Pacheco: The spread of my first enemy… and Shikabala is exceptional – Kooora

  1. Pacheco: The spread of my first enemy… and Shikabala is exceptionalkooora
  2. Pacheco: Afsha is my first enemyAl Masry Al Youm – Al Masry Al Youm
  3. An exciting statement to the former Zamalek coach .. “If you trained him early, you would make him like Mohamed Salah!”sports
  4. “Finally he said it.” The Zamalek coach responds to Al-Ahly’s question: “Where did the shell come from, Pacheco?”Ahly News
  5. Pacheco: An enemy of me spread after the judge’s goal, and I could have brought Shikabala to the worldAl-Watan Egyptian newspaper
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