Skirmishes Russia and Arabia, the OPEC + meeting has been postponed

The extraordinary meeting of theOpec+ to give the parties more time to find a agreement that will please everyone and the tensions that persist between Russia is Saudi Arabia. The two countries accuse each other of causing the collapse in prices. The meeting, initially scheduled for Monday April 6, is expected to be held on April 8 or 9. The goal of the meeting, obviously in videoconferencing given the times, is to cut the production of 10 million barrels per day, a respectable figure. Just think that the production Russian or Saudi daily stood at 10.7 million barrels per day and 9.8 million respectively in February.

However, the amount of crude that would be removed from the market may not be enough. Yesterday the International Energy Agency warned that a more incisive intervention would be needed. According to the director, Fatih Birol, a reduction in production of 10 million barrels per day would not be enough to prevent world stocks from rising by 15 million barrels per day in the second quarter.

The meeting will aim to “stabilize” the oil market and the adoption of a “new declaration of cooperation”, explained the Ministry of Energy of Azerbaijan. Meanwhile, Russia, which on 6 March had turned its back on its partners by refusing the agreement that provided for a further cut of 1.5 million barrels in addition to the existing 1.7 million, seems to have changed its perspective. In a month, Brent prices lost around 60% from over 50 dollars in early March to 20 at the end of the month. The ‘big refusal’ of Moscow provoked the irritation of Saudi Arabia which started to flood the crude oil market at discounted prices starting the ‘price war’. Putin yesterday said that “efforts need to be combined to balance the market and reduce production.”

It must be said that the United States also has a great responsibility in this situation, having almost canceled the efforts of Opec + since 2017. In fact, in the last two years the United States has become the first producers (almost 13 million of barrels per day) to the detriment of other countries’ efforts, causing Moscow’s own irritation.

According to the WSJ, Saudi Arabia would like all the producing countries, including the USA, Canada and Mexico, to make sacrifices at this point. According to a Russian source quoted by the Tass agency, the United States was invited to take part in the meeting. Putin said he was ready for an agreement with his partners and “collaborate with the United States “. A US participation in OPEC + would not only represent the resurrection of the enlarged cartel but would be a real revolution in the oil world.

The acceleration of theThe US administration’s diplomatic action coincided with the first bankruptcy of a fracking company, Whiting Petroleum Corp. Meanwhile, the summit between Trump and the ExxonMobil, Chevron and Continental Resources summits took place in the White House as well as members of parliament representing the States. oil like Texas or Alaska. Trump is evaluating aid for oil companions ranging from exemptions from paying royalties (due for extraction on federal territory) to the imposition of tariffs on imported crude oil. The Energy Department has already offered spaces for the storage of surplus oil in the Strategic Reserves.

An analyst defined Saudi Arabia, Russia and the United States’ latest moves as one I play poker. It’s not necessarily over and the bluffs are always around the corner, he concludes.


tennis player published a phone number for communication with fans

In this difficult time, the main thing is to support each other in all available ways.

Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova, who lives abroad, decided to support her fans during quarantine and self-isolation.

In her Instagram, Sharapova published a phone number for communicating with fans. She promised that she would respond to subscribers through text messages.

Sharapova urged people to share their recipes, as well as tell what they do in quarantine. You can also ask a question or just say hi to the tennis player.

Maria noted that so far her number is available only to subscribers from Canada and the United States, but soon he can earn in other countries.


Sensational statement made Sharapova in February in her own column for Vanity Fair. She announced that she was completing a sports career. The reason for this was numerous injuries.

In Mary’s personal life, things are much better. Fans of the tennis player managed to expose the engagement of Sharapova with Alexander Gilks.

April 04, 2020


Ubisoft Discontinues Rocksmith Add-Ons – Gambling

Company Ubisoft and the game team of the music simulator Rocksmith announced that they are ceasing support for the game. Set Opeth song packthat was released March 31, will be the last extension to Rocksmith 2014 Edition Remastered.

The first Rocksmith guitar sim appeared in 2011 on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Three years later it was replaced Rocksmith 2014and in 2016 there was an updated and improved version, Rocksmith 2014 Edition Remastered. The game is available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in digital form.

The Rocksmith team has announced that it is already working on a new, not yet announced project. And, to give him maximum attention, DLCs for Rocksmith Remastered will no longer be created.

