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Corona virus – The situation in Israel is serious – Politics


The country is experiencing a second wave of corona, almost a million Israelis are unemployed. But Prime Minister Netanyahu has set other priorities in the past few weeks.

Oh, if only he had kept silent: In a talk show, Tzachi Hanegbi, minister without a business area and confidante of the prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, was asked about poverty in Israel and about the fact that the corona pandemic means that people are now suffering from hunger. The Likud politician dismissed this brusquely, using the slang term “harta” which, if you want to stay noble, can be translated as “bullshit”. He sparked a lot of anger and counter-speech in the country. The government is now facing the allegation that it has not only lost control of the second wave of the virus, but also that it has a connection with the reality and everyday worries of many citizens.

The situation is indeed serious again in Israel, and new numbers of horrors are coming from the Corona front every day. Since the beginning of July, the number of new infections has averaged around 1,000 per day. With a population of just 8.8 million people, this is more cases than in Germany, Great Britain and Italy combined. In terms of one million inhabitants, only the United States and Chile have more new infections. This triggers great fears not least because the numbers have already dropped to less than 50 cases per day. Prime Minister Netanyahu was proud at the time that “Israel’s success is a model for many countries” and that “heads of government from the European Union are asking to learn from us”. And now this setback.

The prime minister kept the nation and the rest of the world in suspense with annexation plans

The doctor Galia Barkai from the Sheba Medical Center in Tel Aviv explains the latest figures by saying that the opening was “too quick” and often “without a plan” after the first successful phase in combating the pandemic. In a conference call with foreign journalists, she cited schools as an example, which would have locked up without restrictions from one day to the next. The economy, too, was immediately “ramped up from zero to one hundred”. In addition, there is a “trust problem” in the population that the virus would no longer take sufficiently seriously after the first wave of infections had been stopped so well despite all the apocalyptic warnings from the politicians.

The government comes with less differentiated and certainly no self-critical assessments. Minister of Education Joav Galant simply considers the population to be “rebellious”. As evidence of this, he refers to crowded beaches and pubs. To counteract this, the number of participants for public meetings, for example in synagogues or bars, has now been limited to 50 people. The mask requirement, which is again applicable everywhere in public, is to be enforced through increased police operations. However, the understanding of this is not everywhere the same. In the ultra-orthodox district of Jerusalem, Mea Shearim, police officers were thrown at stones and called “Nazis” when they tried to issue a woman with a parking ticket for lack of masking.

The government wants to avoid a new lockdown as much as possible, because it would be difficult to cope with economically. In any case, almost a million Israelis are currently unemployed, which corresponds to a share of more than 20 percent. Fears of existence are rampant among large companies such as the airline El Al, which has ceased operating until further notice, down to the many small shopkeepers, who are often among the most loyal Likud voters.

Netanyahu must therefore be very considerate – and at the same time face the accusation that the priorities have been set incorrectly in recent weeks. Because instead of preparing the health system for the second wave of corona, he kept the nation and the rest of the world in suspense with annexation plans in the Palestinian West Bank. In addition, he was intensely involved in getting tax breaks from Parliament and attacking the judicial system because he was refused an American businessman’s acceptance of a 2.6 million euro gift.

In this situation, Netanyahu cannot use a slip like that of his minister Hanegbi. He publicly expressed regret for these statements and Hanegbi had to apologize.


In the streets of Madrid, the threat of coronavirus is still present


In the Malasana square, in the city center, the people of Madrid have taken over the terraces and resumed their joyful habits. Sandra, in her forties, is about to share some tapas with two friends: “We have found our social life, sharing a drink with friends, family. From Madrid to the southern tip of the country, where the climate allows, we live on the street, it is essential. “

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This need to take to the streets remains so vital here that, for Sandra, the big change is not so much the end of the state of alarm since Sunday and the possibility of moving freely in Spain, that “Stroll in the street and sit on a terrace”. The new freedoms of movement will not change much for this young woman. “I will even wait again to go see my grandmother in Navarre, I am afraid of contaminating her”, she fears.

