‘So bizarre that people get involved with football players’ money’

Saturday, April 4, 2020 at

Danny Rose feels pressured by British Health Minister Matt Hancock to turn in salary. The left back hired by Newcastle United says it has no problems in principle to hand in wages during the corona crisis, but believes that this cannot be imposed from the outside.

“It feels like we are back against the wall in this discussion. It was not necessary for people who are not involved in football to tell footballers what to do with their money. I think that is so bizarre”, so Rose responds opposite BBC Radio. The 29-time English international is referring to statements from British Minister Hancock, who said on Thursday that footballers should ‘agree to a pay cut and thus make their contribution’.

Hancock’s criticism came after a long-delayed agreement to cut player salaries in the Premier League. That deal has now been reached: Premier League clubs are allowed to withhold a maximum of thirty percent of the wages of players. It is expected that the clubs in the highest English division will transfer 140 million euros to the lower divisions with the savings on salaries and will invest another 23 million euros in British health care.

“We are all happy that this was successful,” Rose said on the English radio. “I can only speak for myself. But I have no problem with part of my salary going to the people on the front lines or to the people affected by the virus. We are all keen to help and get something going, “said the Tottenham Hotspur mercenary,



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‘We could already have had anti-corona virus inhibitors’

If lessons had been learned from the SARS outbreak, virus inhibitors could have been developed that had now helped against the coronavirus. This is what professor of molecular virology at LUMC in Leiden, Eric Snijder, says WNL On Saturday. “We dropped the ball after the first SARS outbreak. The virus inhibitors could have been there by now.”

“As for the virus inhibitors, so the drugs that can inhibit or block infection, now it’s an attempt to see what’s left to save,” said Snijder. He is one of the scientists at LUMC who is currently working on a vaccine against the coronavirus.

“Works for all coronaviruses”

According to Snijder, developing virus inhibitors is ‘the only approach that you can have ready in advance’. You can develop virus inhibitors against the entire group of coronaviruses, Snijder explains. “You could block it with the same type of molecule. You can generally put that type of medicine on the shelf and use it when necessary. While you can only get started for a vaccine when the exact virus has turned up. Then lacks the time to make it fast enough. “

The best example of the use of virus inhibitors is the treatment of HIV, according to Snijder. “About 20 to 30 of them have been developed in the past thirty years. By using a good cocktail of these inhibitors, you can keep an infection like AIDS under control.” This is even simpler for coronaviruses because inhibitors of the coronavirus only need to be taken for a month, so that side effects make less difference. “Then the virus has already been cleaned up,” said Snijder.

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FilGoal | News | Al-Ittihad for Jawal: Talaat Yusef reduced his salary by 50% for the ban period, and two questions about the league

A group photo of Al-Ittihad of Alexandria before the Ismaili meeting

Mohamed Moselhi, president of Al-Ittihad of Alexandria, revealed the request of Talaat Youssef, the coach of the team, to reduce his salary by 50% during the period of stopping the activity, while he sent two letters to the Football Association regarding the league’s duties.

Moselhi said in statements toFilGoal.com: “Talaat Youssef decided to strike 50% of his salary value during the period of stopping the sports activity in line with what the country is going through.”

“As for the players, they all have already obtained between 70% and 75% of their dues. That is, they got their full dues and the rest is the participation rate, which depends on the completion of the league or not.”

The President of the Federation sent two letters to the Football Association regarding the League Championship First, “We want the Football Association to quickly decide the fate of the league, whether by completing it or canceling it. This step will result in our dealings with players and technical equipment, whether by keeping them or disengaging them.”

As for the second message from Muselhi, it was as follows: “We want to know what will happen to the secondments for the next season. For example, we borrowed Razak Cisse from Zamalek this season for a certain amount of money and he did not complete the season. Will he stay with us in the next season?”

The Alexandrian Federation is currently in fifth place in the league standings with 27 points after 17 rounds.

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Coronavirus: Girondins de Bordeaux released by their main sponsor

After the TV rights, the sponsors. Already weakened by the decisions of the broadcasters Canal + and BeIN Sport not to honor their next deadlines, the loss of box office receipts, the clubs also risk losing sponsorship contracts.

