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Offer approved live vaccines, protection from Covid-19?


Worldwide intensive research is being conducted for a vaccine to specifically protect against the Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2. Until there is, could potentially offer the existing live vaccines, a certain level of protection against infection, researchers believe.

Because live vaccines, the function is enabled, but attenuated pathogens, to trigger a robust response from the immune system.

“Previous studies were able to provide evidence that these vaccines can have an effect on their pathogen-specific effects, and protection against other diseases increase,” write the experts, Melanie Brinkmann, Eva Kaufmann, and Thomas Mertens in a joint response to a request from the German press Agency. Such stimulation causes long-lasting changes in immune cells or their precursor cells, which led to an increased readiness to function of the body’s immune system, stresses the Immunologist Eva Kaufmann from McGill University in Montreal.

“Speaking very generally, there are from epidemiological studies evidence that live vaccines, when to also offer a small percentage, a “cross-protection” against non-related pathogens could,” confirmed the President of the Paul-Ehrlich-Institute (PEI), Klaus Cichutek. These studies were, however, no evidence for such protection, he says. Recommendations for the use of an already approved live vaccine against the Coronavirus, “would require, in any case, first of all, relevant, compelling data and, in particular, to the effectiveness against Covid-19”. Such data are not available to the knowledge of the PEI is currently the world’s.

Melanie Brinkmann of Braunschweig-based Helmholtz center for infection research (HZI) refers to evidence that the tuberculosis BCG vaccine can protect against viral infections in humans. Whether this is also a certain degree of protection against infection with SARS-CoV-2 mediate, is immune response not yet known. “It is important to investigate this in clinical studies,” emphasizes the Virologist. According to PEI information two clinical trials are currently examining such an effect of the relatively new and already on its safety investigated BCG vaccine VPM 1002, in certain at-risk groups. Results are expected in the next year.

In the journal “Science” is an international team of researchers in a contribution to the discussion also on the question of whether live vaccines could offer protection against Covid-19. These researchers Konstantin Chumakov of the US food and drug administration FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to make a study, in particular to the effectiveness of the – well-known of the polio vaccine – to examine the oral Polio vaccine OPV against the Coronavirus.

In the 1950s, developed the vaccine have shown pathogens in earlier studies also, a degree of protection against other viruses such as the Flu, the researchers write. “If the results of the studies with OPV are positive, OPV can be used to protect the most vulnerable populations.”

The virologist Thomas Mertens of the University hospital of Ulm, Chairman of the Standing Committee on vaccination (STIKO) at the Robert Koch-Institute (RKI), sees this proposal, however, is skeptical: A world-wide use of OPV vaccine against Sars-CoV-2 was “hard to imagine” – primarily to avoid possible infection with pathogens derived from such Viruses,.

The current strategy of the world health organization (WHO) see, to stop all OPV vaccinations, and to use instead, for the eradication of the Poliovirus type 1 – the only remaining Polio-wild pathogen – Totimpfungen. “A vaccination with OPV inevitable re-release of Polio Vaccines appears to be highly questionable,” stressed Mertens.

Inter lost the semi-final of the Coppa and in Italy shoot…


The crisis of the coronavirus has given way to football in Italy, where Juventus and Napoli will play the final of Coppa. The ‘bianconeri’ were not, despite their pace of pre-season, because in a quarter of an hour Milan was left with one less and its classification was not endangered. After the passing of the piedmontese, this Saturday sealed their ticket to the partenopeos, which itself had to fight until the last breath to stop the Inter Milan.

The men of Antonio Conte lost at the Giuseppe Meazza, but soon showed that they came to the San Paolo to win. Fortune accompanied them on a bit early, since the center poisoned Christian Eriksen in a corner became a goal olympic because no one’s finished off or cleared. Even David Ospina was able to react when the ball was already across the line.

Despite the response of the locals, the visitors looked for the second one, but the colombian built a wall in their goal. Antonio Candreva and Romelu Lukaku were a torture for Gennaro Gattuso, but always appeared the of Itagüi ultimately to thwart their attempts. Even the both of the tie there is that to thank them, though one would have to blame his penalty in the final for a yellow at the wrong time.

Shortly before the break, the goalkeeper launched a against to Lorenzo Insigne, who gave the igualada to Dries Mertens. This corner ties the south american and shot towards the left wing, where the Italian won meters and brought to the defense. The often attacker found the hole just to filter a pass that allowed the belgian to finish off at your leisure, making it the leading scorer in the history of the club.