A mix of relief and caution

The word is finally dropped. Behind the return to life of the people of Madrid, behind the “Qué tal? »(How is it going?) Daily, hides not an explosion of liberating joy but a subtle mixture of relief mixed with great caution.

Maria del Polar, 76, walks the chic streets of the Salamanca district with a friend. This year, there is no question of moving from Madrid for the holidays: “I understand that for a lot of people, the confinement has been harsh because the apartments are small, but now, we really have to be careful, especially since the government keeps repeating us all the time that in September, we start again with this virus. “

You just have to look around Maria del Polar to understand what it looks like “The new normal”, a somewhat barbaric expression of the government to explain life after Covid-19 and which sometimes provokes a mocking smile or a grimace in the Spanish.

Wearing a mandatory mask

The new normal since the end of the “alarm state” on Sunday is first to wear a mask almost all the time. “It’s like keys or glasses, you should never forget it”, slides Maria del Polar in a smile that you can guess behind her FFP2 mask.

Mandatory in all closed places and in the open air when the distance of 1.50 meters cannot be respected, the mask has become a habit, especially since an oversight can result in a fine of € 100.

Walking the streets of the capital filled with masked inhabitants constantly reminds us that the virus lurks, like hydroalcoholic gel at the entrance and exit of all the shops, some of which even take the temperature of customers. Suffice to say that it is difficult to escape from such a heavy atmosphere.

A country still on health alert

Paloma, used to traveling, tries to escape from it in Andalusia, at the beach, “To disconnect a little”. Feeling quieter, noticing that “We can finally do things”, she thinks that “It is better to move now, before the fall, when it may be more complicated”. “But I can see that it is not an explosion of joy, my entourage remains cautious, my friends are in no hurry to go for a drink on the terrace”, she underlines.

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The people of Madrid will have to live for months under this Covid-19 bell, because the region will only allow 75% of occupation in commercial and cultural places until the health alert is raised, in other words until that a treatment be found.

Caution and respect, therefore, in the face of the pandemic: we understand better the Spanish when we look at the excess mortality between March and May compared to the same period in 2019, up 56% in the country and 161% in the region from Madrid. The epidemic here resembles a sword of Damocles.


CBA: The blessed anachronism of Dusko Ivanovic | ACB 2019


Wednesday, July 1, 2020 – 02:42

In his third stage in Vitoria, the Balinese technician achieves the impossible to resuscitate a team completely adrift at Christmas

Ivanovic and Henry celebrate the title, at the Fonteta.
ACB Photo

  • Humus.

    Baskonia, an extraordinary champion: knock out Barcelona and win the Endesa League

“If you think it is suffering … If you make sense of it it is not suffering. It is motivation. It is pleasure. “

There are strange elements, hesitant by themselves, that well mixed flow without knowing very well the reasons. Dusko did it again, just like the old days. Of the 10 titles that, without counting the Super Cups, Baskonia has conquered in its entire history, six have been with Ivanovic on the bench. In the Palma’s palms as a coach – as a player he was twice European champion with mythics jugoplastika– Only the 2007 Cup is worn with Bara as a shining trophy (before he won with Limoges in France and Freiburg in Switzerland); He got everything else in Vitoria, his fetish city, to which he returned to wake up in a big way, to achieve an absolutely unexpected success.

Because no one would have bet on a resurrection again, he was a firefighter. When Perasovic’s team was completely adrift at Christmas, Dusko came to the rescue. Today, incredibly, a decade later, he once again boasts of being the Endesa League champion.

Josean Querejeta He turned to his old gur then, in what would be Dusko’s third stage. It wasn’t just a matter of nostalgia. Because few were already betting that the sergeant would once again be able to impose his old methods on a broken squad, dislodged both in ACB (he didn’t even have time to get a ticket for the Cup) or in the Euroleague. And the last times of Ivanovic did not predict anything good (Khimki, Besiktas …), as if his star was fading. And yet … Dusko’s soreness sharpened our ambition. We know his history in this club and I think we can write new pages, he warned Lucas Vildoza these days, while the Baskonia recovered the fang and the energy, the defense as it is of identity -28 points were awarded in all the second glance last night against the luxurious Bara- and the direct game in attack as a declaration of intent.