After 383 weeks of DLC releases, with the release of the Opeth Song Pack, the Rocksmith Library has a total of 1,570 songs for guitar and bass. They span more than seven decades (or even three centuries, as is the case Bachsmith) stories and many musical genres.

For more than ten years, we have been watching how players learn, grow and constantly surprise us with their talent, creativity and desire to help each other achieve their goals. We cannot be more proud of being part of this guitar journey.

Rocksmith Team

It is still unknown whether the next Ubisoft project will be the next part of Rocksmith or whether the developers are preparing something new. They themselves promise to tell about the new product when they are ready for this.

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Demand for refrigerated trucks for storing bodies growing in the United States

Philadelphia – Deaths multiply and more and more bodies await burial in congested morgues after having died of coronavirus (COVID-19). The cities of the United States try to satisfy the demand while the families struggle with the rules of social distancing that prevent them from carrying out the usual funeral rites.

Med Alliance Group, a medical distributor in Illinois, is plagued by calls and emails across the country. They all ask for the same thing: refrigerated trucks to handle a situation like they could never imagine.

“They come from everywhere: hospitals, health services, forensic offices, Veterans Administration facilities, state health departments and funeral homes,” said Christie Penzol, spokeswoman for the Med Alliance. “It is heartbreaking.”

The company said it has leased all of its trucks and that there is an 18-week wait to receive materials and build new trailers, he added.

Now that experts and even President Donald Trump estimate that the number of victims of the pandemic would reach 240,000, one of the purely practical aspects of death – where to deposit the bodies – distresses everyone, at a time when cities, hospitals and Private healthcare organizations clamor for additional space.

To make matters worse, private spaces are occupied for longer than usual because burials, regardless of the cause of death, are hampered by the rules of social distancing.

The crisis repeats throughout the world

In Spain, where the death toll almost reaches 12,000, an ice skating rink in Madrid was turned into a makeshift morgue after the municipal funeral said it could not receive more bodies if protective equipment was not sent to it. In Italy, embalmed bodies placed in coffins await burial or cremation in church buildings and warehouses.

In Guayaquil, Ecuador, macabre images posted by families on social media show corpses wrapped in plastic or cloth, some on the street, waiting to be taken away by overwhelmed morgue workers.

In New York City, the US epicenter for the pandemic, where the death toll was nearly 1,900 on Saturday, authorities deposited plastic-wrapped bodies in refrigerated trucks.

Cities and states that have not yet suffered the worst try to prepare, but few morgues in the country have a capacity for 200 to 300 corpses.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has asked the Defense Department for 100,000 body bags, said Pentagon spokesman Lt. Col. Michael Andrews.

On a day-to-day basis, the system operates at full capacity in most jurisdictions, said Robert A. Jensen, co-owner of Kenyon International Emergency Services, a private Texas-based disaster management company.

“They were not created to handle large waves. They were created to handle daily numbers,” said Jensen, whose company has collaborated in handling high-death incidents from 9/11 to Hurricane Katrina and the 2004 Thai tsunami, all which required refrigerated trucks to deposit corpses.

Rosina Argondizzo, from Glenview, Illinois, was buried in March with five people present: a priest, her husband, son, daughter-in-law, and grandson. In a normal time, it would have been very different, said Peter Argondizzo, his son.

“We are Italians, a lot of people would have come … it would have been very big,” he said. They would have wanted to have a great meal in his honor, but they hope to do so later. “She would have wanted everyone to eat well.”


«Creativity of the ban» .. Hanan Mutawa sings with “Amel her husband” and Amy Salem challenges “her virgin son”

Actress Amy Salem shared her son’s dance challenge with a song «Ohnanana», And published a video from her home for the first time after her old age, sending a message to her followers on the need to stay at home.

Published «Salem» Video over “aInstagram», Commented Saying: «My son and I are taking up a challenge ohnanana »As Bassem’s follower said «Jojo Shawky“: “aMy thoughts are that you do not have children because of your personality».

Another follower Bassem said «Islam leader»:«Your son, Amy?», To actress responds: «Aya Youssef al-Bakri»With a third account said: «Mother Farfoush Rizk».