After the break, an Outstanding threatened again with liquidating the crossing, but it was a last attempt of an Inter side that crashed in Ospina. The double chance for the endpoint are passed to the despair of the milanese… And a triple change of Conte that I reactivated. Alexis Sanchez and new Erisen touched on the 1-2, but won the former Arsenal. The lombards fought, but the neapolitans will be in the final.

Italy accuses Lautaro

Who also gave that talk in the ‘semis’ was Lautaro Martinez, but this time because she lived a night to forget. The former Racing de Avellaneda was strangely absent and disconnected, probably by the effects of a break unexpected. Not thought twice about Conte when he had to burn his last ships, and in the 72nd minute he sat down on the bench to give entrance to the front of Tocopilla.

The Italian press has not had piety with their shots, and they accuse the argentine to be thinking about his signing for FC Barcelona. The ‘Gazzetta dello Sport’ and ‘Mediaset’ they spoke of disappointment and pointed out that the youngster was not to be seen on the lawn. Both media aimed to the rumors without denying reports about his future, and was told that his case, if not resolved soon, it could be a serious problem for the coach.

“Term here”: Lizbeth Rodriguez closed the chapter on John of God Pantoja and Dalas Review

Lizbeth Rodríguez and Juan de Dios Pantoja are at loggerheads since April (Photo:Juan de Dios Pantoja/IG - Lizbeth Rodríguez/IG.)
Lizbeth Rodríguez and Juan de Dios Pantoja are at loggerheads since April (Photo:Juan de Dios Pantoja/IG – Lizbeth Rodríguez/IG.)

The presenter and youtuber Lizbeth Rodriguez closed the chapter that involved not only with Juan de Dios Pantoja, but also with Dalas Review, another famous character of YouTube.

“Now it turns out that if I say that someone sleeps with ‘a certain person’ (because he himself has said so) is fake!… But if they onvrez come to say that I slept with someone, without the slightest proof!!! what if it’s true? Do you have any idea why?, wrote Lizbeth on Saturday night.

The messages of Lizbeth
The messages of Lizbeth

“To me, in particular I’m not interested in following me engaging with that people who should be in jail!!said in another message on Twitter. “It is one thing to have disagreements in the media and even gossip, but there are things deplorable that have been revealed by which I prefer to stay away completely! Term here”.

As you may recall, last April sparked a scandal after Lizbeth ensure that Juan de Dios Pantoja was unfaithful to Kimberly Loaiza with the photographer Kevin Achutegui.

Shortly after, he was released a few videos intimate Pantoja with two young men, and he accused the people to the CEO of Badabun, Cesar Morales, and Lizbeth of filter.

Lizbeth and Kimberly Loaiza
Lizbeth and Kimberly Loaiza

Before the controversy, the youtuber Spanish Dalas Review decided to interview Lizbeth and Pantoja to know their versions.

However, these interviews opened a new chapter in the battle.

Some pointed to Dalas he was much more critical with Lizbeth that with John of God and in a recent video on his YouTube account, Rodriguez spoke about that talk.

Dalas Review interviewed Pantoja (screen Capture)
Dalas Review interviewed Pantoja (screen Capture)

He said that Dalas Review I was insisting and she gave to understand that he accepted as to do a favour, he further referred to the old charges against him for sexual abuse, of which he was acquitted.

The clip Lizbeth bothered to Dalas, who in a video a few days ago that showed some evidence against the former “Girl Badabun”.

Presented talks to make clear that I never begged him to give the interview.

In addition we showed furious at the fact that Lizbeth was referring to the accusation that he faced some years ago and of which it turned out fully cleared.

Dalas Review replied upset to the statements of Lizbeth
Dalas Review replied upset to the statements of Lizbeth

And although Lizbeth had not referred to the matter, finally, this weekend it did.

Never mentioned the names of Dalas or Pantoja, but by their comments it was understood that he spake of them.

And is that in the video of the interview of Dalas and Pantoja, the latter returned to insist that Lizbeth had a relationship with Cesar Morales, the CEO of Badabun.

And what of the prison seems to make reference to the accusations against Dalas.

John of God does not remember how much he had in the cell which, according to him, agreed the people of Badabun (IG: juandediospantoja)
John of God does not remember how much he had in the cell which, according to him, agreed the people of Badabun (IG: juandediospantoja)

In the interview Dalas with Pantoja, he reminded that I never got with Lizbeth and he explained that it all started with a video where Kevin Achutegui sneered at her, in relation to comparisons with a horse that will do.

