Coach lashes out at waitress

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In Crimea, an MMA trainer obviously had trouble containing himself when a coffee seller refused to serve him because he was not wearing a medical mask.

The waitress was severely beaten by the sportsman


It is an understatement to say that this Russian MMA trainer didn’t necessarily need coffee to be nervous. When he wanted to order with his friend, the man was refused service because he was not equipped with a protective mask. As can be seen in the surveillance images below.

It all escalated when the MMA coach’s friend started verbally attacking the saleswoman. The latter defended herself by throwing an object in the direction of the couple. Bad idea. “He started beating me with his fist in the face and then with my feet, my knees,” testified the victim.

The unfortunate patient could not be hospitalized due to the coronavirus situation. “I understand that, it’s an emergency measure,” she said. I am at home on sick leave with bruises everywhere. At first, I had trouble breathing. But he is not the only culprit in this story. Her friend’s provocation also played a role. ”

Strong earthquake in Rome

The epicenter of the earthquake, which shook Rome at around 5 a.m. on Monday, was in the municipality of Fontenuova, about 20 kilometers north of the Italian capital, reported Italy’s Institute for Geology and Volcanology (INGV).

The quake occurred at a depth of eleven kilometers. There were no reports of damage for the time being. The earthquake, which occurred simultaneously with a strong thunderstorm, woke many citizens from their sleep. The quake was clearly felt, especially on higher floors. Some frightened people ran into the street.


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“Traveling several thousand kilometers, it is excluded” says the Secretary of State for Tourism

Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, guest of Franceinfo, Wednesday May 6, assures that the government is awaiting the first results of the deconfinement before establishing precise rules for the French summer vacation.

“Traveling several thousand kilometers, it is excluded”, said Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, Secretary of State to the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, in charge of tourism, this Wednesday May 6 on Franceinfo, about the summer holidays in coronavirus period. “Tourism will resume in concentric circles, that is to say that the first driver of this tourism recovery will be national tourism”, he estimated.

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franceinfo. To all those who had already booked a hotel room, campsite or lodge for this summer before the crisis, are you telling them to cancel or wait again?

Jean Baptiste Lemoyne. We have set up a system which allows them, if they wish, to be able to postpone their stay. The orders provided for the establishment of a credit note, so, when the health situation allows, they can make their trip. Now, to organize ourselves very concretely for next summer, the President of the Republic said: we are meeting French and professionals at the end of May. Why ? Because we need to have this retrospect over 15-20 days from the first phase of deconfinement which begins on May 11, to see how the virus behaves, because we do not want to make anyone take risks.

We do not want to take any economic risk for professionals because to organize is to make stocks, to recruit seasonal workers, etc. And if by chance, we had to go back to a date, it would be worse than anything. And then, we do not play with the health of the French, quite simply.

Can you imagine a summer without a vacation?

This summer, there will be a deep need to take a break, change the pace and change the setting. Now, it will surely be done differently from what we did in previous years. It is certain that moving several thousand kilometers, it is excluded.

Take the plane to go abroad this summer, right?

You know, the borders of Schengen, the external borders of Europe are going to be closed for several weeks and months. In reality, tourism will resume in concentric circles, that is to say that the first driver of this tourism recovery will be national tourism. It will be the French who will rediscover our terroirs, our territories, our heritage. I believe that the French will have a slightly different way of practicing tourism. There is a need for health reinsurance. We work a lot with professionals on these famous health protocols to ensure that everything is respected at all times and that the client is reassured.

Some mayors are already considering reserving their beaches for their residents. Is this a possibility?

Again on the use of beaches, see you at the end of May. For now, they are closed until June 2, because they are real magnets. And today, what we want is to avoid intermingling of populations to continue to fight and win against this virus. You know, in 1936, paid vacation was a social conquest. In 2020, these holidays will be a health conquest. We must still, step by step, reduce the epidemic.

Can the map of France in green and red be a tool in the preparation of the holidays?

It is already a tool for the period from May 11 to June 2. Indeed, in the departments where the virus circulates less actively, the green departments, access to nature will be possible, while, in the red departments, there will be much more precautions from this point of view.

From May 11, small museums, small sites will be able to reopen, and therefore whether we are in a green department or in a red department, there is a local offer that will be accessible.Jean-Baptiste Lemoyneat franceinfo

I believe that this is already progress because, until now, we were held by this radius of one kilometer. Now, it is widened to 100 kilometers. It is a first possibility to breathe, to breathe oxygen, because the moment that we lived collectively, it must be said, is a little traumatic. And I think there is also this need to be able to take a break.

