Oxxo ends the mystery and explains what its logo means

  • The revelation made by Oxxo’s CM explains how important communication is in the market, considering the weight of a brand’s image.

  • Through a clarification on Oxxo’s social networks, it is how we have learned how important design is in brand communication.

  • The statement comes in a year where the logo and design have become agenda items.

An unexpected comment made by the CM of Oxxo ended in a non-wasted tale of the design story behind the famous convenience store logo.

The brand explained that the logo means a supermarket cartwhich makes sense with purchases but not with the experience inside the store, since there are no carts in it.

“Well, there won’t be a second date, but at least you found out that the logo of OXXO It’s a supermarket cart.” explained the CM, with a comment that was answered by other users who said they were surprisedbecause they had thought it was a hot dog.”

Oxxo and the importance in design

The importance of a good design and that it is also allusive to the core of your business makes the logo of Oxxo an excellent case of how a strategy of this type has to be thought of, to achieve a successful movement, otherwise correct communication is not achieved.

To achieve this success in communication, one aspect that we must not forget has to be understanding what is valid in the market when implementing a graphic coding project.. The famous Femsa convenience store chain found inspiration in a shopping cart.

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Within social networks, important debates have been unleashed on how a logo manages to be transcendent in retail.

Successful logo design

There are excellent cases of how a good logo is built and how, based on the correct design, the graphic coding with which it is composed allows a better interaction with the consumer.

From this identification arises a very important element to take into account and it is the one that has to see what is worth in the graphic encoding of an image, so that it is correct.

Undoubtedly there is a very interesting topic to take into account and it is the one that has to do with the elements that give meaning to the brand in question, but well executed.Hence, the AIFA logo proposal failed completely, when with a terrible execution it was sought to use the image of an airport runway, a mammoth, an airplane and other elements.

design today

Today more than ever the ability of a well-done design becomes crucial, especially when it comes to the packaging of a product that represents 60 percent of the call to action of purchase in the aisle of a store.

With these benefits is that an important benchmark for action in design is established and it is the one that has to do with how brands are adapting more and more to these parameters consumer tax.

It is worth understanding that from these approaches, an element that we cannot lose sight of reminds us that we must never forget the consumer and the elements that facilitate their experience at the point of sale.

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