Everything changes. Basketball, the world, but Ivanovic’s philosophy continues from one year to the next: They play with intensity, pressure in defense, they look for the offensive rebound and they have enough experience, I praised him Pesic in the previous one, an old rival of so many battles (17 years ago, for example, he won a Cup with Bara in this same Fonteta).

The anticipation of what he was going to achieve was also pronounced in the days before. I came to enjoy and the truth is that I am enjoying these players who work and play so well. When I arrived I had faith in them and, luckily, we were able to change their mentality and character, which was what most failed them when I came. They were very good, but they needed to fight during the 40 minutes to win the games, he announced.

And the parón gave Dusko the perfect chink to sow in his pupils the seed of ambition, to make him forget all of the above. He replayed his martial slogans and convinced the collective. There are no excuses, no pain. Everyone has to be and will be. The physical problems that anyone may have should be forgotten, I proclaimed these days. And last night he remembered his main warrior, a Shengelia totally exhausted: We had to win for Toko, I had to win something here. And so their warriors left both in the semifinal against the host and in the outcome against the favorite. To dog face. Dusko’s law.

According to the criteria of

The Trust Project

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Wirecard – where is Jan Marsalek? – Economy


The fleeting Wirecard manager has apparently set the wrong trail in the Philippines, where everything was exposed. It is now clear what tricks Marsalek has tried to cover up the 1.9 billion euro hole with until the end.

Where is Jan Marsalek, the fleeting ex-board member of the insolvent payment service provider Wirecard, one of the most wanted men in Europe? The 40-year-old had apparently not been to the Philippines in the past few days, as was initially said. And from there he didn’t travel to China. The trail is misleading – most likely on purpose. In the computer system of the Philippine immigration authorities, Marsalek’s landing at Manila Airport on June 23, Terminal 1, was with the morning plane from Jetstar from Singapore.


Bottas takes the first win of the season and Sainz finishes fifth


Finnish driver Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes) has been proclaimed the winner of the Austrian Grand Prix, first of the resumption of the World Cup after being stopped by the coronavirus pandemic, in an appointment in which the Spanish Carlos Sainz has been fifth and in which a penalty a Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) for an incident with Alexander Albon (Red Bull) has left the Briton off the podium.

In a bumpy appointment, in which up to nine bikes have not been able to finish the race, the excitement was made to wait until the last laps; in the 62nd, the reigning world champion continued his hunt for his teammate, who was leading after leaving the pole, and in his fight he took ahead of Alexander Albon, who has left out of the race by a touch when he was in parallel trying to overtake him.

Commissioners have penalized the action with five seconds, enough for the British too Lando Norris (McLaren), who in his last lap set the fastest lap, was able to move up to third place and take Hamilton off the podium. The second position has been for Charles Leclerc (Ferrari). On the other hand, Sebastian Vettel has finished tenth.

Meanwhile, the Spanish Carlos Sainz he signed a commendable fifth place behind Hamilton – who was second but dropped two places due to the sanction. The return of the Madrid, who has started eighth, could have been even greater if, with a few laps to go, he had managed to successfully complete his attempt to overtake Norris.


Mallorca in the Corona crisis: the ghost island


For some a long-awaited dream, for many a nightmare: Mallorca is suddenly an oasis of calm. What can the first vacationers expect? Read the SPIEGEL cover story here.

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“We need to act or the Barça cycle is over”


One of the objects in Sandro Rosell’s office in Barcelona is the receipt of the card to make him a member of Barça that was filled by his father, Jaume Rosell, manager of the club from 1975 to 1978. “This year I celebrate my fiftieth birthday. years of membership, Barto will put the badge on me ”, he explains in reference to the gold badge that all the members who arrive receive. The office is full of memories, but it is also in the building where he was arrested in May 2017 and which marked the beginning of a two-year ordeal in prison. Those days have become the book A big hug, where he recounts his experiences with the aim of raising funds for the foundation of Father Paulino, a chaplain who works to help prisoners.

