Coronavirus crisis causes heavy losses for Airbus and Boeing

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The financial and industrial crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic is starting to be seen in the results of companies in the aeronautical sector. Suddenly, competitors Airbus and Boeing revealed very heavy losses in the first quarter, to the point that jobs are threatened.

The American manufacturer Boeing confirmed on Wednesday that 10% of its workforce worldwide will be laid off. These voluntary departures and dry layoffs will hit the civil aviation division of the giant of Seattle. Chief Executive Officer Dave Calhoun informed the employees by internal mail on the sidelines of the publication of the first quarter results. The latter bear the stigma of the crisis that started in March with the confinement of a large part of the inhabitants of the planet. The automaker posted a net loss of $ 641 million. At the same time, its turnover plunged 26.2% over one year.

Deliveries of civil aircraft fell by a third. Boeing has also announced that it will reduce the production rate of its aircraft. In particular that of the long-haul 787 and the 777. Private sales of its 737 Max for the past year, Boeing has decided to cut corners to save money. By doing this, he is no longer eligible for the assistance plan of the American administration which conditions any support for the maintenance of jobs.

Airbus in the red too

This may not console the American automaker, but European competitor Airbus is also in the red after the first quarter. CEO Guillaume Faury announced a 15% decline in turnover and a net loss of 481 million euros. As for cash, the group ” bleeding money at unprecedented speed “He said. To maintain itself, it had signed in March a line of credit of 15 billion euros and reduced by about a third the production. But the customers, namely the airlines, are struggling.

Several of them are announcing massive layoff plans. British Airways plans to cut 12,000 of the 42,000 jobs worldwide. At the same time, the Scandinavian airline SAS and the Icelandic Icelandair are also planning thousands of layoffs. British unions are denouncing the position of British Airlines, which they believe could have negotiated public support to avoid arriving at the mass layoffs. In an open letter, the main European airlines took advantage of a meeting of EU transport ministers on Wednesday to request urgent support from the states, many of which are still evaluating their intervention.

On the French side, after aid to Air France, the government also does not rule out supporting Airbus. The French Minister for the Economy said it: the State is ready to massively help the aircraft manufacturer. Bruno Le Maire argues that the aid promised to Air France, that is to say 7 billion euros, will in turn be able to support orders for airplanes to Airbus.

Who says support for Airbus, also says support for the whole galaxy of subcontractors who depend on this big customer. In the United Kingdom, in Germany, and in the Occitanie region in France, tens of thousands of jobs are at stake. However, Airbus reserves the right to take more drastic measures concerning employment next June, at the end of the second quarter. A quarter that could leave even more damage in finances.


Maj Sjöwall dies at 84, writer of Inspector Martin Beck saga

TheSwedish writer Maj Sjöwall, author with her romantic partner Per Wahlöö of theten-book saga starring Inspector Martin Beck, he hasdeceased at 84after a long illness, as reported by the Swedish agency TT News Agency.

Sjöwall (1935) is considered one of thegreat forerunners of modern police literature. In 2012, she was awarded the VIII Pepe Carvalho Prize for a crime novel for her long and fruitful career. Together with the writer Per Wahlöö, Sjöwall contributed to the consolidation of the detective novel in Europe, praised by critics and readers for decades.

In 1965, both authors debuted withthe book ‘Roseanna’, the first in the series by Inspector Martin Beck. With the fourth novel in the saga, ‘The Police Who Laughs’ (1968), they won the Edgar Allan Poe Prize, the first to be awarded to a novel not written in English.

Precisely, the history of this book was taken to the cinema with the title in Spanish‘San Francisco, naked city’, starring Walter Matthau and Bruce Dern. A Swedish fiction series titled ‘Beck’ (1997) was also created, which lasted six seasons.

With ‘The Terrorists’ (1975), Sjöwall and Wahlöö close the story of Inspector Beck, which was translated into 40 languages. The writer stood out for her ability to analyze the shortcomings of the Swedish welfare society through the characters in her novels, which mix fiction and reality.


Data protection in Corona apps: against the collective rage

Change of course in the matter of the Corona app: The Federal Government now wants to rely on a decentralized model. Privacy advocates: inside are happy about it.

Technical University in Lausanne: Here, the basic framework for a decentralized app is being worked on Photo: Laurent Gillieron / dpa

BERLIN taz | The federal government has changed its Corona app: After having held on to a central model in the past few weeks despite the constant criticism from data protection activists, the Ministry of Health announced on Sunday that it was now wishing to opt for a decentralized model.

“Our goal is that in view of the openings that have already taken place after the extensive contact restrictions, the tracing app will be ready for use very soon and will be widely accepted by the population and civil society,” said the statement by Health Minister Jens Spahn and Chancellery Minister Helge Braun (both CDU). Privacy advocates: inside and IT experts: inside praise the pan – but don’t see all problems solved yet.

