” purchases. In short, it is advisable to pay attention to what is selected because it may often be necessary subscriptions to unlock the juiciest content of the application.

This is not the case with the top app for several days now both in the iOS and in the Play Store ranking, where it is in second place: Nike Training Club. With very specific training sessions for muscle groups and each exercise accompanied by a video demonstration, in addition to programs and challenges with great sports stars like Cristiano Ronaldo (do you feel like challenging him in 60 lateral abs?) Is the favorite of users.

Follow, on iOS, 30 Days Fitness (which with specific workouts and plans aims to get us back in shape in a month, there are weekly passes), Workout for Women, with targeted exercises for women organized in short 7-minute sessions (costs $ 9.99 per month), Cyberobics, which collects one million workouts per month and above all offers 10 types of free training. To unlock others and have unlimited access, you need a premium membership. It’s still: Home Workout (who is the male twin of the one just seen for the female audience) and the first one dedicated to yoga, Yoga Down Dog. As we said, in this case too there is a subscription to pay ($ 7.99 a month) to access a new series of positions with different videos from time to time for over 60 thousand new configurations.

They still follow Freeletics – which offers training from 5 to 30 minutes, ideal for home, and which focuses on the motivation of a sort of digital coach – Yazio (which is actually a calorie counter app for those who want to lose weight), At Home Women’s Workouts (which also mixes food advice to be associated with the programs, there is a subscription also in this case) and to finish the top ten – but obviously from day to day changes in positions may occur – Yoga Go: Train at Home, which also in this case requires a subscription after a series of free exercises.

The apps most downloaded from the Google Play Store don’t change too much: two appear to lose weight (Lose Weight App – Workout at Home for women and men), Six Pack in 30 days that focuses on the abs ($ 9.99 per month but the features are many, it is said to be ideal for every age group) and, together with that of Nike, also the adidas app, Adidas Training by Runtastic. Which, at the moment, offers 90 days of free premium membership and, for the rest, allows you to select the muscle groups to train and create your own personalized training plan. In this case, too, there is no lack of challenges or the chance to compete with your friends.


10 apps and video lessons to train at home


Coronavirus: antibody tests and new swabs, the solutions to get out of Quarantine

A healthy diet to strengthen the immune system

The company from Almería, Ecoculture Biosciences, reinforces its commitment to a healthy diet in the face of the current world health crisis.

As part of its firm commitment to a healthy diet, with more reason in the current health crisis situation caused by the Covid-19 coronavirus, the company from Almería, Ecoculture Biosciences, recommends the consumption of tomato and pepper as these two foods are great immune system enhancers. of consumers.

A recommendation valid for the entire population but with special incidence in those people who suffer from health problems such as hypertension, cholesterol or obesity. Both the pepper and the tomato provide fiber, minerals and vitamins that, among many other qualities, improve the response of the immune system and prevent oxidative damage.

Ecoculture Biosciences has a powerful tool that helps increase the antioxidant content in the fruit. XStress, a solution of copper, iron, manganese and zinc complexed with glycine, strengthens the cell walls and strengthens the natural processes that the crop generates to neutralize the oxidative toxins that different situations of environmental stress can produce in the plant tissues.

Algaenery Interio News

The company from Almería, a pioneer in the development of specific solutions for the different stress situations that occur in crops around the world, thus reinforces its interest in the health and well-being of consumers, providing recommendations for beneficial products that they can consume to improve your health during the current health crisis. Similarly, Ecoculture Biosciences recommends extreme caution, also in food, and exercise to control restlessness and burn calories.

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Cardinal George Pell acquitted of sexual abuse charges

Cardinal George Pell, convicted of sexual abuse, has been surprisingly released. The highest Australian court granted the 78-year-old’s appeal on Tuesday.

The former Vatican number 3 was then released from a maximum security prison near Melbourne after around 13 months in prison.

Due to coronavirus restrictions, the verdict in an almost empty courtroom in Brisbane was pronounced by senior judge Susan Kiefel.

“No resentment” against the accusers

Australian media showed how George Pell drove away in a car convoy. Where the cardinal went to was initially unknown. In a first reaction, the 78-year-old described the court’s decision as a remedy for the “serious injustice” that had happened to him.

But he had “no resentment” against his accusers, he said in a press release. He didn’t want his acquittal to add to the pain and bitterness that so many felt. In addition, he does not see his trial as a referendum on the Catholic Church or on how the Australian church authorities deal with pedophilia. “It was about whether I had committed these terrible crimes and I didn’t,” Cardinal Pell said.

The court has been dealing with the 78-year-old’s last possible appeal since March. In making its decision, the court followed the defense’s arguments, which indicated weaknesses in testimony.

Proof of guilt could not be provided beyond doubt

In March 2019, the former Archbishop of Melbourne was sentenced to six years in prison for the abuse of two choir boys in the 1990s. He rejects all allegations.

The former Vatican finance chief is the highest ranking clergyman in the history of the Catholic Church convicted of child abuse. The statement of an earlier choir boy, who is now in his mid-30s, was decisive.

George Pell’s defense lawyers argued that this was insufficient to establish the cardinal’s guilt beyond any doubt. Another argument: after a Sunday mass, it was impossible for an archbishop to be alone with two choir boys in the sacristy for five or six minutes – this is how it should have been in an assault.

The other case, for which George Pell was convicted, had no witnesses, according to his defense. The prosecution also reversed the burden of proof: instead of proving Pell’s guilt, the defense had to prove his innocence.

Decision of the Court of Appeals revised

Cardinal Pell’s first attempt to have the judgment pronounced in March 2019 overturned by an appeals court failed in August. Accordingly, George Pell could have been released from custody in October 2022 at the earliest.

After the decision of the Court of Appeal, the clergyman’s lawyers appealed to the Supreme Court, so that the latter dealt with it.