What things are learned during 645 days in prison?

Prison makes you harder but also more sensitive. You see people stabbing you in front of you and you can’t do anything about it, because it’s part of the prison’s internal codes. In the end it no longer affects you to be beaten every day by things as small as a coke. But at the same time, you become more sensitive. Prison is a world of contrasts where everything is magnificent. I feel tougher now, I always say what I think. But at the same time, I try to help people more. I used to do it, because I was educated like this at the Costa i Llobera School, where they wanted to train you in a supportive way. But now I help more.

In the book he says that the men of Ager, the people of his family, do not weep.

No, they don’t cry.

I was totally out of focus when I said these things, right?

That’s what came out of me that day. Every day I wrote and the book is a reflection of mood swings. And that day I remembered what my grandfather always told me, that the men of Ager should not weep. Now that I have daughters I realize that our generation is very complicated, just as we were educated with masculinity. I have discovered different values ​​from the ones they taught us and we have to recycle them little by little.

Have you learned to cry in prison, then?

Yes, that’s right. I used to hold on. For me it was a sign of weakness. Now I have discovered that crying can make you loud.

He coincided in prison with Catalan political prisoners. How were the relationships between them?

I wish they loved each other more.

The book has surreal moments, like when he discovers that they put an envelope with money that is not his at home, during the search. What can be done about it?

There is nothing you can do about it.

Who left that envelope?

That day there were three bodies at home: the National Police, judicial officials and the Civil Guard. Go find out who he was. I keep the money in a safe, not between clothes. In addition, having 5,000 euros is not a crime. Now I know the law and I have learned that you can have up to 100,000 euros in cash without anyone being able to tell you anything. That day, the whole building was barely 200 euros in cash.

Did they do it so they could have an image that went against them?

Yes. When it happened I went crazy, that money was not mine. And the police told me that maybe they were from my wife. But at home we are from Àger, in these things … and I keep the money. So I replied that I already knew why they were doing it, I had seen it on TV. Whenever images of searches appear they say they have found a lot of money there. They play with the possibility that the population will see it and already think you are guilty. That’s when I sniffed it was a conspiracy.

Seen in perspective, what do you think condemned him then?

Having been president of Barça. And I want to get to the end of the case. That is why we have filed a lawsuit against Judge Carmen Lamela for prevarication, but the Prosecutor’s Office has already responded by acting as if they were its defense attorneys! Justifying it, saying he had a very high workload and got lost. We asked Lamela at the beginning of the case for documents that were exculpatory. And she swore three times that she didn’t have them. But when he left the case, the next court gave us more than 2,000 folios, with this documentation included, in just 24 hours. With these documents they would have excused us.

Do you trust justice?

I was lucky because I had three fair judges at the end of my case. But in the case against Lamela I will not get away with it because it is the Public Prosecutor’s Office itself that wants to close it. Therefore, it makes me suspect that the Public Prosecutor’s Office was also involved …

Have you considered reaching an international tribunal?

Oh so, I don’t stop. I am very heavy.

Is the complaint against Lamela also an opportunity to find out who is behind your case?

Correct. It is the only way to know who manipulated the state system, who manipulated the officials, who corrupted them with power, money or favors.

Who do you think it was?

I can’t say because I have no proof … but I have no doubt.

In the book he talks about an agreement with the FBI to exonerate the Mediapro group …

I say it conditionally, huh? That all this has been read by a lawyer. In the book I talk about two or three possible explanations. What I’m clear about is that there’s someone behind me who doesn’t love me. Someone I didn’t do favors to, someone in front of whom I didn’t kneel when he asked me things.

Ten years ago he won the Barça elections. And he quickly denounced the contracts he found there.

Laporta’s management signed a contract for the club’s television rights with Mediapro in the seventeen days between the June 13 elections, when we won, and his last day in office. In these seventeen days the outgoing board can sign contracts. It was legal but welcoming, because they did it without consulting the incoming president. Then I had a four-year term, until 2014, and they signed a five-season contract, until 2015. But in the middle, the competition commission said the TV contracts had to be for three years. And so the contract renewal eventually did fall within my tenure. And you know what happened. Curious things happen with television contracts, both before and now, with the Viana pact …

What things do you mean?