The actress Hanan Mutawa participated in the “Stay at Home” campaign, and published a photo via “aInstagram» For “The Bite of the Judge”, prepared by her husband, is pending: «I did not see it, nor was it going to be the judge of the forms in this way, nor the taste, the nuts from my beloved, the creativity of the ban».


Twenty years after his suicide, Ruggeri remembered Mirko Saric with an emotional message

April 4, 2000 Mirko Saricsoccer player San Lorenzo, took his life at age 21 and touched Argentine football. Back then, the Cyclone coach was Oscar Ruggeri, who today used his official Instagram account to remember him with an emotional message.

There, the Cabezn shared the video of the goal that Saric scored for Racing in the 4-0 win of Clausura 99, in the New Gasmeter. That day, Saric wrote down the second and celebrated by hugging his technical director.



Dead in house collapse after explosion near Moscow – News

Around 95 kilometers from Moscow, four people were injured in the collapse of the apartment building. One person died.

Near the Russian capital Moscow, a multi-storey house collapsed in a gas explosion. A resident was killed, the Russian agency Ria Nowosti reported, citing civil protection on Saturday.

The incident occurred in the city of Orechowo-Sujewo, which is around 95 kilometers east of Moscow. At least four other people were injured in the explosion, it said.

The emergency services rescued several residents who were buried under the rubble. Around 200 people were brought to safety unharmed. Photos showed that several floors of the building had been destroyed. The surrounding houses were not affected. The exact cause of the explosion was initially unclear.

Gas explosions are not uncommon

Such emergencies occur more frequently in Russia, since the infrastructures are still from the Soviet era and security controls are often not observed. Just last week, several people died in an explosion in a house in Magnitogorsk in the Urals. At that time, gas is said to have escaped during renovation work.

On New Year’s Eve 2019, a house in Magnitogorsk already collapsed due to a gas explosion. At that time, 25 apartments were completely destroyed, ten more were damaged. 37 people died.

Because strict exit restrictions apply due to the corona pandemic in Russia, there were fears that the explosion could have killed many people. The inhabitants of the metropolis and the surrounding area are called upon to leave their apartments and houses only in exceptional cases.

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The paper house 4: The best phrases of the fourth season



What did you think of the fourth of The paper house? If you have already read our criticism without spoilers from part 4 of the Spanish series on Netflix, our interview with the creator of the series, you have already seen the eight episodes of this new season, you have reflected on its end and you’ve been wanting more, join us reviewing some of the best phrases from the new episodes. But please note that this article may contain spoilers.

Because you already know that there is nothing better than when Nairobi (Alba Flores), Denver (Jaime Lorente) or Inspector Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri) get creative and even poetic with words.

The best phrases from episode 1 of season 4 of The Paper House

Things get interesting in the new season of the Netflix heists and red suits series already at the beginning of its first episode. When we meet again with El Profesor (Álvaro Morte) and the entire band preparing the coup for the Bank of Spain in the Florentine monastery. “You can’t get out of the Bank of Spain alive, it’s impossible. But I’m going to get you out of there,” warns El Professor, indicating that gold and its foundry are the piece to do it and giving us a clue of one of the key elements it’s from the season.

“You are afraid. You are like Prieto, with the pillbox next to the table and erectile dysfunction. And you think the law is going to save you (laughs).” These are the words that the always direct Alicia (Najwa Nimri) dedicates to her boss Tamayo (Fernando Cayo) when he wants to relax the tension with the robbers a little.

“Do you really think that the Red Cross is escorted by the nuns outside? Stop fucking around!” Are the words with which Palermo (Rodrigo de la Serna) puts order when a part of the band, Nairobi included, wants that Nairobi be operated abroad to have more options to save his life.


Nairobi and Stockholm.


“Don’t warm my head!” Tokio (Úrsula Corberó) tells Stockholm (Esther Acebo) and Nairobi before getting out of bed in the middle of the night at the Florentine monastery to go and interrupt El Profesor and Lisboa (Itziar Ituño) in their room and claim to be in command in the heist.

Then there is a fun three-way exchange between Tokyo, Lisbon and El Profesor. “Tokyo, I don’t know if you noticed but you just screwed up an intimate moment,” says Lisbon. To which Tokyo responds with: “It’s just that I have a little trouble imagining you.” Followed by a: “Well, you would be quite surprised” from Lisbon. And a “Please!” from teacher. And that’s where Tokio proposes a trio (but for the coup) between her, El Profesor and Palermo.