The Corona Tracing app is a smartphone software that is used to quickly warn contacts of Sars-CoV-2 infected people. The contacts should be put into quarantine and tested at short notice so that the infection chains are broken early. It is estimated that around 60 to 70 percent of the population would have to install such an app to play a significant role in fighting pandemics. To enable people without a smartphone to participate, Bluetooth tokens could be used.

The central and decentralized models are similar in some respects: Both rely on Bluetooth Low Energy technology to recognize other smartphones in the immediate vicinity and to save which devices were nearby. The app generates constantly changing IDs for communication with one another to protect the privacy of the owners. If a person tests positive and reports this with a code received for it, the contacts from the past few weeks are informed.

Open letter against central app

But there is one important difference: With the decentralized approach, the calculations necessary in the event of an infection, which device was close to which, are carried out on the smartphones themselves. In the central model, on the other hand, the IDs and contacts end up on a central server, for example at the Robert Koch Institute. For example, this could have created contact networks from the data converging there – i.e. graphs of who had contact with whom and when. With such an overview, people can be identified. And the municipalities had already expressed an interest in the data – for the health authorities.

Recently, not only numerous civil society organizations, but also scientists had warned in an open letter about a central model. “It is crucial that we do not create a tool out of the current crisis that will allow the population to collect data on a large scale – neither now nor later,” it said. The European PEPP-PT project, too, which was to serve as the basis for a central system in Germany, was also criticized. Some participants had left it to focus on developing a decentralized concept, DP-3T. Among other things, they criticized PEPP-PT as not being sufficiently transparent. The first alpha versions of DP-3T are now available for testing and reporting feedback via the developer platform Github, for both Android and iOS.

Anke Domscheit-Berg, network politician (left)

“A secure app can save lives”

According to Spahn and Braun’s explanation, the insight that users have more confidence in a decentralized model was the reason for the change of course. But another component could also have played a role: the functionality of the app on iPhones. Apple’s iOS is more isolated than Google’s Android, Apple should have made changes in the depths of the operating system. Google and Apple have recently announced some adjustments to the crypto and Bluetooth specifications – but whether this would make a central model possible is unclear.

Especially since Apple and Google are already working together on the framework for a decentralized app. The French newspaper Les Echos EU Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton said Apple chief Tom Cook had assured him that the developer interface should be presented this Tuesday. It is not yet certain when the app initiated by the federal government will come.

Privacy advocate doubts: inside

According to the idea of ​​the Ministry of Health, the app should now look like this: A kind of basic app is used to track infected contacts, decentrally. There is also another, also voluntary function. With this, users are to transmit pseudonymised data to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI).

Data protection: inside react skeptically to this additional function. On the one hand, because users could be unsure which data actually ends up where. That would reduce trust again. On the other hand, because there is already a data donation app from the RKI. With this, users can transmit vital data such as heart rate and body temperature to the RKI using a fitness wristband or a smartwatch. The problem: At the start of the app, various data protection problems became known.

The left-wing network politician Anke Domscheit-Berg fundamentally welcomes the decision for a decentralized model: “Every day earlier that a secure and data protection-friendly app is available can literally save lives.” Nevertheless, she sees the additional function for further data transmission to the RKI critical. Too often it is the case with apps that the settings are changed after an update – towards poorer data protection. In addition, it is an additional gateway for attacks and the central collection of sensitive data is a fundamental risk.

Linus Neumann from the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) also fundamentally welcomed the change of course on the ARD: “I think that is a very good decision.” Now it is a matter of implementing the concept properly.

One of the other requirements of the CCC: The programming code must be open source. Then, on the one hand, knowledgeable people could check whether the app only does what it is supposed to do. On the other hand, this would make it possible to build an app with little effort, which does not include the data donation function. And another advantage: Android users: the app could then be installed inside Google’s Play Store – for example via the open source platform F-Droid. And give a few data less to Google.


the Italian method in transport

From May 4, the rules will change in the Italian metro: mandatory masks and strict rules. Regulatory agents will manage passenger traffic and markings on the ground will be put in place to enforce social distancing. A test was carried out in the Rome metro, which reassured users. “I think these new rules are good. Everyone has learned from a distance”, testifies a woman. “Me, it suits me, I try to stay away from people on the bus”, admits another.

Between two seated passengers, at least two unoccupied seats will be required. But many Italians have not yet returned to work and they fear that these rules will be difficult to apply the day when the activity really resumes. “Today, you see almost empty metros, when it resumes, it will not be the same “, warns a user. The government Italian also wants to encourage telework.

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PlayStation 5 to be unveiled on June 4

Updated 04.30.2020 at 09:10

Video games

Sony plans to present its future console and the titles that will accompany its launch in just over a month.