For PSG, contrary to statements Friday evening from Sébastien Bazin, the CEO of the Accor Group, this is a false alarm. The hotel group has already paid all of the 65 million euros provided for in the contract this season.

But for other clubs, there are many concerns. The first affected are the Girondins de Bordeaux where Bistrot Regent, their main sponsor (around 1.4 million euros per year until 2023) has just announced that it has suspended its engagement.

The catering company being stopped due to the coronavirus crisis, its president Marc Vanhove wants to avoid “too big a dead loss”. And legally, Bistro Régent is in its right since it had inserted two clauses in its contract to withdraw: a case of intoxication in one of its restaurants and … a proven health crisis.

Question on its main shareholder

It is a new blow for Bordeaux which figures as Saint-Etienne, Lille or OM, among the clubs which are likely to be the most affected by the financial crisis in football. An austerity plan had thus been decided even before the championships were stopped.

Between 2018 and 2019, Bordeaux lost 47 million euros and its last income statement indicated a loss of 55 million euros (excluding transfer proceeds). In addition, many questions remain about its main shareholder, the American investment fund King Street, which could also be affected by the crisis.

FIFA World Cup 2022 ™ – News – #WorldCupAtHome: Argentina takes revenge on Brazil

  • Brazil’s match against Argentina was chosen in the historic matches of the #WorldCupAtHome Series
  • The match was played in the second round of the 1990 FIFA World Cup Italy
  • Argentina won the meeting and was considered one of the greatest victories in the history of the Albiceleste

The second round of the 1990 FIFA World Cup Italy saw a lot of fiery matches, but this meeting captured all the limelight due to what it means to face the “SuperClassico” between the two neighbors, especially since Argentina came to the finals, which holds the title in the Mexico 1986 edition and was one title away from the equation Brazil’s three surnames at the time. As expected, the match was exciting and carried the qualities of the derby meetings, as Brazil was the strongest party throughout the meeting, but Argentina knew how to deal with the events and turned to its advantage in a creative moment by Maradona and presented the only goal ball in front of Canegia to shake the net He gives his country a qualification card.

1990 World Cup Finals, Diego Maradona is challenged for the ball by Brazil's Valdo Filho

© Getty Images

📝 Summary

Brazil 0-1 Argentina

June 24, 1990 | Delle Alpi Stadium, Turin (audience: 61,381,000)


Claudio Canegia (81)

The two main combinations:

Brazil: Claudio Taffarel, Ricardo Gomez ©, Ricardo Rocha, Georginho, Branco, Dunga, Marco Galvão (Renato Josho 85), Alemao (Silas 83), Faldo, Muller, Carica.

Argentina: Sergio Goycochea, Oscar Ruggeri, Juan Simon, Julio Olerticocia, Pedro Monzon, Jose Pazwaldo, Ricardo Gusti, Pedro Trullio (Gabriel Calderon 61), Jorge Borochaja, Claudio Canegia, Diego Maradona ©.

👇 Context

Argentina and its legend Diego Maradona waited eight years for this meeting. After their last confrontation in 1982, they witnessed the elimination of Diego with the red card and the loss of the Tango for the second time in three confrontations against Seleção, it is time for Argentina to achieve its first victory, which has meant a lot to them since that time. , As it is considered one of the historical victories that may be equal in value, winning the two FIFA World Cup titles. This was evident when Argentine fans attended the 2014 Brazil finals and took this match as a starting point for the chanting of thousands before and during the matches, in which the Brazilians mentioned that defeat and what Maradona did in the match.

In the entire list of the elected, there are only 82 players left, Maradona and the “alternative” Calderon, so it can be said that it was a special confrontation for the Argentine legend who wanted to achieve his full revenge without a shortage. Especially since he presented a fictional tournament in Mexican territory four years ago and led his country to win the title after a miraculous performance is still the tropic of talk of all time.