Said even that the editor of the video wanted to put a horse and the sound of a whinny, but he was prevented because it would seem very offensive.

Pantoja denied that he had been “bought” to Dalas Review

Facing criticism that he received his interview of superfluity, give to be defended and denied having sold out to Pantoja.

“I have never accepted money from a youtuber to do a critique, favorable or not favorable ... no matter how much money has John of God, do not have enough money to buy myself”.

Also John of God referred to the subject, and on Twitter pointed out: “What nonsense to think that I bought the @DalasReview, is the most sincere that exist in the platform, I don’t think you lose your reputation for money”


“Karma only”: Juan de Dios Pantoja insisted that the CEO of Badabun leaked her video intimate and Lizbeth Rodriguez sent an indirect

“I don’t want more problems”: Juan de Dios Pantoja fears that sneak in other videos intimate of him

“I have the doors open”: Lizbeth Rodriguez has not ruled out a return to Badabun and defended the CEO

In his hearted “Animal Crossing”-the world he is playing with butterflies


“Machete”-Gangster Danny Trejo quite tame

Actually, American actor Danny Trejo (76) maintains a Gangster Image. Not so on his Animal Crossing-island: everything is amazingly lovely.

1 / 8

Danny Trejo has appeared in countless legendary Hollywood strip. Here, the 76-Year-old is Machete as Machete Cortez in the Film “” of Director Robert Rodriguez from the year 2010.

Instagram / officialdannytrejo

The scarred face and the moustache are the hallmark of the US-American with Mexican roots.

The scarred face and the moustache are the hallmark of the US-American with Mexican roots.

Instagram / officialdannytrejo

His grim view is now legendary.

His grim view is now legendary.

Instagram / officialdannytrejo

  • Danny Trejo (76) has become as an actor in such films as “Desperado”, “From Dusk till Dawn”, “Con Air” and “Machete” is known. He plays preferably villains in B-Movies.
  • Privately, the U.S. Hollywood star with Mexican roots, not only his own Taco business, but also a penchant for Games.
  • In the Nintendo Game “Animal Crossing” has the Ex-detainee created a surprisingly cute world: of course, with a Taco Stand and Muscle Beach.

Danny Trejo (76) is a Bad Boy. With films like “Con Air” or “Machete” has become the American with Mexican roots to Hollywood’s favorite villain.

The man is a legend: His scarred face, black moustache and the Tattoos are become his trademark. And no one can look pretty grim in the camera as he is. Could be due to the fact that Danny knows what he’s doing: raids Prior to his Hollywood career, he sat for robbery and drug offences in the notorious prison of San Quentin.

Machete also has a delicate side

Also Trejo, a father of three children, is how the Rest of the world at the moment on the Nintendo Game “Animal Crossing: New Horizons”. From the end of March and the most successful Nintendo Game of the year. In the simulation game to create an Avatar, moves to a deserted island and prettified it.

A few days ago, Danny Trejo showed in the Show “Animal Talking” – the consequences can be found on Youtube, such as his self-created Game-dream world looks like.

In the Show Segment, “Danny’s Diary” takes the B-Movie villain on his island: A butterflies out of his pants pockets, and fly. As Trejo is asked how he did it with the animals on the island, he says: “they are all really good neighbours.” Be Game-the money he earns with fish and bugs to collect. In addition, it has built three of his own Muscle Beach, where he trains. Further, there is a Taco Stand, which is clever: After all, this is a bit of advertising for his own Food company “Trejo’s Tacos”.

In Balıkesir, such as the massacre of accident: 6 dead in the same family


Kepsut Balıkesir traffic accident that occurred in the county in 6 people in the same family lost their lives.

Esthetic Hussein Mustafa Basoglu (64) 43 003 hp cars with plates in the administration, Kepsut-bagtepe road development in southern Marmara region crossing the bridge position, while hit the railing.

Scrap returning to the car, stuck in the space between the two leads.

The driver in the vehicle with father, Mehmet Naci (90), his wife, Nesrin Hüseyin Başoğlu (62), daughter Elif Nur (38), the descendants of Ishmael Ediz (15) and Ibrahim Ilgaz Sirinoglu (9) in the accident lost their lives.

