Healthy diet: superfoods for better quarantine

Required by quarantine due to the health crisis caused by the coronavirusMany people have suddenly found themselves “red-handed” in kitchens. Who else who least is doing their first steps cooking, trying to maintain a healthy diet these days at home. And it is that according to data from, only 7% of the population reaches the minimum of one healthy nutrition: eat five pieces of fruit or vegetables daily, eat a “good” breakfast, eat vegetables and fish at least twice a week, etc. Therefore, it does not hurt to opt for a series of superfoods to face confinement in the healthiest way possible.


It has become a healthy alternative present in many homes. Rich especially in proteins, but also in Omega 3 and 6 acids, vitamins, iron, phosphorus and calcium. In addition, it is very low in fat, which makes it a good ally if we do not want to take on extra kilos. It can be taken cold or hot, in salads or traditional dishes, replacing rice. Its calories are in the form of complex carbohydrates, and it has great satiating power, an interesting property these days when you have to try to beat the dreaded emotional hunger due to anxiety caused by the situation we live in.

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#iorestoacasa, home workout is everyone’s new craze – Beauty & Fitness

Password ‘home workout ‘: training during the forced quarantine. A real craze: are mentioned on Instagram in over 3 million posts. An alternative method of staying fit and achieving physical and mental benefits, as revealed by research conducted by the National Health Association and published in USA Today. Practice loved and shared also by the stars of the show, who create interactive sessions for followers: from Jessica Alba to Kate Upton, from Britney Spears to Kaley Cuoco, up to Robbie Williams and Justin Bieber.
From yoga to the abs, from running on the spot to weights with bottles of mineral water, according to inclinations and imagination. But home workouts, especially for newbies, are a major cause of injuries, as explained by a New York Times investigation. What are the experts’ tips to best face them? Prevention begins at the table with a healthy and correct diet, rich in proteins and vegetables, and continues with the right periodicization of the exercises based on the workload. But that’s not all, because it is essential to restore the sleep-wake balance, to perform exercises aimed at strengthening the muscular districts and detoxify with the help of plants. “Training at home during this period of quarantine is essential to preserve your physical and mental health, alleviating the levels of stress and anxiety related to the epidemic, but it must be done in the right measure. Moving is important to combat muscle contractures and exacerbations of osteoarthritis problems, which are accentuated with immobilization – explains dr. Paolo Tenconi, doctor and professional athletic trainer – For this reason I recommend dividing the days of the week according to the workload and proceeding gradually, recognizing your limits. Making wrong movements very often leads to groin tendinopathies, especially for those who are not used to running on the spot, and to muscle contractures. We must give priority to stretching, perform exercises aimed at strengthening the muscular districts and hydrate. Training now is essential to get in shape at the end of the epidemic. And in that case, in order to recover from injuries, laser therapy made in Italy Theal Therapy comes in handy, which thanks to the mix of wavelengths promotes the revascularization of the muscles, and allows to re-oxygenate and capillate the tissues “.

But what are the most frequent injuries related to home workouts? According to an American research by the National Athletic Trainer’s Association and published on the Health portal, the most vulnerable parts remain the lower limbs, subject to tendinopathies and contractures, especially for newbies who are not accustomed to running on the spot due to the lack of soil thrust . But that’s not all, because in the event of incorrect movements during the execution of the abdominal muscles, myotensive neck pain can also occur, which causes pain in the cervical area. Also not to be underestimated are contractures and strains caused by excessive bending and lateral raises. In these cases it is essential to work on distances for the metabolic part and not to underestimate breathing.

Some good rules for the “Home Workout”:

1. Periodize your training calendar: divide the days of the week according to the different workloads, preferring low or high intensity circuits according to your skills.
2. Follow a healthy and balanced diet: prevention begins at the table with a diet possibly rich in proteins, fruits and vegetables. Space also for carbohydrates, but in moderation.
3. Perform exercises aimed at strengthening the muscular districts: work on the pectoral muscles with the push-ups, on the shoulders with lateral and frontal lifts and on the abs with the squats.
4. Restoring the sleep-wake balance: the right hours of rest are essential for the recovery of the brain’s faculties and to start training at best.
5. Do not underestimate the importance of stretching: at the end of each session it is important to stretch your muscles with targeted exercises to ensure proper blood circulation and avoid stasis.