“Death may be the best opportunity of your life, Sergio.” This is what Berlin (Pedro Alonso) says to his brother on the day of his wedding with Tatiana and when he already knew that he had a terminal illness.

“Sad Professor? If you want you can talk to me about your feelings”, Marseille (Luka Peros) shows his great empathy with these words towards The Professor, convinced that Lisbon has died. Marseille, who is an animal lover, prepares to tell him about his dog and when The Professor insists that he stop with the excuse of pissing, Marseille receives him with these words on his return: “Well pee? Pissing is a relief sometimes”. The Professor has actually been crying.

The best sentences of episode 2 of season 4 of The Paper House

“There are always happy days to remember, and the more screwed up you are, the more you remember those days,” Tokyo in off referring to the football game with the whole band in the Florentine monastery and a bit almost putting himself in the shoes of the locked up spectators and remembering better days. “That’s nostalgia, discovering things from the past that you didn’t even suspect were happiness then, yes they were.”

“He had been a good captain, but he was lousy playing as a team”, Tokio on the own goal that Palermo was going to score for the band helping Gandía (José Manuel Poga) break free.

“Can you believe it? I am pregnant. Who was going to say it!”, With these words, Inspector Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri) and her former co-worker and now detained: Raquel Murillo / Lisbon greet each other.

“Tokyo is a fucking Maserati and everyone wants a fucking Maserati.” Denver defining Tokyo and making Rio understand why it was such a bad idea for him to leave.

“To everything: ‘Yes, forgive me, darling.’ The wise words of Bogotá giving sentimental counsel to Denver and explaining how she should respond to every reproach in Stockholm when she is angry.

“Marseille, you are going to force me to come to blows.” The Professor when he realizes that Lisbon must be alive and has an urge to go to the Bank of Spain. A few words that provoke this wise reaction from Marseille: “This is not the plan, it is improvisation and you always say: No improvisation.” And from there they go to hands.

“How many infatuations have you had that today seem like someone else’s life?” Alicia trying to convince Raquel to stop falling in love and tell her where the Professor is.

“Treason is inherent in love.” Berlin being Berlin.

“Sergio Marquina: emotional coldness, compulsive narcissism, pathological shyness, psychopathic features. A gem, come on.” Alicia describing the Professor with her natural grace and ending with a: “Chupi, of course. A psychopath can be hilarious” at the words of Raquel’s defense.

“What about you? That some kids have stopped you on the street and you have become an NGO? Now you are from Amnesty International? Don’t screw with me!”, Colonel Tamayo told Antoñanzas when he complained that they had not followed the law and Raquel is not legally detained.

“This is an attack on the authority. You do not know what trouble you are getting into. We are in a truce”, Antoñanzas to the Professor when he makes a visit to his house at night. The Professor responds with a: “Sometimes truces are the most important thing in war.”

The best phrases from episode 3 of season 4 of The Paper House

“If you allow me the advice, don’t fall in love with a heist. It brings bad luck.” Tokyo on its relationship with Rio and Stockholm with Denver, all of them collapsed.

“That woman cannot be left alone to eat a petit-suisse.” Alicia, about Raquel’s mother and how she will start talking when they find her.

“I make ravioli. It needs energy.” Marseille to the Professor when he is trying to find a way to liberate Lisbon.

“So a Maserati … I can give you a ride if you want.” Tokyo to Denver. Denver never dares to turn around.


The fourth of The Paper House.


“The real chaos, dear Sergio, does not make noise.” Palermo to the Professor. A Palermo that needs to be in love with the plan to stay faithful to the band.

The best phrases from episode 4 of season 4 of The Paper House

“We have a couple of very good suggestions for the country’s economy. The governor will know how to appreciate them.” Berlin when he and Palermo tell Professor that Berlin is going to pose as Alfredo Kesman, a risk analyst and economics expert.

“A Ceylon black tea with cardamom would be amazing. If it doesn’t do me any black tea.” Berlin, in full Kesman personality, asking something frankly snobbish to Amanda, the assistant to the Governor of the Bank of Spain. Nobody believes that any type of black tea is worth it.

“You don’t mind being called a torturer in the media. But Germán. Germán does care.” Raquel, trying to seek Alicia’s conscience reminding her that her husband would be ashamed of the methods he uses. Something that ends up forcing Alicia to confess to her and to the whole world that her husband died two months ago of pancreatic cancer.