Bodies, Kepsut government hospital morgue was sent to you.

Inside of a dog, too have perished with the hammer that was removed from where the car was found.

Burhaniye in the district of Balıkesir Kütahya cars to go to the country people of England from the county on the way they learned.

We recorded 4 new deaths in the pas and there are already 819 deceased


The Ministry of Health of the Nation reported today four new deaths for coronavirus since the last report, with what are already 819 persons dying from this cause in the pas, with a case fatality rate of 2.7 per cent and a total of 30.295 cases.

With respect to the infected, the Government detailed that 1011 are imported; 11.950 correspond to close contacts with the sick; 11.707 are cases of circulation of community and the remainder is in research epidemiolgica.



B&YOU launches a formula to less than€ 5 🔥


As every year, the telecom operators are rather in the hold on the month of June. This does not prevent the giant Bouygues Telecom through its mobile plan without commitment B&YOU offer very nice opportunities. With its new formula to 4.99€ per month or more formulas classic (60 Gb, 80 Gb and 100 Gb), all are really very competitive.

B&YOU offers several formulae, and each will fit licensee. With a range of 4 mobile subscriptions, the telecom operator offers a solution to suit everyone with a price that is always very consistent. In parallel, each mobile plan is “without commitment” of time, you are therefore perfectly free from the operator.

Already, you can see here :

See offer B&YOU

A mobile plan to suit all

The market of the mobile data plan is very competitive, and Bouygues Telecom has positioned itself ever since as a leader on this niche. It distinguishes its product offerings with the commitment (Packages Sensation package) of its formulas without commitment, which are under the brand B&YOU. Without surprise, these are literally taken of assault thanks to special offers on a regular basis.

At this time, the mobile plan B&YOU has some valuable promotions. The operator disclaims its range with the 4 variants that meet each of the profiles of different clients. The rates oscillate between 4,99€ and to 15.99€ per month – and this is the amount of mobile data you need that will change the price.

The first mobile data plan B&YOU includes calls, SMS and unlimited MMS and 100 Mb of data for 4,99€ per month. This subscription is for a customer who does not use almost of data (or even not smartphone). It is a perfect solution in case of emergency. It is no long-term commitment to the customer, and the price does not evolve.

The second package mobile includes calls, SMS and unlimited MMS and 60 Gb of data (10 Gb usable in the EU) for 11.99€ per month. Without the discount, it is priced at us $ 14.99 per month. Therefore, you can save 20% on its tariff immediately, without long-term commitment. Bouygues Telecom also adds 3 months free Spotify Premium, with a value of€ 9.99 per month.

The third package includes calls, SMS and MMS unlimited, 80 Gb of data (including 8 Gb usable in the EU) for 13,99€ per month. It is the only operator to be positioned on 80 Gb of data – with a mobile data plan that is also without commitment. Again, 3 months are offered to Spotify Premium.

The last package mobile includes calls, SMS and MMS, unlimited, 100 Gb of data (10 Gb usable in the EU) for 15,99€ per month. Bouygues Telecom does not demand not more commitment, and Spotify Premium is also included for 3 months. Here, you will not have the bad surprise to see the price double after a year.

To discover the mobile plan B&YOU, it’s here :

See offer B&YOU

As you can see in the screenshot below, all the deals on these mobile packages B&YOU come to an end this Tuesday night, June 16,. So you need to be reactive so as not to miss the opportunity to make real savings. If Bouygues Telecom is also popular for so many years, it is also because he has one of the best networks in France (#2 according to the ARCEP) with 99% coverage in 4G territory of france.

mobile data plan B&YOU promo

© Bouygues Telecom

A range of box internet at a reduced price

If Bouygues Telecom stands out already in the market of the mobile data plan, this is also the case on the box the internet. Such as mobile subscriptions, its internet boxes are also entitled to promotions very convincing today. The range that presents discounts – for the simple Bbox Fit through the Must and the version very premium Ultym. They are available all in one Fiber version and another, ADSL.

The first “Bbox” Fit includes the Fiber with the high-speed (200 Mb/s download and 100 Mb/s in upload) as well as unlimited calls to landlines for us $ 14.99 per month. This rate is valid for one year and then goes back to 26,99 € per month. This is the lowest price of all the market to have of the Fiber, where the fact that this is the most popular at Bouygues Telecom. On the other hand, it will be necessary to draw a line on the TV with this box.