6. Hydrate before, during and after the workout: replenishing water supplies by drinking at least two liters of water a day helps improve the effectiveness of your workouts.
7. Check the surrounding environment: it is important to train in clean domestic spaces free of objects that could cause accidental falls.
8. Recognize your limits: listen to the signals of your body and do not exceed with the workload, proceeding gradually.
9. Detoxify with the help of herbs and plants: magnesium and rosemary are useful for eliminating excess toxins, while nettle and butcher’s broom help fight kidney failure.
10. To recover from injuries, use laser therapy: once you are back in the open air to revascularize the various muscles and re-oxygenate the tissues.

a mediation increase of over 450 percent

There are over 11,000 temporary employment agencies in Germany. Studitemps started 12 years ago, and the focus for 10 years has been on temporary work by students. The Cologne-based company has thus opened up a market segment that did not previously exist in this form. According to Roos, students in particular are extremely flexible – both in terms of time and the type of employment. After Corona had cut out the entire fashion industry from the placement offer due to Corona, the Studitemps recruiters distributed the students to other areas. Now that the pandemic prevents a normal summer semester and the seminars and lectures run in digital form, the students have one thing above all: time. Benefiting from the fact that the upper limit for their net earnings has been temporarily increased, they can also work more. It’s a win-win situation: the students earn money, the companies quickly and easily get flexible workforce – and Studitemps is happy about sales.

5 players contracted by Al-Ahly despite their affiliation with Zamalek

Al-Ahly club officials presented the idea of ​​contracting more than one player despite their previous knowledge of their affiliation with the Zamalek rivals, and they boasted about their affiliation with the white team, but because of differences between them and the administration, they pushed them to accept the offer submitted by Al-Ahly in order to wear his shirt, and respond to the temptations they obtained from the red genie.

There are a group of names known to belong to Zamalek but before they played for the traditional Al-Ahly rival, who tempted them with financial offers that exceeded what Zamalek offered, and they responded to the principle of professionalism and its preference for the principle of belonging, and perhaps the most prominent 5 names moved from Zamalek to Al-Ahly despite their affiliation and encouragement to the White Castle:

Reda Abdel-Al

Reza Abdel-Al, the former star of Zamalek, joined Al-Ahly in a resounding deal, due to the officials’ delay in renewing his contract, although he is known for his affiliation with Al-Abyad and stated this on more than one occasion.

Nader mr

Al-Ahly officials have guided the trick of hiring a former Zamalek goalkeeper, Nader El-Sayed, while he was in the Egyptian ranks, although the player is known to belong to the White Castle, and he stated this on more than one occasion.

Mohammed friend

Mohamed Seddik, a former Zamalek player, joined Al-Ahly in the beginning of the third millennium after the end of his contract with the White Castle, even though the player is known for his affiliation with Zamalek, and even expressed his remorse for stepping up to play for Al-Ahly.

Tariq Al-Saeed

Like Muhammad Siddiq, Tariq Al-Saeed, the former star of Zamalek, joined Al-Ahly, due to his lack of appreciation of the castle officials, and although he is known for his affiliation with the White Castle, the player agreed to take part in the playing experience of the Red Grim.

Jamal Hamza

Gamal Hamza, a former Zamalek star, is known for his affiliation with the white team, yet he agreed to play for the red team at some point, before the player retracts the completion of the march with the traditional rivals of his club before the start of the season and prefers to leave in silence.

4 towers that never recognize her love first … Pisces because of his shame and revolt for a long time

When a person feels love, he begins planning to find a suitable way to confess to the other party his love, as soon as possible, but some people, when love beats their hearts, will not think or plan to confess their feelings, but rather wait for the other party, to confess their love, for various reasons that may return to their feelings of shame. Or because they fear embarrassment, according to the “elitedaily“There are always 4 towers with this attribute.