“Put the news on.” The last words of Alicia’s husband before dying.

“The 2008 thing was a joke. Now comes the real crisis.” The words, which now seem almost prophetic, of Berlin still posing as Kesman when he talks to the Governor of the Bank of Spain and advises him to bet on gold.

“How you like to hear yourself Professor. You sound like a radio host.” Alice the Professor during one of his many phone conversations. Luckily he is no longer asking questions like what he is wearing.

“If you already had me with the stick.” Bogotá, to Nairobi, when he sees that she has softened towards him. “Don’t come too high either because you’re not going to make me eighth.” And Nairobi to Bogotá, showing him that he likes it but without him going to believe that they are going to have a child together.

“What we don’t see is also what obsesses us the most because when the doubts have started it is not easy to stop them.” Tokyo in off at another time that seems almost prophetic in the series.

The best phrases from season 5 of season 4 of The Paper House

“I am fucking Dani.” Denver being Denver.

“Julia. Too long without seeing each other, right?” Julia to Moscow when he refers to her as Juanito. Julia is the goddaughter of Moscow and someone who will play a fundamental role in the robbery of the Bank of Spain.

“So neither you nor I get caught,” Nairobi to Helsinki, when both are together in Argentina. She complains that everyone believes they are a couple, but Helsinki does not like women.

“You and I family forever”, Helsinki to Nairobi that same day and will still give him a profound teaching: “It takes more courage in love than for war and you are brave.”

“You have made me come back from the dead to stick the badge on you,” Nairobi, the world’s most motivating boss, trying to get her “employees” to melt gold more quickly.

Watch this:

Marathon series for the running of the bulls


The best sentences of episode 6 of season 4 of The Paper House

“Gandía was an animal. He could have taken refuge in his cave after having injured two of his prey, but that went against his nature. He was a predator.” Tokyo in off about Gandía, who has ended up showing how animal he is in this chapter.

“Before you scattered us around the world, this band has been the closest thing to family I’ve ever had.” Nairobi, eating the perfectly cut cheese that The Professor is plating and reflecting on the importance of family. In addition to asking him to be the biological father of his next child. He will agree clarifying that “the natural method is completely ruled out” to conceive the creature.

“Sometimes it is preferable to get up and die standing up than to live all your life on your knees.” Arturito trying to revolutionize the hostages and to make the Governor of the Bank of Spain confront Matías, the only one who is watching them. Luckily the governor has two fingers in front of him, calls him a clown and says: “If you want to die standing up, get up and walk.”

“Point number one: I’ve always been a woman.” Manila / Julia to Denver, trying to explain how she has always felt even though she didn’t have boobs before and now she does.

“I imagine that you and the Professor will be one of those with a powder every 30 days and missionary position. Of course, with a billion.” Alicia a Lisboa / Raquel, trying to make her jealous for her sex life and to get her to confess something. To finish off with a: “I am more than knowing the person. I’m not going with the first gafapasta that comes out there.”

“It’s over Christmas alone with Helsinki, you don’t even know a Christmas carol,” Nairobi after Tokyo promises her they’ll skip the rule of never seeing each other again when they leave the Bank.


Stockholm, Nairobi, Lisbon and Tokyo.


“Mil Leches, I told you I was going to kill you.” Gandia just before executing Nairobi.

The best quotes from episode 7 of season 4 of The Paper House

“It is not a suit. It is a financial uniform, of filthy executive who consults the Nikkei index having dinner with his stinking lover.” Berlin changing into a public space and referring to the suit he has worn to pose as Kesman in front of the Governor of the Bank of Spain.

“We will return what they have done to Nairobi multiplied by one hundred.” The Professor promising revenge.

“That not a gram of gold remains there, that I want to leave here shitting shit.” Stockholm to Denver after taking over command at the foundry, replacing Nairobi.

“You can’t take a taxi and say, ‘Take me to the torturers’ house, please.’ Marseille, a little frustrated, in his attempt to find the place in Algeria where Rio was tortured. As if that were not enough, she is polyglot but does not speak Berber.

“The bitch loves”. One of the messages from the coffin in which Nairobi is removed from the bank.