The funny thing about this latest pact is that, initially, they decide to end the men’s league and not the women’s. Don’t they say we are equal? But, especially, what is surprising is that they say that in these agreements, according to which the Football League will pay 200 million to the Superior Council of Sports, will also include a revision of the audiovisual law that would allow rights contracts of television were six years again. Curious, isn’t it?

Why did he stop being president of Barça?

For the threats my family received, especially my mother. I cried every day. And finally, I decided to leave it at that. While I took advantage of Neymar’s imputation, it’s true. This also fascinates me. When they charge you they say you have to step down from the charge to defend yourself. And I did, and then they called me a coward. Whatever I did, the press criticized me.

Wasn’t the press fair to you?

We can’t say that all the press was bought, but when I joined Barça there were paid trips, contracts, nativity scenes … I didn’t do it and that hurt me a lot. If I wanted to run for president of Barça again, I wouldn’t explain it all.

He therefore insists that he will not run in the elections.

Sure, that’s why I say what I feel like, I don’t need any votes. If you speak ill of me, I don’t care. And when you no longer care about something, you can tell the truth. But in this country no one is telling the truth. In Catalonia, telling the truth penalizes.

What problem does football have, with so much corruption and mafia style?

Football is not … it’s only at Barça. There may be bribes in football, but threats to the mothers of presidents? It doesn’t even happen in Argentina. In Barcelona you can’t take charge, because we kill each other. What does it take for a Catalan to speak well of another?

Did he have to go to jail to reach that conclusion?

No, he didn’t have to, he had already discovered it as Barça president. And then some do not understand why I say that I am a pro-independence activist but that I would leave the country if we are independent. We are a country where everyone is criticized, with economic and media interests. You, in ARA, not all always tell the truth.

He has the phone open to talk to us whenever he wants. Do you think, then, that the press is bought?

No, the sports press has a corrupt part, as with the political press, as with other jobs. The level of corruption in the press is exactly the same as in politics, the automotive sector or construction.

The case for espionage of Jaume Roures is pending. And the Neymar case …

I don’t care because I’ve never spied on anyone. I am not worried about the second part of the Neymar case either, my lawyers tell me I can rest easy.

Is the Barça model in danger?

I’ve been thinking for a long time, and now with the coronavirus even more, that we need to review what “More than a club” means. In every sense. The phrase is great but very dangerous. Now a bridge is falling due to a flood and they are asking Barça to put the money into rebuilding it, because we are more than a club. If you don’t they will tell you that the president has not understood their values. And we will be there again with this nonsense that we Catalans have many times.

How would you define “More than a club”, then?

Now Barça looks like the Ministry of Sports of Catalonia. Members come to ask for sections of new sports, clubs that want you to help them … Barça is a private association, and the priority is to win leagues and Champions.

Should it play a role in politics?

I am a pro-independence activist, but everyone must be able to join the club, whether they are democrats, Catalanists or Spaniards, from the right or the left. If we don’t understand the club then we will kill him.

It is hard to believe that he will have no role in the 2021 elections …

No, I don’t want any charges. But I want to influence to prevent someone with economic or media interests from entering. And if they ask me for advice, I can give it.

Are you referring to Victor Font?

I don’t know him well enough, I can’t talk about it.

No project has emerged from within the board, is that weird?

Yes, it’s weird. Maybe it’s the first time it’s happened.

Have you proposed a pact between candidates to bury old wars?

It is completely false. Yes I would like that, whoever wins, there can be consensus to help the club and that others do not oppose. When I left Barça I did not oppose it until the 2010 elections. I never publicly criticized the board.

Has one of Bartomeu’s great successes been to prolong the triumphant cycle?

Yes of course. Just look at the statistics.

And one of the big dark spots is spending too much money to be able to do it?

This is another story.

Is a winning cycle coming to an end?