Tips and tricks: Get the most out of Microsoft Teams

There are numerous tricks around Microsoft Teams to make better use of the collaboration software.
There are numerous tricks around Microsoft Teams to make better use of the collaboration software.
Photo: Microsoft

In view of the corona virus pandemic and the associated home office regulation of many companies, Microsoft is delighted Collaboration solutionCollaboration solution Teams are currently very popular. The reason for this is certain that Teams is part of the widespread Office 365 package and – with limited functionality – can even be used free of charge for chats and video calls. Although not necessarily perfect, the service also offers numerous functions to support spatially distributed work groups. Here are some tips and tricks on how you can use teams even more effectively in business.

Everything to Collaboration on

Even though more and more conversations take place there, Microsoft Teams is not necessarily the only communication channel in companies. Outlook is also often used for this. Instead of laboriously copying content into teams and then packing it into an email in Outlook, simply click on “More Options” within a chat message or channel and then select “Share with Outlook”. As a result, a small mail window opens in which the chat post is integrated. Here you only have to enter the recipient, subject line and – optionally – further text and can send the e-mail directly.

Tags allow team owners or members to get in touch with a specific group within their team without opening a new sub-team or copying the message into individual chats. To create tags (if the admin has activated the feature for you), click on the “Teams” button in the bar on the left and select your team from the list. Then select the “Manage tags” menu item under “More options”. Here you can easily assign certain people one or more tags (e.g. product manager, IT etc.).

If you or another team member then uses one of the tags in @mentions or any of the team’s standard channels, everyone who has been assigned to this category will receive a notification.

A lot has been written about the security vulnerabilities of Zoom, in particular the notorious zoom bombing, in recent weeks. At first glance, Microsoft Teams doesn’t seem to be doing so well either. In direct comparison with Zoom, for example, important settings such as meeting ID and password and additional access restrictions are missing in the settings. The reason for this: In Microsoft Teams, the security requirements are created centrally by the administrator via meeting policies, which then apply to certain users or groups. However, there is also a well-hidden set of fine adjustments that the host can access after creating a meeting (!). There are two ways to get to them as hosts:

  • Press the Calendar button in teams, select the meeting and there under Join Microsoft Teams Meeting on Meeting options click.

  • In the invitation to the meeting below Join Microsoft Teams Meeting on Meeting options click.

In both cases, an English-language website opens, where you can make various settings. For example, you can determine who of the participants is allowed to go past the lobby and enter the conference (everyone, people from your own organization, people from your own organization and trustworthy organizations) and whether callers are put through immediately. An important setting for more discipline in the meeting is also the specification of who is allowed to present (everyone, people from your own organization, specific people, just me).

Hosts can make some settings for their team conference via a website.
Hosts can make some settings for their team conference via a website.

In the home office in particular, it can be difficult to follow all video conferences while at the same time recording the most important information. Microsoft comes to the rescue with the integrated service stream. The tool allows all Microsoft Teams users to record meetings and group conversations from their teams. In addition to audio and video recordings, this also includes activities while sharing the screen. However, a business license for is required for use Office 365Office 365 from E1.

Everything to Office 365 on

The ability to edit documents together in teams is one of the most important functions of the collaboration suite and (hopefully) is also used diligently. What is less known is that, similar to Sharepoint, you can also use the correction mode in Word documents that were shared via Microsoft Teams. In this way, a delayed editing of a text by several team members is possible without having to bother with different versions.

To use the function, simply click on the uploaded Word document in the chat history and select the “Check” tab as in Word and select the “Track changes” function there.

Team collaboration is not limited to the Office Suite, but can also be expanded to include other applications. To find the app you want, go to the Apps menu on the left. There you can either search directly for the app or search through different categories. As soon as you have found the app, simply click on “Add” or “Add to a team”. The application can then be added as a tab in channels, group chats or one-on-one conversations.

A lesser-known feature is the ability to pin frequently used apps to the teams’ app bar on the left to make them more accessible. Users simply search for the application, right-click it, and choose the Pin option.

As a typical Microsoft product, the functional scope of teams is not necessarily manageable. Instead of trying to find help or laboriously navigating through the menu, you can simply use the search and input field at the top. With / you get a number of useful commands such as / participate (join a team) or / organization chart (shows the organization chart of an employee). @ can be used to start communication with another team member or to open an app.