The box “Bbox” Must ” provides the Fiber with increased speed (500 Mb/s in download and 300 Mb/s in upload), unlimited calls to landlines and mobile phones, as well as a set-top box 4K with 180 TV channels for 19,99€ per month. After 12 months, the rate returns to 34,99 euros per month. According to us, it is the best compromise of its range – and it is a triple play.

The last box is called “Ultym” is this is the most complete of the ISP. It includes the Fiber with the very high speed (1 Gb/s download and 500 mbit/s when sending with a Wi-Fi range extender), make unlimited calls to fixed and mobile, a set-top box 4K with 180 TV channels and a bonus of your choice for 24,99€ per month. The price is valid for one year and then returns to its tariff classic of 41.99 euros then.

To discover the mobile and the box of the operator, it’s here :

See offer B&YOU

Here are the “scars” of Covid: what happens after the healing


Once healed from the coronavirus that is not the end of everything, some scars can accompany us for a long time. Reuters Health asked several experts for their opinion with regard to the damage that the coronavirus may cause long-term.

The scars caused by the coronavirus

Roberto Cauda, a professor of infectious Diseases at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, has pointed out that according to the Italian Society of pneumology, there may be damage, but provides a long time to understand how they can persist. Alberto Zangrillo, director of the Unit of anesthesia and resuscitation, general and cardio-thoracic-vascular Irccs San Raffaele of Milan, has spoken in particular of “forms of pulmonary fibrosis chronic and any outcomes from a complication of a disease that, in severe forms, has been systemic.”

Are many patients infected by the Covid and then healed that continue to complain of discomfort even after the disease, symptoms, you almost certainly can be regarded as a consequence of it. Since then lungs, heart, and kidneys, the organs most affected, in some cases, the damages may relate to respiratory problems, heart and kidney, also be permanent. How, in fact, said the virologist of the university degli Studi di Milano Fabrizio Pregliasco, it seems that “30% of patients have at least in the following months, some of the resentment to respiratory“. Also Pregliasco agreed that the servant still time to get a real idea of the times the actual damages caused by the coronavirus. The scars, however, it seems that there is.

The organs most affected

Giorgio Palù, a past president of the european Society of virology, and professor emeritus of Microbiology at the university of Padua, he wanted to remember how “some of the subjects who have had symptoms rare, as the loss of smellhave maintained this symptoms. What worries us more, and that Sars and Mers have taught us, the survivors, is that anyone who has had a lung disease, can maintain a formation of the fibrotic tissue in the lungs, a sort of scar that is damage at a distance, so it could happen in the liver and in the kidney. We do not know if it can happen in the brain, someone has reported as a result of the Spanish flu and diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, but it will take years to figure it out for the Sars-Cov-2″.

The majority of the people affected by the virus, however, healed completely without scars important. Only those who have had a serious illness, with severe breathing problems, and maybe the help of a respiratory support, have a healing time longer. Through its experts, the world Health Organization is following these patients over time, to be able to understand how they are shot and what kind of assistance they may need. The virologist Guido Silvestri, professor in the Usa at Emory University in Atlanta, has confirmed that in some cases, the damage caused by the virus can be long-termyou must, however, consider that in more serious cases, the affected individuals have already diseases regresse, and their complete healing is difficult. Common Idea seems to be that in the most severely ill patients, those for example who have been in intensive therapy, damage may occur to lung level in the long term. That is, they occur of the scars that can compromise respiratory function for more or less long time.

Massimo Ciccozzi, head of the Unit of medical statistics and molecular epidemiology of the University Campus Bio-Medico of Rome, has made it known that some scientific evidence shows that “the coronavirus can lead to damages, permanent and non-permanent, to different organs, among which in 30% of subjects with severe disease, at the level of the lung. This virus behaves in a way very different from other viruses that we usually face. At the beginning, it was thought, by the clinical observation, that you were a single respiratory disease. In reality then we noticed that the new coronavirus struck the the brain, the system of blood vessels, the kidneys, the intestines, the heart. There are many complications of Covid in the long term that may interest or affect our state of health”.

The study continues to assess the timing of the damage caused

According to Matteo Bassetti, director of the Clinic of infectious Diseases of the Policlinico San Martino of Genoa and a member of the task force Covid of the Liguria Region, it will be important to go on to assess the long-term effects on patients who presented with forms of pulmonary Covid-19 with other localizations. In Liguria there is a very careful to do a follow-up precise of all the patients who had the coronavirus, in order to assess the consequences on the lungs, kidneys, heart, and system of coagulation. Important to emphasize that all the departments of infectious diseases, the italians have a program of long-term evaluation of the subjects that you are sick. This will allow you to see the data in the time.

