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Wednesday, July 22, 2020 –

The Vice President of the Government defends “rearming the majority” with which Pedro Sánchez managed to become President

Iglesias sees “incompatible” agreements on the PGE “with they govern with the extreme right”

The second vice-president of the Government, Pablo Iglesias, has ruled this Wednesday that an Executive in which United We are is “incompatible” with agreeing “transcendental” issues of the General State Budgets (PGE) with right-wing formations such as the PP and Citizens, who “govern with the extreme right” in some communities.

This was stated in statements to the media, before participating in the summer courses organized by the Complutense University in El Escorial (Madrid), when asked about the Government’s offer to these formations to support public accounts.

According to Iglesias, it is “evident” that the Budget agreement will have to be achieved with the majority that made possible the inauguration of President Pedro Sánchez in January, especially after the agreement reached in Europe to distribute the funds that face the crisis of the coronavirus and that guarantees, among other things, expansive policies. “I think it is evident that we will rearm most of the investiture,” he emphasized.

Although he added that he sees “legitimate” that the PSOE “hold talks with the formations on the right”, he insisted that it would be “naive” to think that an agreement with these formations could end up being sealed, because they are not going to support designed Budgets for a Government in which United We Can.

“An Executive in which Podemos can be united is incompatible with agreements on transcendental questions of the Budgets with those who are governing with the extreme right in Madrid, Murcia or Andalusia,” the general secretary of Podemos has warned.

The “republican spirit” of Iglesias

Furthermore, the leader of training address He believes that the “republican spirit” is making its way more and more in Spain and that this may lead, not in the short term, but in the medium and long term, to “a horizon of a multinational and solidarity republic.”

This has been shown in the framework of the conference The centrality of objective 10: reducing inequalities. Iglesias has spoken like this when asked, during that talk, about whether he sees the possibility of opening a constitutional process to review the territorial model of the State and move towards a federal or confederal one.

In his response, the vice president has gone further and referred not only to the territorial level, but also to the model of head of state. In this regard, Iglesias has affirmed that young people do not understand “the operation of some institutions”, or the fact that “the head of state is not voted”, because it was decided “indirectly more than 40 years ago “and therefore he wants” something more modern, more advanced and more rational “.

“It is logical that people in their twenties, thirty-something years and forty-something years do not understand that this country does not have a democratically elected head of state,” he added.

For this reason, he believes that it is logical that this “republican” horizon, which is “very interesting”, ends up making its way, although not in the short term, and always “respecting the law” and “understanding what the correlation of forces means. “

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