Sony unveiled the PS5 DualSense controller last April.

Sony unveiled the PS5 DualSense controller last April.


The date of presentation of the future PlayStation 5, which will cross swords with Microsoft’s Xbox Series X at the end of the year, seems to be clear. Journalist Jeffrey Grubb of the GamesBeat site of VentureBeat understands that Sony would have planned the date of June 4, 2020 (the PS4 had been presented in June 2013) to reveal the design of its machine, that is to say when the E3 should have taken place 2020, high mass of the Los Angeles video game.

According to a post published on the Resetera platform by this man with information deemed credible, during this event streaming on the internet, the Japanese firm will also unveil the titles that will accompany the release of its new generation console.

If this information turns out to be correct, we bet that Microsoft should not delay in reacting to say more about the titles that will be released when launching its own console.

Last April, Sony created the surprise by unveiling the DualSense, namely the controller of the future PlayStation 5 which will succeed the current DualShock 4.

Joe Jonas: his crazy idea to celebrate his first wedding anniversary with Sophie Turner

The singer of “Oops … I did it again” shared the news on Instagram, revealing that she returned to her personal gym for the first time in 6 months after accidentally destroying some of her equipment. exercise such as his gymnastics bar or his two weight machines.

The beautiful blonde announced to her fans in an Instagram video: “Hi, guys! I’m in my gym there. I hadn’t been here for like 6 months because I had burned her completely. I had these two candles, and then there it was, one thing led to another, and I burnt everything to ashes. “

Fortunately, no one was injured in the fire.

Britney captioned the message: “It was an accident …. but yes …. I destroyed everything. I went through the door of the gym and suddenly the flames, BOOM !! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But it could have been a lot worse so I’m thankful. Pssss I prefer the floor gym anyway. “

The singer of “Toxic” then showed her subscribers her latest training.

As a reminder, Britney has been going out with her personal sports coach, Sam Asghari, since 2016, and the couple regularly trains together.

The fitness expert recently said, “It’s the best thing about being able to share the same passion, to be able to go out, have fun, and then exercise together. I have trained a lot with her and we even shot a video last year. Most of our workouts are on my website. “

Sam even let his girlfriend teach him one of the legendary dance choreographies featured in one of his clips.

He said, “I’ve tried it a few times, but I’m not a great dancer!”

Sport is breathing again soon: What is allowed from 11 May and what is not? The main answers – sport

What is allowed in sports again from May 11th?

Training in competitive and leisure sports will then be allowed again at the earliest – for indoor and outdoor sports as well as for individual and team sports. The prerequisite is a detailed protection concept for each sport as well as compliance with general rules of conduct and hygiene. The protection concept must show how the sport can be practiced so that the risk of infection is low. Group sizes of more than five people are only permitted in professional sports and national teams. With the exception of professional football, the following also applies: no physical contact and a minimum distance of two meters. Competitions are not allowed.

Which further opening steps are already planned?

From June 8, competitions in professional leagues, but without spectators, should be possible again if the development of the pandemic allows. The Federal Council will take a final decision on May 27. Large events with more than 1000 people remain prohibited until the end of August.

How does it work with fitness centers and swimming pools?

Fitness centers, yoga schools and swimming pools may also reopen from May 11th. Each individual facility must present a protection concept. The rule of a maximum of one person per ten square meters of space applies to all sports infrastructures, similar to sales shops. Compliance with the required hygiene measures proves to be a major challenge, especially for the fitness center. Each center has to judge for itself whether a quick reopening is worthwhile. In addition to competition and club training, swimming is also allowed in swimming pools. But here, too, the measures to be followed are very expensive for the operators. The municipalities as the largest group of operators want to do everything possible to at least partially open the baths.

Should I wear a protective mask while doing sports?

There is no obligation to wear protective masks in Switzerland. The Baspo core group also did not discuss the subject of protective measures in sport in depth. A corresponding proposal in Germany to only play Bundesliga games with a mask requirement met with widespread rejection. The extent to which the positive effect of a mask-wearing hobby runner or cyclist on other passers-by has not been answered scientifically. The first step of the protective measures is to keep away. The federal government’s recommended measures are at the center of a total of 80 protection concepts already submitted by Swiss sports organizations. From today, the detailed concepts of the sports approved by the BAG will be published on the homepage of the umbrella organization Swiss Olympic.

What’s next for football in the Super and Challenge League?

From May 11th professionals will be able to participate in team training again and from June 8th games are planned without spectators. But whether the championships of the Super and Challenge League are played to the end remains open. Not all clubs in the Swiss Football League are of the opinion that ghost games are effective. Unlike clubs in Europe’s top leagues, Swiss clubs are heavily dependent on ticket revenue. First of all, there will be a SFL committee meeting today to discuss how to proceed. The clubs can then probably vote in writing on the demolition or continuation. The league itself is clearly in favor of a continuation. This is particularly about compliance with the television contract and a good position for negotiating a new TV contract from season 21/22. It is also possible that the league can legally be attacked by an independent cancellation of the season. Lausanne-Sport, leader of the Challenge League and likely to be promoted, could insist against the demolition.