Only God knows this, but the cycle, as we have seen it so far, we must reactivate and rethink. If we do nothing, the Barça cycle is over. We need to act.


Game consoles for children: These consoles are suitable


Before buying a family-friendly game console for the children, parents are spoiled for choice. There are portable consoles that are ideal for long car journeys, stationary devices and various providers and games. Read here which game consoles and manufacturers there are.

Children’s game consoles

A brief overview of the different consoles helps you to make a purchase decision.

  • Stand consoles: They have their fixed place and are connected to the television or another screen. This has the advantage that you can keep an eye on your children when they are playing. These consoles are also good for families, because there are several controllers that make it possible to gamble together.
  • Handheld consoles: These are portable devices that can be taken anywhere. They are therefore well suited for long car journeys and bored children. Parents, however, have less control over when and how much is played because the consoles can be quickly taken into the children’s room. A common discussion and the establishment of game rules are therefore useful.
  • Combi consoles: A special case is the Nintendo Switch. It can be both a stationary device and a handheld console. This makes them flexible and suitable for families.

Which consoles are the most worthwhile?

Which console convinces you personally is a matter of taste. Handling and available games essentially determine whether you like a game console. The latest generations of the well-known manufacturers, the PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch have the best technology, but also cost more.

Nintendo Switch und Switch Lite

It is suitable for families Nintendo Switch preferably. It is a combination of a standing console and a handheld. The portable screen can be set up, connected to the television and used with two controllers at the same time. Alternatively, a large handheld console can be built from the controllers and the screen. Since several generations are united in families, not only the children, but also the parents should have joyful nostalgia feelings when games like “Super Mario Odyssey” and “The Legend of Zelda” flicker on the screen. Please note, however, that you always have to buy the games from the classic game consoles and therefore incur additional costs.

Handheld-Konsole: Switch Lite

With the Switch Lite, Nintendo offers another version of the popular game console. In the Switch Lite is a pure handheld console that comes directly with pre-installed games like “New Super Mario Bros. 2”. In general, Nintendo games are considered child-friendly because they can be played together and are free from violence.

Playstation 4 Slim

The Playstation 4 Slim has a long tradition, as early as 1995 the first version of the popular game console saw the light of the gaming world. Parents and children can easily share the console, because there is a large selection of different games. In addition to the countless exciting titles (including exclusive titles such as “Uncharted 4” or “God of War” and “Spider-Man”), there are also numerous games for children. You can choose between the PS4 Slim and the Pro version. The former is cheaper and should be sufficient as a game console for children. There is also the Slim with 500 gigabytes and a terabyte of memory, so you can choose here. Depending on the game, up to four people can play at the same time.

Xbox One S

If you don’t like the Nintendo and Sony game consoles, Microsoft also offers popular devices. The latest generation includes the Xbox One X and Xbox One S. The One X convinces with performance and thus surpasses the models from Sony and is therefore particularly suitable for tech-savvy gamers. As a game console for children, that’s enough Xbox One S completely out. The exclusive title of the Microsoft Xbox “Forza” is a popular racing game and suitable for the whole family. The advantage over the competition is that the Xbox One can play Blu-rays.

Predecessor consoles

The latest generations of the game console from Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft are not cheap, so a quick look at the previous consoles can also be worthwhile. For example, there is the Nintendo Wii as the predecessor of the Nintendo Switch. Titles like “Wii Sports” can even motivate more movement, because the characters can be controlled by the movements of the player in the real world. The Nintendo 2DS XL handheld console is also suitable for children because games like “Super Mario Bros 2” or “Animal Crossing” can be played on the go. Parents will surely still know him: The Gameboy enjoyed great popularity for a long time. There are various inexpensive alternatives to the original on the net that can be used to play mini-games.

Game console for children: parents should pay attention to this

Not every game is suitable for children, and parents should also consider the possibility that children could go online independently with a console.