Brazil came to the finals as an extraordinary candidate thanks to its list of stars and outstanding talents, especially since they succeeded in achieving three victories in the first round, unlike Argentina, which suffered two things before gaining the card to qualify for this role as one of the best in third place, after losing the opening face Against Cameroon and its only victory over the Soviet Union, “formerly”, then tied against Romania.

1990 World Cup Finals, Valdo races for the ball with Argentina's Claudio Caniggia

© Getty Images

⚔️ the match

Brazilian dominationAs Brazil was waiting for, the attack took place, so Carica missed an early opportunity, and goalkeeper Guicochea stood up and defended her, to begin the journey to prevent Brazilians from registering. The attack was repeated again, a quick corner in front of the goal, Rocha was unable to turn the window into his door. Dunga climbed to Branco’s cross, but his header hit the post. While Argentina suffered from a low attack intensity and lost most of the balls to their competitors. While Maradona heard the whistles of the fans whenever he touched the ball, which is normal for the hero of Naples, who plays on the ground of Juventus. The matter did not stop there. He was faced with double pressure. Either he was hampered or lost the ball, to miss the Argentinian risk, except for a rare opportunity from Rogeri’s header that passed beside the Tavarel goal.

Quiet Billardo: The first half is over, and the Argentines have reached the locker room. The players sit looking forward to the hustle and bustle of coach Billardo, who always wants to give his team a better show and win. The first five minutes have passed, then the second and the third! The quarter-hour allocated for the break ended without Billardo uttering a lip, as the players were surprised, but on the way to the stadium, Billardo finally spoke, “Guys, if you keep playing this way and passing the balls to them, we will definitely lose the meeting.”

remarqable improvement: It was a clear message that the players grabbed and returned relatively better from the first lot. It is true that Brazil continued to take control, but the real danger did not reach the goal of Goicoechia. On the other hand, Maradona (who plays with a heel in the foot) and his colleagues are beginning to explore the path to Tavarel. Porcaga found the space to hit the ball, saved by the goalkeeper, and Calderon approached, but Gomez prevented him from getting the ball.

A deadly targetIn the last few minutes, Maradona beat everything, the injury, the fans ’whistles, and most importantly Brazil’s defense. The legend brought out his possession with a creative glimpse, as he received the ball as usual in the middle of the circle in the middle, then came and got rid of Alemao and Dunga’s attempt to block him, and advanced more and quickly attracting with him three defenders, all of whom thought that the left foot would continue the incursion, but he decided, in a moment of genius, to pass the right foot Kanijia, who won the confrontation with the goalkeeper and hit the goal, scored the winning goal.

The result could have been doubled, but Pazwaldo’s uniqueness was stopped by Gomez at the borders of the region, and after that he received a red card, and then Tavarel shone by blocking the direct Diego ball, but with the final whistle he achieved what the Argentines finally wanted.

🌟 The star

Claudio Cannjia joined the national team a year after winning the Mexico 86 title, and did not achieve with the team what was hoped for in Copa America 87 and 89. Although he started as a substitute against Cameroon, he entered the main squad in all the following matches. In front of Brazil, he showed his high heels when he knew how his friend Maradona would move, so he only took a position in the vacant space, to get the ball and face Tavarel, and despite the pressure he showed great confidence, as he waited a moment and then left the left, leaving Tafarel unable to stop him to pay in the net Brazilian. The goal gave him more love in the hearts of the Argentines, to give them more during the tournament, as he netted Italy, ending the goalkeeper Zinga who continued in all previous matches of the Italians, and thanks to the goal Albiceleste arrived for a penalty shootout and defeated Al-Azuri and reached the final that Cannegia missed due to suspension.

🎙️The statements

“Brazil surrounded us most of the meeting, they did not give us any space. I saw that light and I said to myself well I will take them. Then I started the ball and started facing the Brazilians, I saw that white flash“ Kanegia ”and although the ball was moving and preceding me towards the right foot I managed to pass it from between my feet Ricardo Rocha. I was lying on the ground and screaming … hit it, hit it, but it didn’t. He made a first move and then again, everyone was waiting for him. Then he scored the goal and we won thanks to him. ” Diego Maradona.