“With all this shit, my sugar has gone down. The cookies! Where are the cookies?” Tamayo, facing the public image crisis that the Police and the National Intelligence Center are suffering after El Professor leaked the information about the torture they subjected to Rio.

“We are going to carry out a plan that would be branded as crazy by anyone in their right mind. So forget about your right mind.” The Professor to the group of Asturian miners who come to the rescue for the Paris plan.

“No rule of law and I would say that no democracy would do something similar.” Colonel Prieto lying to the press with sarcasm and arrogance.

“What the National Intelligence Center never expects is that we win over intelligence.” The Professor about his methods to prove that the torture to Rio is true.

The best quotes from episode 8 of season 4 of The Paper House

“You will think of me but I will not think of you.” Berlin to Palermo and being perfectly aware that the Argentine is very hung up on him. “I know something of the love that I have married five times,” adds Berlin and confesses to Palermo that they are 99 percent soul mates. The remaining 1 percent is a mitochondria.

“Distance is sometimes the only way to find peace.” Berlin saying goodbye to Palermo.

“If I were his mother, I’d be lighting candles.” Palermo on the unstable state of health of Gandía after he has been cured.

“I didn’t calculate the pain I was going to generate for you.” Palermo apologizing to Helsinki because he was responsible for Gandía’s escape. And there Helsinki and Palermo a bit that promise eternal love.

“I have come here to save all these people, to be a hero.” Arturito being Arturito: unbearable. Luckily Manila neutralizes it soon.

“Listen to me, we are going to win this war.” The Professor when Lisbon enters the Bank of Spain. The band responds with “For Nairobi!”.

Checkmate, son of a bitch. Although in reality the best phrase of the season is the last one. The one Alicia tells the Professor when he surprises him and points a pistol at him. We will have to see what great phrases the season 5 of The paper house.

Zoom Security: Tricks to take care of your meetings and privacy


Zoom has brought some security issues in recent days to users.

Sarah Tew / CNET

Reports indicate that we are about to meet the new iPhone 9, although this week one of the most important issues during this crisis of coronavirus has been that Zoom, the video calling service, has been bombarded by security concerns.

Watch this:

Security tips for Zoom and iPhone 9 in sight

6 o’clock

Reports indicate that the iPhone 9 It could arrive on April 15. The announcement would be made by Apple, and shipping of the devices would begin on April 22. There are expected to be at least two models, although the one that is almost certain is the 4.7-inch one.

On the other hand, OnePlus is expected to launch new phones on April 14, it would be the rumored OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 ProThey would arrive in a new online event with a camera in a small hole, albeit still with some bezels. And to close with cell phone news, don’t miss the unboxing of Huawei P40 Pro in beautiful blue that has already reached our hands.

Zoom: Security and tricks for your meetings

The most recent that you have heard about Zoom is a problem called zoombombing which is when people outside the conference sabotage it. This is not Zoom’s fault, as everyone should lock or take security measures for their conferences. For example, you can leave people in a waiting room and then accept them, and you can also block their audios, or that they show things in full screen.

In fact one of the problems has been precisely that by not blocking these functionsPeople outside the meetings could access and shout insults or show images out of tune.

However, the Electronic Frontier Foundation this week warned users working from home about the software’s built-in privacy features and some concerns about it. Already in 2019 the company had a problem when computer Web cameras were hacked through its software.

So as always, it’s okay to use these resources, but take the necessary steps to be able to use them safely.

T-Mobile and Sprint: Merged

The merger between T-Mobile and Sprint was completed on April 1, and in a nutshell this means that Sprint will be integrated with T-Mobile and Dish will become the fourth largest operator in the United States.

As part of the agreement, T-Mobile pledged not to raise prices for its services for three years and will also expand its 5G coverage to the entire United States, including rural areas.

However, for now Sprint customers will continue to use the same network and services, but with the benefit that users will be able to use the combined network of the new T-Mobile.

The paper house is already here

This week the fourth season of The Paper House premiered. After that heart attack end of last season we want to know if our robbers will manage to get hold of the Bank of Spain’s gold reserves and come out alive. In addition to what will happen to Lisbon, which is imprisoned, or if The Professor will be able to escape.

You can read our spoiler-free review of this fourth season, Besides the interview we did with the creator of the series, Álex Pina. And we are going to publish an article with all the keys to the end of the series.