Similar to e-mails, notifications about new activities in different channels on teams can significantly impair concentration – especially if you are a member of many teams. As a remedy, there is the option to reduce the number of notifications in a team or to mute them completely. To do this, go into a conversation and then select “More options” and then “Turn off notifications / Turn on notifications” to be able to do your work in peace.

To generally determine how and to what extent you want to be informed about activities on a channel, click on the three dots on the right in the top bar and then on Channel Notifications. You can then choose whether and how you want to be kept up to date on new posts and mentions.

For years, users have been waiting for teams to open in several windows – for example, because they use different accounts or work in parallel in several teams. Until Microsoft responds, a small workaround helps: You simply open Microsoft Teams as a web app in a Chromium-based browser (e.g. Chrome or Edge). If you want it to be a bit more elegant, you can use apps like Franz or multiteams. Here, too, basically only the web app is opened in a browser environment.

Competitor Zoom has long offered users the option of using their own background or even their own video for video conferences. Microsoft has at least improved this in terms of background images. Function. With the April update, Teams is already providing users with a small pre-selection of backgrounds on the desktop client, ranging from virtual office and home office environments to sandy beaches and fantasy landscapes.

Until teams are expanded with the still missing upload function for their own background images, users can help themselves with a little trick. Microsoft has already set up a file for this in the local teams folder on the PC or Mac. In Windows, you just give it % AppData% Microsoft Teams Backgrounds Uploads into the Explorer or the search field and upload the desired images there. At the next video conference you will find them together with the pre-installed backgrounds under “More options” – “Show background effects”. However, the prerequisite is that you have the rights and support the computer CPU AVX2. This also applies to obscuring the background.

UEFA raises bets? Russian bronze medalist can be unhooked from Champions League

The presidential speech on May 11 did not shed light on the fate of the Russian Premier League. If in the UK they allowed sporting events from June 1, then in Russia they are still banned. In the whole country. Although, as we already reported, preliminary consent for the restart of the RFU and RPL season was received from the Ministry of Sports and Rospotrebnadzor. The issue can be finally resolved until May 15, when the RFU Executive Committee will be held. Or closer to May 25, when all the championships will have to inform UEFA of their plans to resume / reset the current season.

In the meantime, the UEFA Swiss office is talking with might and main about the 2020/21 season. Indeed, if the national championships 2019/20 will soon become completely clear, as well as it is known that the final matches of the Champions League and Champions League play-offs will be held in August, then there are a lot of questions with the next European Cup season.

The biggest snag is with preliminary rounds, for which you need to reserve about a month. But where to get it in conditions to the limit of a calendar compressed by a pandemic?

According to British media, a way out of the situation could be a complete cancellation of selection for the Champions League and Europa League 2020/21. Either a significant reduction in the number of qualifying matches: by replacing two-round oppositions with single-round ones or by holding a tournament for 6 trips to the group stage of the Champions League among 12 champions of the countries with the highest UEFA rating.

Position in the UEFA ranking of countries whose clubs should participate in the Champions League 2020/21 qualification (the countries represented in the selection by champions are highlighted)

6. Portugal

7. Russia

8. Belgium

9. Holland

10. Ukraine

11. Turkey

12. Austria

13. Denmark

14. Scotland

15. Czech Republic

16. Cyprus

17. Greece

18. Switzerland

19. Serbia

20. Croatia

21. Sweden

22. Norway

In case of qualification cancellation, the holders of six trips to the main European competition will also be selected by rating. Two schemes are considered. They can take champions of six leading countries. And they can add two winners to the four champions – representatives of countries with the highest rating.

This is precisely the hope of Russia. Recall that the selection for the Champions League in recent years is carried out through two channels – the so-called champions path (4 permits) and league paths (2) for non-champions. In the last company, together with Portugal we are ahead of everyone in the UEFA ranking (5th and 6th places). So, our bronze medalist-2019/20, if this option is approved, will automatically fall into the Champions League-2020/21.

There will be nothing wrong, and if two-match duel in the qualification is replaced by one-match. Then the third Russian member of the Champions League will have to win two meetings on the way to the group (at home? Away? On a neutral field?) – the third round and the playoff round. But if UEFA decides to play six vouchers among 12 champions or provides vouchers to 6 of them, Russia will definitely play two clubs in the group round. Champion and silver medalist.

According to the British, the teams that did not get into the main stage of the Champions League due to a change in format, UEFA will pay compensation. But it is clear that this will not be the money that you can count on when you are in the group. There, rates start at around 20 million euros.