🔜 The rest of the journey

After Argentina suffered in the first round, and had all doubts to continue in the championship after Brazil found its way in the second round, but the victory over Silesiau changed everything, so the Tango inspired a new spirit thanks to this historical victory, and they went on the right path, exceeding the obstacles of Yugoslavia Then Italy, after a large marathon, arrived for a penalty shootout in both games, to hit a repeated match with Germany in the Grand Final, but a late penalty kick ended dreams of winning the third title.


“We need an army of health workers”: what went wrong in the so-called US war against the pandemic | Univision Health News

Despite Trump’s initial confidence, it is becoming increasingly clear that the coronavirus has exposed that the American health system is flawed and insufficiently equipped, with funds and personnel not meeting demand in this public health emergency.

“The public health system we needed to be prepared for this crisis was simply not in place,” said José Szapocznik, a public health scientist at the University of Miami.

Far from being the number one in the world in preparation, the United States has long ignored the massive deficiencies in its public health system that have led it to be number one in the world only in terms of cost, while remaining lagging behind the rest of the world in terms of quality of results.

“I think this is a time when all the different pieces of the system that were papered in the good times are coming back to haunt us.” said the doctor Vikas Saini, President of the Lown Institute, a nonpartisan group of experts in Massachusetts that advocates for health reform.

“It’s like the collapse of 2008. People talked about it, but most thought it was fine,” he said.

Some political commentators and activists have been quick to point to the United States’ private health insurance system as the culprit, arguing that the coronavirus epidemic would have been better managed by a universal health system, or the ‘Medicare for All’ program. raised by Democratic Party presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

Is Europe better?

But, then, how do you explain why countries like Italy, Spain, France, and the United Kingdom, which have large government-run health systems, now encounter some of the highest numbers of covid-19 cases and deaths.

“This is not a matter of (insurance) coverage. No one is being refused treatment. It’s about service delivery, like test kits to identify infection cases, “said Szapocznik.

Public health experts, including Bill Gates, Microsoft’s billionaire founder, have been warning for years that the U.S. health system was ill-equipped for a major pandemic, citing a number of problems such as a lack of hospital beds and medical professionals. They also highlighted that the system is fragmented and lacks centralized control, and is instead state-by-state isolated.

Responsibility for the United States’ healthcare system is divided between the states and the federal government, creating conflict and confusion at best.

This is not something that a state can handle. States do not handle public health emergencies“Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York, said during an interview on CNN on Thursday.

Furthermore, observers indicate that a widely criticized lack of quick and decisive leadership from the White House only made matters worse.

Uneven response

As a result, the response to the spread of the virus has varied widely, with some states taking drastic and proactive measures to quarantine residents, while others have resisted limiting movement to avoid shutting down the economy.

“The central government has been slow because our leadership minimized the problem,” said David Blumenthal, president of the Commonwealth Fund, a 100-year-old New York-based private foundation that seeks to promote improvements in the quality of the health system.

The President was unwilling to influence production and supply allocation“he added.

Instead, procurement of supplies was left to state governors, leading to a bidding war for vital items like respirators, face masks, and other protective gear that have raised prices due to a global shortage.

According to some reports, the lack of coordination resulted in sale of a large number of mouth masks made in the United States to foreign buyers.

To make matters worse, despite the existence of a ‘National Strategic Reserve’ of medical supplies, the White House was slow to move those products and, worst of all, the reserve did not have enough necessary items, while some had spent their due date.

Military to the rescue

Finally, under pressure from some governors, Trump called the Army to the rescue to build field hospitals. He was also forced to mobilize two Navy hospital ships sent to the ports of New York and Los Angeles.

Using the military to respond to the coronavirus leaves some experts wondering why health care is not a national security problem, on par with the war on drugs or terrorism.

The White House removed the National Security Council’s Global Health Security and Biodefense office last year and added it to another section, although some officials say the relevant experience was not lost due to the restructuring.

“We maintain an army of two million people. He is prepared for war, “said Szapocznik.” However, we don’t think of it that way for public health. In this war, we also need an army, an army of health workers“, said.