Pisces … shy and will live with his imagination

Pisces is characterized by extreme shyness and dreamy romance, which helps him to build a romantic world that is not related to the reality of reality, so he may live a love story with a person who admires him in his imagination without admitting to him his love, and for this he will not think that he will begin to recognize his love never.

Feeling shy
Feeling shy

Taurus … a long machine with his help, he excludes

Taurus is characterized by romance, and the desire to settle down, so it is always the search for the right person, but when he finds it he will not decide to confess his love, but rather wait until the other party comes and confesses to him, and he does not mind to wait for a long period of time and is helped by this long and patient patience Which is characterized by Taurus.

Horoscope does not recognize love
Horoscope does not recognize love

Virgo .. Love is not his first concern

Virgo is like a Taurus, it is patient, it is not one of the people who rush to confess their love, just as love is not one of his first interests, so it can destroy any emotional relationship he enters into.

Acknowledgment of love
Acknowledgment of love

Scorpio .. thinks a thousand times before any step in his life

Scorpio is mysterious, and the caution that makes him think a lot before taking any new step in his life, as his self-confidence makes him not to rush to make the decision to confess his love, so he will not be the first confessor in the emotional relationship, and he prefers to wait until the other party confesses his love to him.


Infographics, covid-19. Negative deviation curve: four graphs that show how we compare to the countries most affected

More than a month after the start of the pandemic around here, on the 28th day after the 100th reported case, Portugal had a negative day in the evolution of the results: at this moment we can no longer talk about a deceleration in the number of contagions (mainly due to the evolution of cases to North of the country), keeping our country on a route closer to that of Belgium or the Netherlands – which have similar populations -, but further from the favorable evolution of Austria. Positive side: we are still noticeably below the most worrying cases.

The evolution in the number of infected with Covid-19 in Portugal, 28 days after the moment that reached the level of 100 cases, is below – for example – the evolution that occurred in the same period in countries like China, Italy, Spain or Iran. But, be careful, it is also above the South Korea line which, by this time, had already managed to smooth the exponential growth curve.

The DGS announced on Wednesday that Portugal may have already reached its peak – but since it is on the plateau, it may still be far from the point of reducing the number of cases. And, remember, this is a trend that can be reversed at any time. The authorities have therefore repeated that respect for confinement is equally important in the coming days.

Today, Portugal had 1516 new cases, the highest number ever, which represents a 10.9% growth and an increase for the 2nd consecutive day. In the relationship between the number of new cases and the growth of these cases compared to the previous day, there are only three countries with more negative indicators than Portugal: the United States, which currently leads the outbreak globally, the United Kingdom and France. Three countries that we do not want to approach.

As for the line that records deaths, at the point where we are, 20 days from the 10th death, the 435 accumulated deaths in Portugal put us exactly at the same point in Canada. Although they have exactly the same number of deaths, Portugal has a lower growth than what Canada had yesterday – Portugal is one day behind when Canada reached its 10th death -, which gives us some advantage in relation to this parents. In the accumulated values, here too, a tendency to slow the growth rate of the curve begins to be visible, in comparison with the outbreak in other countries. It should be noted that the number of deaths in Italy, at this stage, had already skyrocketed, as well as in Spain, France, China, Iran, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Brazil.

But have we really peaked? If you look at the graph below, where instead of looking at the accumulated numbers, we average the values ​​of the last seven days (which negates the effects of days with abnormal peaks, whether high or low), we realize that today’s numbers came cancel a week of slowdown. In the curve of daily deaths, the trend of the last week was not as marked as that of new cases and, if we look at the graph, we see that today’s values ​​even canceled out the negative deviation of yesterday. A sign of hope.

Easter in the Corona crisis – home alone – politics

In the Vatican, they had actually considered postponing Easter. It doesn’t get that far. But it will be very different this year – not just for the Pope.

