Pact of the devils: Vladimir Putin & Erdogan meet!  The Secret Conversations

Pact of the devils: Vladimir Putin & Erdogan meet! The Secret Conversations

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will hold important talks in Sochi next Monday, the Russian Presidential Office announced. This meeting between the two leaders will no doubt be of major international interest and could have a significant impact on the geopolitical landscape in the region and beyond.

Relations between Russia and Turkey have undergone remarkable development in recent years. Despite past tensions, the two countries have forged close economic and political ties. One of the most significant agreements between them was Turkey’s purchase of Russian weapon systems, particularly the S-400 air defense system, which created tensions with NATO.

A key topic of the talks is likely to be issues related to the ongoing crisis in Syria. Russia and Turkey often have different interests in this conflict and are on different sides. Efforts to find a political solution, humanitarian aid and the issue of the Kurdish militias are likely to be on the agenda.

Another issue of great importance is energy cooperation. Both countries are key players in the global energy sector, particularly in relation to natural gas. Russia supplies significant amounts of gas to Turkey and beyond to Europe. The talks could provide insight into plans for existing and future energy projects and discuss the issue of energy prices.

The strained relations between Ukraine and Russia are also expected to be an issue. Turkey has tried to mediate on this issue in the past, and rapprochement between the two countries could help ease the tension.

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Last but not least, bilateral trade relations and economic cooperation will be discussed. Russia and Turkey have increased trade in recent years and investments from both sides can be seen in different sectors.

Overall, the meeting between Putin and Erdogan will provide an opportunity to discuss various pressing issues and potentially find new ways of working together. It will also be worth watching how these talks are affecting the geopolitical landscape in the region and whether they result in progress in the areas mentioned. The international community will eagerly await the outcome of this gathering.

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