Well, in RPL-2019/20, bets in the final eight rounds can become simply prohibitive. If it turns out that the third place at the end of the season is just a pass to the Europa League, it is easy to imagine what will be the struggle for the second place, which Lokomotiv, Krasnodar, Rostov, and CSKA are really claiming.

If the season in Russia is still recognized ahead of schedule and at the same time the RPL quota in the Champions League is reduced, then it will be especially offensive for the “bulls”. After all, Krasnodar gave an intermediate second line to Loko in terms of additional indicators, having played both matches with the railwaymen in a 1-1 draw.

No, this championship of Russia definitely needs to be played out. And especially if there are two tickets to the Champions League. This will be the ending of the season!


Corona numbers: 80,000 dead and 1.35 million infected in the United States

I.n Germany According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the virus infection rate has dropped below the critical value of one again. In its current management report, the RKI estimates the rate at 0.94. Statistically, each infected person is now less infected than another person. “We are not yet anticipating a further upward trend,” says the RKI report.

According to the RKI, the number of reproductions had been over one in the past few days. The institute had estimated the value at 1.07 on Monday, 1.13 on Sunday and 1.10 on Saturday. The RKI points to statistical fluctuations that would be exacerbated by the overall lower numbers. Local outbreaks in slaughterhouses, for example, would therefore have a greater impact on the number of reproductions. The institute always specifies a range of fluctuation for the value.

In principle, the number of reproductions is one of the central values ​​for assessing the course of an infection wave. It shows how many people are infected on average in a certain period of time. The lower R is, the better. If R is less than 1, an infected person infects less than another person on average – and the epidemic ends. If R is above 1, an infected person infects more than another person on average – the number of new infections every day increases. At the beginning of March, the key figure was three.

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The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Germany has risen by almost 1,000 within a day, as data from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) for infectious diseases show on Tuesday morning. During the course of Monday, more were 933 Infected reported. The total number rose 170.508. The death toll increases by 116 within 24 hours 7533. The number of people recovered was 147,200, 1,600 more than the previous day.

Several counties are currently of particular concern: Greiz in Thuringia, which reported 54 cases per 100,000 population in the past seven days, according to the RKI. The circle too Sonneberg in Thuringia reported a border crossing. 53.1 infections per 100,000 inhabitants were last recorded there. The circle is affected even worse Coesfeld in North Rhine-Westphalia with a proportion of 103 new infections reported. In Coesfeld, the virus is rampant in a meat factory that has since closed.

According to the statistics of the federal states, particularly high numbers of registered infections Bavaria with more than 44,593 proven cases and at least 2182 Kill, North Rhine-Westphalia with more than 35,333 Cases and at least 1456 Dead as well Baden-Wuerttemberg with more than 33,359 confirmed cases and at least 1568 Kill. The time when a new daily status is reported varies from state to state.

The RKI takes into account the electronically transmitted figures from the federal states and updates its list once a day.

Worldwide have been around since the pandemic started 4,177,584 Infections with the novel virus have been detected. That emerged on Tuesday morning from data from Johns Hopkins University. Accordingly died 286.330 People after coronavirus infection. Worldwide, the number of new deaths has increased three days in a row. Europe is still the most affected continent.

Russia has on Tuesday 10,899 announced further coronavirus infections and is only behind the USA in the total number of cases. According to official data, the increase was smaller than the record value of the previous day 11,656 new evidence. With a total of 232.243 In known cases, however, Russia overtook Spain and now has the second most infections worldwide. The number of deaths was with 2116 – an increase of 107, according to the responsible authorities – but still comparatively low.

Over 40,000 dead in the UK

In Great Britain According to the latest figures, more than 40,000 people have died after being infected with the novel corona virus. This also includes information from the national statistical authority ONS (Office of National Statistics). About every fourth death was reported from a nursing home. Britain is the country with the most Corona victims in Europe. The Ministry of Health statistics have recorded more than 32,000 deaths so far. There, however, the data is collected differently than with the ONS, for example when dealing with suspected cases.

Researchers also warn against the direct comparison of such figures, even between countries. The methods used for the survey, population, age structure and other factors are too different. In total, the UK has over 224,000 infections, according to Johns Hopkins University.

China reported 17 new infections on Monday. This is the highest increase since April 28th. According to the Health Commission, seven of the cases officially reported in Inner Mongolia are imported. Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak in China, confirms five new locally transmitted COVID-19 diseases, the highest since March 11. All come from the same residential complex in the city. The total number of infected is now, according to government information 82,918, the death toll remains unchanged 4633.