Easter like Olympia? In the Vatican, they actually thought about whether Easter could be postponed and how large numbers of sports events were being postponed. Sounds astonishing how in these times everything is astonishing that happens to the world and thus also to the churches and religions below. However, the responsible congregation for worship in the Vatican then found: it doesn’t work. Incidentally, what is also not possible is confession on the cell phone, even if the priest is in sight when making a call, that violates the confessional secret. You are just asking yourself questions that until recently would have been considered somewhat grotesque.

And so Rome experiences its first Easter without a real Easter in two thousand years. Without people, in front of empty benches, ghost easter, so to speak.

No war, no earthquake, no catastrophe, and there have been many over the centuries, God knows, had so far been able to prevent this important, symbolically laden and emotional festival. From silent, empty Rome there will be Easter pictures that have never been seen before. Without pilgrims in groups that line the Tiber in long lines, without a lived passion, without a holy spirit. The city is calm and deliberate, without wanting to be, and that really never happens.

The Vatican has modernized its media work. That helps now

There will be pictures of the Pope, who leads almost entirely alone through the few rites that conform to the Corona, and even those are the responsibility of the papal liturgists. They have to come up with something so that sparse acts still have a spiritual effect.

There was a premonition on March 27, when Francis worshiped Corona in the empty St. Peter’s Square, next to him only the medieval crucifix from the church of San Marcello, which commemorates the end of the plague in Rome in 1522. It was raining when he blessed the intimidated world, the cobblestones of the piazza gleamed black. The long shot was particularly impressive: a small white dot under stormy dark clouds. An icon of isolation and fragility, and yet there was a unique force in it. In Italy, 17 million watched it, television channels in 180 countries broadcast the scene.

The Pope was not all alone; the employees of the Vatican media platform were still there. They filmed from all angles, even from the roof of Bernini’s colonnade, for them it was a dress rehearsal for Easter. It will depend on their skill whether the ordinances reach the hearts at home in the lockdown – via “telematic means of communication”, as the Vatican calls it somewhat old-fashioned. The media presence of the Catholic Church has been completely modernized in recent years, not to everyone’s delight, but now the reform is convenient for everyone. Behind the Gregorian walls, people usually correspond with faxes and letters. In parallel, however, every celebration is now streamed, posted, and tweeted out. So you are well prepared for an emergency.

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The only question is whether these many channels from Vatican News are enough to connect the church of the faithful to the setting in Rome? Because the church should not be a passive audience for the church, but rather a participating subject. The curia has set up some rules for what is possible and what is not, a nice part is also derived from common sense.

On Maundy Thursday, for example, when Jesus’ last supper is commemorated with his disciples, there is of course no foot washing this time. In previous years, Francis went to prison for each and washed the feet of prisoners. The Supreme Shepherd, prince of the Church on earth, on his knees before sinners: How do you replace something like that? How can you spiritually wash your feet?


“The risk is to miss other pathologies”

IThey work in hospitals or in town medicine, they are generalists, nurses, emergency doctors or midwives: around fifteen caregivers, on the front line against the Covid-19 pandemic, have agreed to tell us about their professional daily lives. Every day, in this “crisis diary”, The world publishes a selection of testimonies from these “white coats”.

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“It is becoming necessary to quickly take care of the patients whom we had until now shifted”

François Cornelis, 42, hospital doctor, radiologist at Tenon hospital (Paris 20e)

François Cornelis, hospital doctor, radiologist at Tenon Hospital in Paris. FRANÇOIS CORNELIS

“An unstable balance is being established in the hospital. On the one hand, we devote all our energy to Covid-19, which is absolutely essential and seems to be bearing fruit, but, on the other hand, it becomes necessary to quickly take care of the patients that we had until now staggered.

“Some patients, especially in oncology, contact us for situations that have now become urgent”

Indeed, some, especially in oncology, contact us for situations that have now become urgent, such as pain management or simply the biopsies necessary to set up treatments. To carry this out, surprisingly enough, we are forced to adopt a very artisanal and therefore very time-consuming approach, because our means are considerably limited.