Still nothing is certain, studies must still continue. It seems, however, that in patients in whom the disease has been particularly severe, the scars are there. Depends on the clinical and genetic characteristics of the host. Marco Tinelli, infettivologo and treasurer of the Italian Society of infectious and tropical diseases (Simit), he also reminded that “many patients, because of the long hospital stay and prolonged motivation and the effects of the disease, they are not more self-sufficient and need to be rehabilitated. Can result in deficits in the respiratory is usually modest, which does not affect the life of the relationship. In other more rare cases, there may be damage to cardiovascular and neurological in the long term”.

Prince Philip could become king instead of prince Charles following the death of queen Elizabeth II ? You have the answer


For a long time, prince Charles was unworthy to be king, according to queen Elizabeth II and prince Philip. According to several experts of the royal family, the duke of Cornwall had not the qualities of a good ruler. Over the years, the prince of Wales was, however, able to prove to his parents that he would be able to reign over England. In effect, he multiplied the formal commitments and assumed many of the responsibilities of the monarchy. To the point that a rumor suggests that queen Elizabeth II may soon abdicate and cede his throne to his son. However, if its Masjesté was gone before the prince Philip, could it be that her husband to resume the torch to the place of its predecessor ?

Prince Philip and Prince Charles
Prince Philip and Prince Charles

According to the explanations of professor Rob Cover on the site Quorathe title of prince Philip will not change after the death of queen Elizabeth II. And the reason is simple, the duke of Edinburgh is not part of the order of succession to the british crown. According to the rules and traditions established for years, the direct heir to the throne is none other than the eldest of the family. Thus, it is indeed prince Charles who will replace his mother, followed by his son prince William who precedes him, as his first child, prince George. And for still more info on the clan Windsor, find out what will happen to the title of Camilla Parker-Bowles, when the prince Charles becomes king.


Marseille : the AP-HM and Doctors of the World launch a program of screening of the Covid-19 among the homeless


In order to measure the impact of the health crisis on homeless people and improve their care, the university hospitals of Marseille (AP-HM) in partnership with Doctors of the World and the coordination ASSAb were launched at the beginning of June, COVIDep Homeless. This program of research will be to analyze the consequences of the COVID-19 on the most precarious, already vulnerable on the health and social prior to the crisis.

The Covid-19 has affected particularly the people in the street. Prevalence of the disease, and social isolation : the impossibility of confining the difficulties of access to pathways of care, COVIDep Homeless, will consider data both qualitative and quantitative collected from all front-line players concerned by the issue of homelessness in Marseille.
18 the local structures involved in the assistance to homeless people participating in this project, funded by the Directorate General of Care (DGOS) : Doctors of the World, MARSS-APHM, PASS-APHM, New Dawn, Bus 31/32, ASUD, Day care, ADDAP 13, AMPIL, Team Mobile Support Saralogisol, RSMS, AAJT, St John of God – Forbin, Group SOS (UHU, St Louis and Sleep in) and coordination of the network ASSAb (access to care and continuity of care for people without home).
In total, 2,000 people are homeless (living on the streets, in emergency accommodation or in informal settlements) will be followed for 3 months. Objective : engage in a campaign of systematic screening by rapid blood test (TROD) and/or screening virologic quick to describe the number and the dynamics of infections in these populations on the field, and the description of possible clusters.
In parallel to this statistical approach,” a process of qualitative analysis will be carried out by sociologists in order to assess the impact of psychological and social partner organisations ‘ teams and precarious populations during the period of crisis and post-crisis “according to the press release of the AP-HM.
A project that will give rise to a first reference publication on this topic,” already identified by the scientific community and associations as particularly important because of the health situation of homeless people, who are exposed to the risk of transmission of infection from their lives in group housing, and sometimes crowded living conditions, high mobility and many contacts with the general public and social workers “. Particularly affected by a discontinuity of the accompaniment, these populations suffer from numerous comorbid factors may develop severe forms of the disease, including quit to care. These results will as well “ the dual purpose of measuring the impact of the epidemic on homeless people, but also to allow the public authorities to adapt to better strategies of support to the most deprived persons and to improve their health “.

L. M.