What does the concrete protection concept look like in professional football?

The protection concept is intended to ensure that infection is unlikely among footballers. Among other things, it means that players do not shower together and take their training clothes with them from home. In addition, unnecessary getting closer (handshakes or hugs) should be avoided. Incidentally, the concept does not require any tests due to an input from the BAG, as the league emphasizes. The BAG has not yet definitely approved the concept.

Will the football clubs continue to work short-time?

In corona times, short-time working has become an important tool for professional football clubs. Currently, players are also benefiting from it. The SFL is now clarifying whether short-time work is also possible to a certain extent as long as ghost games are necessary, because high earnings continue to be lost.

When will there be team sport again and in what form?

The Federal Council decision makes it clear that the championship of football amateurs will definitely be canceled. The 13 regional associations already applied to the Swiss Football Association on April 18. From June 8th, professional play may resume, but this does not apply to all team sports by amateurs. It is also currently questionable whether the 20/21 season can start in August as planned. According to the Federal Council’s current decision, games at amateur level will only be possible again from September. The central board of the SFV advises on Thursday morning in a conference call on how to proceed. The other traditional Swiss team sports such as ice hockey, handball or volleyball will only start their championships after September 1st and hope that from then on events with more than 1000 people will be allowed again.

Who are the losers of the Federal Council decision?

It hits the swingers very hard. There will be no ghost wrestling festivals and all occasions had to be canceled by the end of August. The highlight of the season, the anniversary swing festival 125 years of ESV, was also postponed from August 30 to 2021 yesterday. A few wrestling festivals in September and October remain on the calendar for the time being. Athletics as the largest summer sport is looking for solutions to hold national and regional meetings from June 8th – in a strongly adapted form. At Swiss Athletics, it is hoped that on May 27 the Federal Council will lift the rule of the maximum group size of five people. While one can still hope at the largest international world class meeting in Zurich on September 11, the major event Athletissima in Lausanne will not be able to take place at least on August 20.

Are there any concrete long-term consequences for sport?

The 2020 Ice Hockey World Championships in Zurich and Lausanne (May 8th to 24th) had to be canceled. Now the question of a new appointment in Switzerland is driving those responsible. The World Cup tournaments will be awarded by 2025, the corresponding contracts will be signed by 2022, and the preparations for the 2021 World Cup in Belarus and Latvia and in 2022 in Finland will be well advanced. For this reason, the option to postpone it to 2021 was definitely rejected at a conference call. The earliest possible date for a World Cup in Switzerland is now being requested from the international association. So the Ice Hockey World Cup will take place in May 2023 or 2024. The Federal Council wants to quickly remedy the long-term financial consequences in Swiss youth sport. Many sports clubs fund their youth sports largely through the federal contributions of Jugend + Sport. These only flow when exercising. Now the annual pot of CHF 100 million is to be largely distributed even if junior training sessions are canceled for months.


Photo 1: The Italian summer of ‘Three meters above the sky’ available on Netflix

Find out who’s who in the new Netflix youth series inspired by the book “Three meters above the sky.”

A Three meters above the sky is a successful novel by Federico Moccia written in 1992, in 2010 it became popular thanks to the film starring Mario Casas, now it bursts into 2020 with the premiere of its Italian version ‘Summertime’, which is available from April 29 on Netflix.


Google and Apple unlock pre-interfaces for Corona apps | 04/29/20

Google and Apple are providing a first preliminary version of their interfaces for the planned Corona warning apps.

Access to this will be given to selected app developers who work with health authorities, the US companies announced on Wednesday.

The Corona apps are designed to help keep track of infections when the restrictions on going out are relaxed. They are supposed to record which smartphones have come close to each other – and warn users if it later turns out that they were next to infected people.

(Display)Matching new barrier reverse convertibles

The two relevant smartphone systems come from the Alphabet subsidiary Google and Apple

Android and the iOSSoftware of the iPhones. You are so

only able to create the basis for an efficient integration of the Corona apps into the phones. Experts believe that most developers and countries will end up turning to Apple and Google.

Google will release the beta version of the interfaces on its Google Play platform on Wednesday. Among other things, Apple has released a preliminary version of the iOS software with which the warning system should already work.

In the Apple and Google concept, the distance between smartphones should be measured using the Bluetooth signal strength. The smartphones should also exchange crypto keys via Bluetooth, which change every 10 to 20 minutes. This should enable you to understand encounters without an individual being traceable. The comparison with keys of infected persons should only take place on the individual devices.

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