Page applauds the clipping of the Tagus transfer: “It blushes that we have had to fight so hard for something that any baby understands”


The president of Castilla-La Mancha appreciates the “historic decision” of the Government of Sánchez after their discrepancies on other issues

Emiliano Garcia-Page.J. J. GUILLNEFE

Castilla la Mancha has applauded the “historic decision” to cut the transfer of the Tagus to Segura. “It blushes that we have had to fight so hard for something that any baby understands,” said the regional president, Emiliano García-Page, who thanked the Pedro Sánchez government for its “coherence” in this matter after the notorious discrepancies that they have maintained for other issues such as the repeal of the crime of sedition and the reform of embezzlement.

As García-Page explained, the hydrological plan approved this Tuesday by the Council of Ministers will imply that the Tagus will have a minimum flow after being the “only river in Europe that did not have it” and allows an end to a ” hysterical humiliation”. Likewise, he has highlighted his defense of the interests of his community even above the initials of his party -PSOE-, which is something that “is said to be very easy” but “it is really very difficult to maintain” and that has produced “many sleeplessness” and “political coups”.

“There are moments in which you have to discuss, disagree, moments that can be especially hard or more flavorful from the media,” said the Castilian-Manchego president. “But this has been the government that has had the most willingness to put general and environmental interests first. Thank you honestly and sincerely,” he acknowledged.

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For García-Page, his community has “earned” to have “stable ground for negotiation”, but “everything does not end here”: “In the face of noise, that people who want to approach the problem without prejudice know that there are spaces to reach consensus and agreements in the future for the management of water in Spain, but these consensus are not going to start from scratch nor are they going to be made in the air, they are already based on solid foundations that we have achieved by fighting through the Supreme Court”.

In addition, he has shown sympathy with the opposition of his party partner Ximo Puig, president of the Valencian Community, to the cut in the transfer that directly affects farmers in the province of Alicante. “It cannot be argued that he has not sought formulas beyond noise. In fact, the progressiveness that is being proposed is due to his insistence,” he added.

In addition, he can also “perfectly” understand the criticism from the PP by the presidents of Murcia, Fernando Lpez Miras, who has announced that he will appeal to the Supreme Court the cut in the transfer, and of Andalusia, Juanma Moreno, which is going to ask for its reversal. “They do well to defend it. The discrepancy is constitutionally provided for and it is the State that has to reconcile it,” he concluded.

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