The services are weakened in their usual functioning, each one takes charge of the task and progresses step by step in the meanders of the current relative hospital disorganization. It is necessary to negotiate everything: the caregivers available for the intervention, hospitalization in a non-Covid-19 service and sometimes having nothing to do with the pathology presented, the anesthesia whose resources have been largely reallocated at Covid-19, the equipment to finally carry out the procedure which is often difficult to order and even more difficult to receive. And, of course, on D-Day, we are not immune to cancellation if the patient ever becomes Covid-19 or in an even more urgent emergency.

But the hospital is resilient and we always find a solution between us. This solidarity is essential in order to project ourselves into the future so that we can continue to carry out our mission for the common good on a daily basis, even modestly in certain situations. “

“The main thing, to manage the crisis, is not the macabre count of the dead, but the number of beds available”

Mathias Wargon, 53, chief of emergencies at Delafontaine hospital, in Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis)

“Could it be because the illness kept me away from the hospital for more than a week?” When I returned on Monday, I found the day a little quieter. We felt a kind of breath. There were even a few smiles behind the masks of the nurses. A simple break or the announcement of the descent? It is far too early to tell.

Mathias Wargon, chief of emergency at Delafontaine Hospital in Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis).
Mathias Wargon, chief of emergency at Delafontaine Hospital in Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis). MATHIAS WARGON

We must be wary of mortality figures. This weekend, they slowed down and on Monday they started to rise again. Counting the dead on a daily basis is a bit morbid. This feeds the debates between pseudo-experts, we get excited about variations of 5% or 10%, but that doesn’t mean anything. The variability from day to day is enormous. On Sunday, the data goes back less well, for example.

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At the hospital, we get to know, but in residential care facilities for dependent elderly people (Ehpad), how can we distinguish with certainty the deaths due to Covid-19 from the others? And the deaths at home, who keeps the accounts?

“We see that the number of infarctions or strokes has dropped, that there are more places in neurology”

To assess the burden of a disease, it is necessary to measure the excess mortality. However, to achieve this, you need to step back. We’ll know in a month or two. With the heat wave of 2003, we realized that, admittedly, there had been many deaths at once, but that ultimately the increase in mortality had not been so impressive.

With the Covid-19, there is an excess mortality. There are a lot of deaths, it’s dramatic. But, for us, the main thing to manage the crisis is not this macabre daily count, but the number of beds available.

In the emergency room yesterday morning, we still had to transfer five patients to other establishments in Ile-de-France, due to lack of space. In a crisis meeting, I insisted: despite this “breathing”, you should not relax. And we should not miss out on other pathologies either. Because focusing on the Covid-19 side of the patients is the risk. We can see that the number of infarctions or strokes has dropped, that there are more places in neurology. So many potential deaths that do not appear in this daily morbid count. “

“I see more and more people outside … today I am resigned”

Ophélie Mauger, 25, nurse at the Nantes University Hospital (Loire-Atlantique)

“The staff are in a kind of disillusionment: one has the impression that this wave, it will never come, while fearing it. The CHU has anticipated human resources well. We know that there are people at home who can be called at any time, the services have been opened upstream, so for now we always have services ready to welcome new patients, it’s quite comfortable and reassuring.

Ophélie Mauger, nurse at the Nantes University Hospital.
Ophélie Mauger, nurse at the Nantes University Hospital. OPHÉLIE MAUGER

I find caregivers less anxious than a few weeks ago, when there was a vagueness about the situation. Now, things arise, the climate is more serene. But every day, we are told again: “Today is calm, but maybe this afternoon will happen, be ready.”

“Sometimes we hear it said:” In small towns, this is not going to happen to us “or:” I am so old, so it doesn’t matter if I have it “”

I see more and more people on the street. When I go to work, I meet families who go for a walk, young people who have fun in skateparks. I live next to a major road and, there too, traffic has increased.

Sometimes we hear it said: “In small towns, this is not going to happen to us” or: “Me, I’m so old, so it doesn’t matter if I have it”. While if it is serious, we cannot know how our body will react, and then, above all, during this time, we infect others. I have been working with the Covid-19 for over a month, at the beginning I was very angry when I saw all these behaviors, today I am resigned.