Much of the essential supplies, such as ventilators and hospital protective equipment, are manufactured abroad. “Would we outsource aircraft to the Air Force?” Szapocznik wondered. “We should see the Armed Forces more as our model,” he added.

Field clinics and a hospital ship: NY strengthens its capacity to deal with the flood of patients with covid-19 (photos)

“One for all and all for one”

Experts argue that the president’s decision not to use all his authority to impose a national ‘stay home’ quarantine has fueled the mosaic approach and allowed the virus to spread.

The problem is that the virus doesn’t respect borders, experts say. ” If a state doesn’t, you’re going to fight a losing battle, like walking on a treadmillBlumenthal said.

The only way to beat the virus is “all for one and one for all,” he added.

The test kits

Perhaps the biggest institutional flaw is the slow distribution of test kits to identify people with the virus. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC), long regarded as an exemplary government agency and a world leader in the fight against infectious diseases, has been widely reported to have made a number of catastrophic mistakes.

Instead of adopting one of the test kits already used in other countries, he decided to make his own. But it does not work. Instead, the government was forced, at the end of the day, to turn to the private sector to produce the kits.

In addition to that, the government did not have trained teams ready to go out into the field and find infected cases and trace contact history with other potential victims.

This is epidemic 101, drawer public health“Blumenthal said, noting that it is a widely used practice for other diseases, such as sexually transmitted diseases and tuberculosis.

Blumenthal and others say the issue of test kits illustrates a key vulnerability in the nation’s public health system. ” We have a tremendous deficit compared to other advanced countries of first-line providers They can offer that initial contact with the health care system, where symptom identification can take place and where detection could be done outside the crowded and most dangerous environment of a hospital emergency room, “he said.

In that regard, the private insurance system makes the United States more vulnerable to the spread of the coronavirus, even if it is not entirely at fault.

Health insurance

“The health of one of us affects all of us,” said Saini of the Lown Institute, which was founded by Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr. Bernard Lown, who invented the defibrillator and co-founded International Physicians for Prevention. of the Nuclear War.

If people cannot afford insurance, they will continue to spread the virus. You can’t nip it in the bud if you can’t get people into the system (for treatment), “he said.

The fact that health insurance is tied to a person’s employer also creates more problems when, as reported Thursday, a surge of 6.6 million people applied for unemployment benefits, bringing the two-week total to nearly 10 million.

Cost of care

The coronavirus has also exposed other structural problems such as cost, capacity, and quality of health system care.

States like New York have called on retired doctors and nurses to rejoin the workforce, as well as to graduate medical students early to strengthen hospitals.

Fewer beds, less medical

Cox noted that The United States has fewer beds per capita than any other developed country, due to a combination of government efforts to reduce costs and industry efforts to maximize profits.

At the same time, The United States has fewer doctors per capita than other countries, in part due to lobbying by the American Medical Association to limit the numbers. While this group says this is necessary to ensure quality control, critics say there is also a financial reason to keep wages high.

As a result, The United States spends about 18% of GDP on health expenditures, more than double the average among developed countries.

Experts say that is also because other countries devote more resources to preventive care, working at the community level to provide cheap medicines, as well as food and shelter, to screen for diseases before they require costly hospital treatment.

Domino effect

Despite all the inherent weaknesses of the public health system in the United States, at the end of the day, many experts agree that in the case of covid-19, the problems being addressed now could have been avoided if the government federal would have responded faster. The slow response created a domino effect.

The reason we need artificial respirators is because we couldn’t contain the epidemic. South Korea contained the epidemic and does not need artificial respirators, “said Szapocznik.

“That is really serious failure here. The government did not pay attention to the first signs of the epidemic,” he added.

