Page unable to fill the Illescas bullring in his campaign opening

Page unable to fill the Illescas bullring in his campaign opening

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The president of Castilla-La Mancha and candidate for re-election, Emiliano Garcia-Page, has kicked off his campaign in Illescas (Toledo), where he has been unable to fill the town’s bullring, with a capacity for 5,280 people. There he has presented the caravan tour that will take him through the Castilian-La Mancha towns with the aim of stopping the rise of his rivals that puts his re-election at risk for the sum of PP and Vox.

Page has expressly asked to raise a “clear” campaign, where he cares more about making proposals than showing management. García-Page, who has chosen a bullring to start his journey, has said that now the region leads the investment in Health, Education or Dependency, and being the Autonomous Community “that dropped unemployment the most in the last four years.”

For all this, now the PSOE “can look people in the face” and that is why it will promote “a clean campaign”, as clean “as the PSOE management has been for many years.” “We show up with very clean hands.”

He has warned at this point that there are a large number of business projects waiting to “see what happens” in the elections and pending a final decision as long as “stability” is maintained.

He assures that on May 28, some will win and others will not, but if the PSOE continues at the helm, “nobody is going to lose out.” He begins today a campaign of 9,000 kilometers, according to his calculations, but, yes, “without diets”, in reference to the controversy over the poorly charged kilometers by his adversary.

He has taken the opportunity to cite the latest CIS that gives him between 16 and 22 seats. «Surveys are less wise than our nose. My perception, exceeds the polls. But beware”.

Paco Nunez

The Popular Party has opted, for its part, for one of the most iconic postcards of the Autonomous Community, such as Campo de Criptana, the place of origin of its director of the Electoral Program, Santiago Lucas-Torres.

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Its leader, Paco Núñez, has taken the floor to propose “a change that is as unstoppable as it is calm” in the region, which is also “moderate” and that will bring to the region “rigor, efficiency and wisdom” from “the illusion for a Castilla -La Mancha better».

And all to “turn the page on a stage that has not been useful” because whoever has governed it “has not been able to take full advantage” of the Autonomous Community.

He has picked up one of his pre-campaign mantras here, focusing on “the good progress of other territories to be protagonists” of change, alluding to the Community of Madrid or Andalusia.

He considers it “fundamental that there be a government” that sets in motion “a future of opportunities”, and assures that after four years touring the region, he can now appeal to the traditional voters of the PP to ask for their confidence, and to all of them who “decided vote for another political party.

He has even directly asked the vote of the Socialists disappointed with Pedro Sánchez and Emiliano García-Page, as well as CS voters.

«United, together, is how we are going to lead this change. Town by town, in each and every one of the 919 municipalities of Castilla-La Mancha, and sector by sector”, she asserted, predicting that the PP “is going to win the elections”.

“Middle class”

On the other hand, the CS candidate, Carmen Picazo, has taken advantage of her double status as an aspirant to govern the city of Albacete to place her first poster in the most populous city in the region.

He has started this campaign, as he has confessed, with “will, enthusiasm and responsibility” and asking for the vote of the “middle class.”

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The candidate has started putting up posters in the Albacete capital, where she has left the door open to agreements, as long as “the liberal project is carried out.”

“We are the only party that guarantees a government without Podemos and without Vox and, above all, we are the only party that puts solutions on the table to the real problems of the middle class,” he stressed.

Regarding the latest CIS survey, according to which Ciudadanos would disappear and lose the 4 deputies it has held in this legislature, Picazo has said that the “polls, polls are”, and has criticized the “harmful” electoral law in the region.

However, he has asserted that they arrive with “expectations” and “challenges.” “I am very convinced that many Castilian-Manchegos are going to opt for the liberal project.”

Gascón and the CIS

For his part, and also from Albacete, the candidate to preside over the Board for United We Can, José Luis García Gascón, has also been “excited”, “even more so after the data from the CIS,” he said. And it is that, according to the polls, the party would have the option of entering with between 0 and 2 seats.

“We started very well, especially after the CIS, which has been saying what is breathed in the streets, that United We Can be fundamental with the vote of the people to achieve this progressive change with social and environmental policies, as well as the end of cuts and privatizations”, he pointed out.

Gascón has assured that they “go out to win” and that they will campaign throughout the region, with a presence in the main municipalities of Castilla-La Mancha, to “reach people’s daily lives and explain the proposals.”

The objective, he says, is “to try to get those two seats and prevent the right wing from governing and Page obtaining an absolute majority so that they stop giving continuity to the Cospedal program.”

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“There are 15 days left for what the people want to be confirmed, for there to be a progressive majority and the stage of Cospedal cuts that Page has continued to come to an end,” he reiterated, accompanied by the spokesman for United Podemos Transport in Congress, Rafa Mayoral, who has also asked for the vote of the Castilian-Manchegans.

“We want to appeal to the Socialists who are disappointed because the presidency of Castilla-La Mancha is used against the Government and left-wing policies and who are often accomplices in the controversies of the right,” he concluded.

Vox, the alternative

The Vox candidate has chosen Toledo to present his campaign to society, and in an act together with the local candidate, Inés Cañizares, he has committed his work, above all, in favor of the families of Castilla-La Mancha.

These elections serve Vox to present itself as a “real alternative” to those who “have always failed”, and all this by virtue of a program based on a “real project, which brings prosperity and a future” in other territories such as Castilla y León.

«We want the Castilian-Manchegos not to want to leave their towns because they cannot be emancipated. We are going to work so that there is employment and prosperity. That is our project”, Moreno pointed out.

Now it is time to “explain the program and the specific solutions” for what is proposed, and all “without being aware of the surveys”, since “the true one will be the one decided by the citizens on the 28th”:

But, he is sure, Vox will be the one that grows the most, and will have “many councilors, many mayors”, and a leading role “in the Government”.

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