Vitamin D and Covid-19: what makes sense?

In many articles, vitamin D is touted as a kind of “miracle cure” for the prevention of Covid-19? Many manufacturers of dietary supplement products that contain vitamin D are using the corona crisis for advertising purposes. But what does vitamin D really do? British researchers have summarized the current state of research for the BMJ, the British Medical Journal.

So far, the UK government has recommended that adults and children should take 10 micrograms (or 400 IU) daily between October and March to optimize musculoskeletal health. In addition, certain population groups, such as B. Ethnic minorities consider taking vitamin D year round.

IE or IE is the abbreviation for “International Unit” for medical products.

How much vitamin D is useful?

The German Nutrition Society recommends the intake of 20 µg per day for children, adults and the elderly, that is 800 IU. This rule applies above all to people who are not in the sun. This is also how the health authorities in Switzerland see it. With frequent exposure to the sun, the desired supply can be achieved without taking a vitamin D preparation.

80 to 90 percent of the vitamin D requirement is produced by the body itself, as sunlight falls on the skin. Only a small part is ingested through food. Actually, 15 minutes of sunlight directly on the skin is enough to cover the daily requirement. But with older age, the skin’s ability to synthesize vitamin D decreases.

French doctors also prescribe vitamin D in ampoule form, which can be taken every three months.

It is best to discuss your personal situation with your family doctor.

But the British experts write: “It is important that people are not falsely calmed down by vitamin D supplements, the applicable rules must emphasize the importance of hand hygiene, masks, physical distancing and vaccination against Covid-19 in culturally and linguistically appropriate campaigns make it clear on site. ”

Similar risk factors for vitamin D deficiency and severe course of Covid-19

Although there is no direct evidence of a link between vitamin D levels and the occurrence or consequences of Covid-19, there is indirect evidence of an immunomodulatory role for vitamin D in respiratory infections, says nutritionist Karani S Vimaleswaran.

Other indirect indications are the similarity of the risk factors for vitamin D deficiency and severe Covid-19 diseases: older age, overweight and ethnic belonging to a minority. In addition, there is a correlation between the seasonal decrease in the serum concentration of vitamin D and the higher exposure to Covid-19 in countries with high latitudes.

Further research is necessary to examine the benefits of taking vitamin D and the influence on Covid-19 diseases in certain population groups.


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