Photographs of the pandemic in the US: this is how the country faces an unprecedented health crisis (photos)


De Luca tries to keep the bells in the kitchen: “Do the pastiera, even if there will be a sozzeria” – La Stampa

  1. De Luca tries to keep the bells in the kitchen: “Do the pastiera, even if there will be a sozzeria” La Stampa
  2. De Luca: “Peak of infections in early May. We clench our teeth or June and July closed at home” NapoliToday
  3. Coronavirus, De Luca’s sermon for Easter: “Stay at home and eat even if it will be sozzeria” La Repubblica
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Eloïse and Nacca (Les Apprentis Aventuriers 5) as a couple in Les Marseillais aux Caraïbes? Cassandre reveals the truth

We told you about it on melty, Eloïse and Nacca kissed in Les Marseillais aux Caraïbes, and rumors circulate that the two candidates would have slept together on the evening of the arrival of the new Marseille on W9! A revelation that makes a lot of noise on social networks, and which pushed his friend Cassandre to speak on her Instagram account … In the story that the writing of melty reveals to you above, the young woman who arrived at the same time as Eloïse in the adventure defends her and says that there would never have been more than a kiss between them, and that the two candidates would not have gone any further in the program: “I don’t understand why you say that Eloïse hit Nacca the first night, because I was very close to Eloïse even if we don’t necessarily see him, and at no time did she hit Nacca in fact”

Faced with criticism, Cassandre adds: “I don’t see why you judge and you dare to criticize, you weren’t on the set or with us to find out. Even if she hit Nacca the first night, what can it do to you? fact” ? Accused of being with Eloïse of green plants, the candidate goes further: “What you need to know is that we went on an adventure, it’s not as easy as Victoria and Maïssane who arrived at the beginning and where it was much easier to integrate, you were not in our place, there were things outside that as much for her as for me that made it even more complicated “. Here is what is said! Also discover here how Océane settled her accounts with Victoria, Eloïse and Alix from the Marseillais in the Caribbean …


Jarry takes some not very glamorous secrets from him

Since the start of containment, the program schedules are changed every day and new shows are becoming increasingly rare. Celebrities are therefore organizing to distract the millions of French people who are confined to their homes. Some animators and humorists offer daily meetings for their fans on social networks, for example. Denis Brogniart thus daily interviews a former adventurer from Koh Lanta on his Instagram account, with some revelations to the key on the show. In his Jarry Show, the humorist Jarry he questions celebrities by asking them funny and light questions. Today he had an appointment with Laetitia Milot. The star of More beautiful life is confined with his companion Badri and her daughter Lyana. She recently posted an adorable video of her dancing.

A real household freak

Jarry had fun asking many indiscreet and unexpected questions to his guest of the day, who had chosen to answer him from his guest room transformed into a games room during confinement. He thus sought to know if the former candidate of Dance with the stars was jealous or if she would agree to shoot naked scenes. The comedian also asked her about her favorite housework. A seemingly innocuous question … “What do I prefer or do most of the time?”, tried to procrastinate the young woman, pressed by Jarry to answer him. She first revealed that she was a real “crazy about household”. “I really like to do the cleaning and I like the cleanliness. There is something that I do all the time and that I love. It is cleaning the toilets”, she then confided, hilarious, causing the surprise of his interlocutor who did not expect such a revelation. Obviously his host absolutely does not share this passion!

Sylvie Tellier as next guest

And the secrets did not stop there … Jarry asked Laetitia Milot how she would react if her boyfriend went to bed. “I’m the one who farts more often in bed than he does”she replied with a laugh. It was obviously a joke, but it greatly seduced its host and the fans who followed the live discussions. The comedian will not offer a live tomorrow, but will be there Monday with Sylvie Tellier to try to get him crisp revelations about the Misses. Here is what promises!

Coronavirus, De Luca’s sermon for Easter: “Stay at home and eat even if it will be sozzeria” – La Repubblica

  1. Coronavirus, De Luca’s sermon for Easter: “Stay at home and eat even if it will be sozzeria” La Repubblica
  2. De Luca: “Peak of infections in early May. We clench our teeth or June and July closed at home” NapoliToday
  3. De Luca tries to keep the bells in the kitchen: “Do the pastiera, even if there will be a sozzeria” La Stampa
  4. Coronavirus, De Luca: “If it were for the Regions, Italy would have collapsed” Inews24
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