The number of coronavirus deaths reported daily in Spain has fallen to its lowest level in seven weeks. The Ministry of Health reports 123 new deaths. Overall, are therefore demonstrable 26,744 People died in Spain as a result of infection with the novel virus. The number of confirmed infections rose by 3046 within 24 hours 227,436.

Spain sends quarantine entries from abroad

Persons arriving from abroad must be in quarantine for 14 days in the holiday destination. The Spanish government’s decision was published in the official bulletin on Tuesday.

The measure will apply from May 15th and should remain in effect until the alarm condition triggered by the corona pandemic is lifted in mid-March. This was last extended until May 24, but could be extended even further at the request of the left government.

Number of virus deaths continues to fall in Italy

The number of new virus deaths in Italy continues to sink. Lastly, there were 165 new cases, after 194 the day before, reports the civil defense on Sunday. The number of new infections drops to 802 after 1083. According to Johns Hopkins University, the number of deaths is thus a total 30,739 and those of those who tested positive for Covid-19i 219.814.

However, experts repeatedly point out that the number of unreported cases is far higher. Death statistics also indicate that there are significantly more deaths. Italy is the country with the most fatalities in Europe after the UK crisis.

France with the lowest daily death rate

With 70 corona dead within 24 hours France the lowest daily death rate since the beginning of strict exit restrictions. The last time the value was lower was on March 17 with 27 deaths – during this day the exit restrictions began in France. At that time, however, the dead in old people’s homes were not counted.

Overall, according to the Johns Hopkins University numbers in France 26,646 People died as a result of an infection. 177,547 People tested positive.

Over 80,000 dead in the U.S.

In the United States is the number of deaths related to the corona virus according to the JHU statistics 80,684. There is now a shortage in the country 1.35 million confirmed infections – more than in the countries most severely affected thereafter, Russia, Spain, Italy, Great Britain, Italy, France and Germany combined.

A forecast model from the University of Washington, often used by the White House, had doubled its prediction for the number of deaths in the US on Monday to more than 134,000 by August 4. The adjustment is linked to increasing mobility after the curfew in 31 states expected to be eased in mid-May, the institute said.

You can follow all current and worldwide developments regarding the corona virus in our live ticker.

Do you have any questions about the corona virus? Here you will find the most important facts and information.


Outlook: First National Financial presents figures for the most recent quarter 11.05.20

First National Financial will comment on the business results of the quarter ended March 31, 2020 on May 12, 2020.

2 analysts expect earnings per share of $ 0.585 on average. This would correspond to an increase of 53.95 percent compared to the previous year when CAD 0.380 was generated.

One analyst’s estimate of sales for the past quarter is $ 119.0 million, up 15.11 percent from the prior-year quarter when the book had $ 103.4 million.

Four analysts’ expectations for the current fiscal year assume an average profit of $ 3.18 per share. A year earlier, $ 2.90 per share had been earned. In sales, 3 analysts are forecasting an average of $ 596.2 million for the current fiscal year, compared to $ 1.33 billion in the same period last year.

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That changes this week in Rhineland-Palatinate

After a Corona forced break of several weeks, there are numerous loosenings in Rhineland-Palatinate. However, restrictions still apply in many areas. The state government wants to talk about this on Tuesday.

The country’s restaurateurs eagerly await the opening of pubs, restaurants, pubs and cafés. A little patience is still necessary. Guests can only be received again from Wednesday – albeit under strict conditions. A reservation is usually necessary. In any case, there is an obligation to register. Spontaneous visits are possible if the registration is made on arrival.

Broadcast date
19:30 o’clock
SWR television RP

The innkeepers have to assign a table to the guests, and on the way there the guests have to wear an everyday mask – but also in between going to the toilet and leaving the pub. These masks may only be placed on the table. It is now almost a matter of course that there must be a distance of at least 1.5 meters between the tables.

After all, with the opening of the restaurants this week, it is possible again (but also in public) to meet friends from another household. Until now, it was only allowed to be outside with your own family or with your flatmates in your own apartment – and another person.

What’s up again What is further prohibited? Keeping an overview of the corona restrictions in Rhineland-Palatinate is not easy. Here is an overview of the most important regulations.