And then, there is a point where containment is going to be stopped, somehow, people are going to get back in touch with each other. There, I fear a new rise in cases and, surely, a new containment. “

“We imagine the transferred patients surprised to see when they wake up the sun from here”

Julie Oudet, 39, emergency doctor at SAMU Toulouse (Haute-Garonne)

“For the past few days, I have been on regulation at SAMU and SMUR. Teams have dispatched patients who arrived by air to our hospitals. Sometimes we have transfers that come from far away, but never so much. Staff return specifically to carry them out, in addition to the usual teams.

Julie Oudet, emergency doctor at SAMU Toulouse (Haute-Garonne).
Julie Oudet, emergency doctor at SAMU Toulouse (Haute-Garonne). JULIE OUDET

“We are there to be useful to patients, whether they say chocolatine or not!” We were joking with colleagues! “

On both sides, it is a Dantesque organization. A priori, it went well. Everyone works a lot more than usual, but we have a great planning management team.

We have enough beds for the sick in the region, so we can accommodate them elsewhere. We have a lot of patients in intensive care, but we also have the first patients who are better and who are starting to come out of the intensive care unit. We are not in a situation of great difficulty as in other regions.

And it’s our pleasure to support them, for sure. We are there to be useful to patients, whether they say “chocolateine” or not! We were joking with colleagues! We can imagine them, when they are going well, be surprised to see the sun coming up from here. “

“Pathologies will worsen, because they will have been less followed”

Pierre Loisel, 59, caregiver, hospital group in South Brittany, Lorient (Morbihan)

“We welcomed nine patients from the Paris region on Sunday. Everyone was ready, the organization was exemplary. And it is not unthinkable that we can take more, here in Lorient.

Pierre Loisel, caregiver, hospital group Bretagne-Sud, Lorient (Morbihan).
Pierre Loisel, caregiver, hospital group Bretagne-Sud, Lorient (Morbihan). PIERRE LOISEL

At the moment, there are enough people and no (yet) need for additional staff. But you have to be aware that this is due to a very significant decrease in the rest of the activities. Afterwards, with an intense resumption of cardio, gastrointestinal interventions, etc., there will be tired caregivers, not to mention the time off that has been postponed, and we will surely be on the eve of the summer holidays.

“The distress is increasing, especially in the Ehpad. Many people on staff testify to an infected parent “

Pathologies will have worsened, because they will have been less followed. Doctors’ offices have been deserted. This will require staff who are available and in good shape.

The distress is increasing, especially in the Ehpad. Many people on staff testify of an infected parent. I lost two comrades, who were treated in oncology. They did not die, a priori, of the Covid-19, but that adds to the heaviness of the moment. Deaths must have increased significantly; I see him since last week in The Telegram, with a full page of obituaries.

The hospital always asks me to be ready. I was contacted by the health reserve to go to Mulhouse [Haut-Rhin] or overseas. I talked about it with my wife, but I know it can start strong here. And I would regret having left and not being able to intervene in the Lorient sector. At the end of the containment, there will surely be another peak, I hope less intense. It’s not all over, far from it. “

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Our selection of articles on the coronavirus

In the Kemerovo region allowed to work hairdressers and nail salons

The governor of the Kemerovo region Sergey Tsivilev has stopped the day off for some organizations and individual entrepreneurs. Resume work on April 9, in particular, hairdressers and nail salons, according to the website of the local government.

“The temporary suspension of work of a number of organizations, primarily the service sector, is a serious test for business,” said Tsivilev. He emphasized that in Kuzbass, there is still no confirmed case of coronavirus infection in the region.

According to the order of the governor, workshops for repairing clothes and shoes and cleaning companies will be able to resume work. The restrictions were also lifted for the IFC, notaries and lawyers, pawnshops and trade unions.

In Kuzbass, according to data on the morning of April 8, 7 cases of coronavirus disease were registered, all of them were imported. Two people have already recovered. The region has a regime of universal self-isolation. All arriving at the airports of Kemerovo and Novokuznetsk from Moscow were obliged to undergo a two-week isolation.