  1. Age marking: Pay attention to the age marking when playing console games. You can usually find this directly on the packaging. However, if you download games from the manufacturers’ digital stores, you have to pay special attention to them. You can find useful information on the website of the USK (entertainment software self-control).
  2. Internet access: Parents need to be aware that you often provide internet access by providing game consoles, which means that, theoretically, your children can independently access the internet, access websites or chat there. The risks of the Internet also apply to the use of a console. However, the console games often require Internet access, so parents should best set up rules for Internet use with their children. Particular attention is paid to handheld consoles, which children may take outside and use the Internet access there. Therefore, find out about the game console of your choice and set common guidelines with your children. You can also consider whether it is possible to block Internet access.
  3. Play time: Game consoles tempt children to sit in front of them for hours, because the playful activity is fun and makes time fly by. Of course, everyday play shouldn’t just be digital, so it’s important that your kids know how long they can play on the console. Otherwise, 30 minutes can quickly become two hours.

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Modern class struggle (daily newspaper young world)


Mohssen Assanimoghaddam / dpa

On the assembly line: workers in a slaughterhouse in Lower Saxony (Garrel, 4.2.2019)

Given the spread of the corona virus among all major meat producers in the republic, it is without a doubt the book at the right time. The 14 contributions to the anthology, which differ greatly in form and content, analytical depth and political positioning, have already been published elsewhere with a few exceptions. Nevertheless, the eleven authors, who come from a broad political spectrum from union representatives to committed citizens and scientists to socialist animal liberation activists, provide a veritable political criticism of the “system Tönnies”.

This is meanwhile meanwhile in the meat industry, but not only there, established modern model of neoliberal capitalist exploitation “Made in Germany”. At its center is the system of subcontracting work contract workers from the EU periphery to dumping wages to oligopoly and monopoly groups in Germany. Its purpose is obvious: maximizing profits by lowering wage costs and combating all forms of collective power of the wage earners in companies. Class struggle from above in almost undisguised form.

The “method” bears the name of the leading European “meat capitalist”, the co-owner of Tönnies Holding and now the former chairman of the FC Schalke 04 supervisory board, Clemens Tönnies – as Werner Rügemer points out in the volume, this is well deserved. He criticizes – based on the organized wage robbery and highly precarious employment relationships, which he calls “modern slavery” – that Tönnies also contribute to environmental destruction (nitrate contamination of the groundwater, methane gas and CO2 production), the company taps EU subsidies, despite obvious breaches of the law remain unpunished and the authorities let the company operate largely undisturbed.

One aspect that is neglected here and in the analysis of the meat industry as a whole is the exploitation of animals. Friedrich Mülln, founder and chairman of the “Soko Tierschutz” association, refers to them in his statements from a report that has been included in the book as a collage. Nevertheless, this problem is insufficiently negotiated under the green-liberal keyword “cheap meat”.

Prelate Peter Kossen is a pastor in Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia, both hotspots of meat production, for the concerns of Eastern European migrant workers. He impressively describes their miserable working and living conditions: the normality of 12-hour working days and countless overtime hours, 6-day weeks, wage pressure and undermining of the minimum wage, of mental and physical exhaustion, chronic illnesses and the accommodation of several workers in the tightest of spaces Space in “moldy shacks”.

In an interview that Christin Bernhold and John Lütten conducted earlier this year, two former Tönnies contract workers tell what working and living does to employees under such conditions. The conversation also shows that the subcontractors not only take advantage of the material hardship of migrant workers, but also how their foremen terrorize the latter and how working conditions undermine solidarity. If »meat capital« and subcontractors can deal with the contract workers in this way, then it has something to do with the »link between right of residence, social law and forced labor«, that is, the special status of migrant workers in Germany. Among other things, Peter Birke shows this in his essay.

Dieter Wegner, an activist at the Hamburg trade union left, adds in his essay that the German federal governments and the European Union have largely created these working and living conditions in the past decades. Therefore, the current vortex of the political establishment because of the corona infection wave in the meat industry is simply a “spectacle in the Bundestag”.

In view of the history of the “System Tönnies” so far, it is not surprising that with full knowledge of the working and living conditions driving up the contagion numbers, meat production was classified as “systemically relevant” when the SARS-CoV-2 pathogen spread in Germany. Profits above all.