Finally culture, driving school and extended personal hygiene

In addition to hairdressers and podiatrists, other service providers will be allowed to work as of Wednesday, for example cosmetic, nail, massage and tattoo studios as well as solariums. Above all, all those who want to get their driver’s license will be delighted: Driving schools can offer theory lessons and practical lessons again from Wednesday.

As of this Monday, museums, exhibitions and galleries as well as architectural and cultural monuments can open again in Rhineland-Palatinate. However, not all can be viewed immediately. The state museums in Mainz, Trier and Koblenz intend to open only on Friday. The Historical Museum of the Palatinate in Speyer said that a short-term reopening was not possible due to the high number of visitors to the special exhibitions “Der Grüffelo” and “Medicus – Macht des Wissens”. The Mainz Gutenberg Museum plans to open on May 19. In contrast, the Technik Museum in Speyer opens its doors again at the beginning of the week.

Broadcast date
4:25 pm
SWR television RP

Relaxation plans for many other areas still have to be drawn up

Even if the corona regulations are gradually relaxed, there are still restrictions in many areas. The state government wants to talk about this on Tuesday. For example, it is about mass sport. So far, only sports that you can do alone or in pairs, such as playing tennis or golf, are allowed. In the future, larger groups should also be allowed to train – provided that there is sufficient distance and that the sport takes place outdoors. Combat and physical sports like soccer continue to be canceled. Presumably, only forms of training will be possible in which the distance is maintained. Interior Minister Roger Lewentz (SPD) cited the practice of dribbling or cornering as conceivable examples. Indoor sports remain prohibited and swimming pools are still tight.

Plans for gradual opening are to be drawn up for theaters, cinemas and concert halls. A step-by-step plan for the reopening of bars, clubs and discotheques, fitness studios, amusement parks or arcades is also necessary.

What also many people are waiting for: What about private parties or small public events? Here the state government must agree on the maximum number of participants. The only thing that is clear is that major events will definitely not take place until the end of August, and not just those such as previously canceled festivals such as Rock am Ring, but also wine and street festivals.

Sixth Corona Control Ordinance Rhineland-Palatinate

A three-stage plan for a new wave of infections is still missing

And finally, the question arises as to what must happen if there is an outbreak of corona infections. Here, the federal and state governments have determined: If there are more than 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants in a district or an independent city within a week, measures must be taken. For this, the state government has to draw up a three-stage plan. Prime Minister Dreyer and her cabinet colleagues will presumably also discuss this tomorrow.


Insolvent: Avianca saves itself from creditor protection

The Colombian airline can no longer pay its debts. Therefore, it saves itself from creditor protection. It is a déjà vu for Avianca.

On Sunday, Avianca Holdings lawyers visited the small park Bowling Green on the southern tip of Manhattan. But they didn’t want to relax there. Right next door is the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York. And there they filed for creditor protection for their client.

The move was necessary because Avianca would have had to repay a remaining $ 550 million loan on Sunday (May 10). However, the Colombian airline was unable to raise the necessary $ 65.6 million. That is why the decision was made to apply for creditor protection, explains CEO Anko van der Werff. «Avianca is going through the most challenging crisis in its 100-year history».

No more earnings

The Covid 19 pandemic made the move necessary, said van der Werff. There are direct or indirect flight restrictions in 88 countries to which you fly. As a result, no aircraft had taken off from Avianca since March. Accordingly, the airline no longer generates any revenue.

The airline uses the Chapter 11 creditor protection process, known as Chapter 11, in the United States to fund itself. She also draws up a new business plan. At the same time, it continues to negotiate with the Colombian government on state aid.

For the second time in creditor protection

Chapter 11 is a déjà-vu for Avianca. In 2003 the airline had previously placed itself under creditor protection. A year later, she returned financially sound and started expanding in South America. However, it not only brought her success. Avianca was already reorienting itself before the Corona crisis because the impetuous expansion brought losses.

One of the fathers of rock and roll, Little Richard, dies at the age of 87

American musician Richard Penniman, known in the world by his stage name, Little Richard, and considered one of the great pioneers of rock-and-roll, died yesterday at the age of 87, as confirmed by his relatives in the Rolling Stone magazine.

Richard, born in Macon, Georgia, in 1932, broke into fame by mixing gospel and R&B to shape a fast, electric sound. His legacy includes immortal rhythms such as All Fruits o Long Tall Sally in two years of splendor (1956 and 1957).

Richard is credited with influencing later movements such as the British rock of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, and during his career he was accompanied by figures of the caliber of Jimi Hendrix.